Spirits "Chanel Chance Fresh": reviews.

Over the last few decades, the brand Chanel is one of the most recognizable and most beloved among women.And this applies to all - from the accessories and clothes to cosmetics.It is impossible to confuse with anything else and fragrances from Chanel - they always have something that fully reflects the feminine elegance, grace, sophistication.

But there are exceptions to the rule.And that exception was atypical Chance Eau Fraiche Chanel - fragrance for women that combines the energy of youth, playfulness and restlessness.

Collection Chanel Chance

Chanel Chance lineup includes three flavors.Each of them is similar to the other two, but at the same time, there is some affinity odors interwoven in some notes.

Symphony classical charm, perfect with light sparks of magic - this is how you can characterize any of the flavors "Chanel Chance".Floral scent appears here in full, but not the most hackneyed way.

It would seem that these are already well familiar notes like jasmine, iris, patchouli, musk,

hyacinth, get here a completely different color.Unusual play of flavors give the components inherent in each of these works of art of perfumery:

  1. Chance Chanel.Almost a classic chypre fragrance enclosed in a shell flower.
  2. Chance Eau Tendre.Added fruit shades, especially grapefruit and quince.
  3. Chance Eau Fraiche.Included citrus and woody notes.

History flavor Chance Eau Fraiche

With this ephemeral thing as "chance", Coco Chanel tied all his success.On the basis of this statement in 2002 and created the first self-titled fragrance.However, after some time, a few years later, one of the staff perfumers Chanel, Monsieur Jacques Polzh presented to the audience a new interpretation of already known odors.He was so inspired by the lightness and warmth of the spring that promises new discoveries, combined with feminine softness and sensuality that haste to create new flavor that fully reflects the freshness of the morning, and a new hope that each carries just emerging new day.

Tenderness - that is, perhaps, the main feature of Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche.Feedback from customers, both women and men confirm this: the smell unobtrusive during the day, in which it mainly differs from the first, which has already become a classic Chance.

year 2007 was the birth date of "Chanel Chance", then gone to his spontaneity and carefree minds of many women.This fragrance is good both at the time very early spring, when the sun is just starting to warm soft kisses the ground first, and at the turn to the summer - in an atmosphere of warm, but still such a fresh and enveloping air.

Infomercial Chance Eau Fraiche

Visuals dedicated perfume, it is very simple, but at the same time it is very clear voice of the whole idea of ​​flavors: young and playful girl, dancing, playing with a huge bottle of Chance Eau Fraiche.She had just caught him and now happily holding.In the role of Fortune gorgeous sodomites who spoke French model Charlotte di Calypso.

Description Chance Eau Fraiche

Spring sneaks not - it swoops down, grabs and turns.This - the most life-affirming, joyful and more than any other time of the year promising change.The main thing at this time - not to get lost and to catch the chance that, sooner or later throws Fortuna.

almost physically feel the taste of what it means to Destiny allow spirits "Chanel Chance Fresh."Reviews of women already tested them, confirm the statement about ideas fragrance perfumers: inspiration, love, purity of feelings, a new chance - all collected in one.

nature of the odor - tempting, but not intoxicating, the relevant warm day and cool at night.The scent is both warm and gives energy to its owner.The woman with him is multifaceted, but infinitely feminine and light throughout.

Pyramid Chance Eau Fraiche

Not ordinary blend of citrus and woody notes creates a playful sexy mood, but in any case did not go and do not allow any familiarity.The entire pyramid of flavor as follows:

  1. Top notes are vetiver relaxing, complete with energetic lemon.
  2. Heart notes: soft jasmine, water hyacinth and spicy pink pepper.
  3. lower notes of white musk warm, soothing amber, penetrating teak and cedar, patchouli and iris atmospheric.

all flavor components are selected in such a way as to create the impression of confidence, elegance and inner harmony.Individual accents while flavoring youthful charm and spontaneity.

choosing the flavor, you should pay attention typical of Chance Eau Fraiche ratings perfumes positioned women as to create a soft and soulful aura accumulating internal energy for the appropriate moment to easily send it to capture that same chance, to whomIt is dedicated to smell.

Method of production

Aroma bottled circular shape, framed by a silver ring with a square transparent lid.The very design resembles a kind of wheel of fortune, which may at any time give its owner a new chance.The bottle is transparent, but the liquid itself has a delicate pistachio color.

total there are several volumes of toilet water "Chanel Chance Fresh."Reviews of shoppers say that more economical to buy a large bottle at once, however, that if the flavor you really came to taste.Familiarization is best to start with small doses:

- 35 ml;

- 50 ml;

- 100 ml;

- 150 ml.

Known network of cosmetics and perfumery and authorized dealers - the main places where you can buy Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche for women.Description, reviews and comments shoppers we discuss below, but for now, consider what else prepared perfumers Chanel.

Additional products

addition to toilet water, the fashion house Chanel was able to please the fair sex such interesting new products, like:

- Eau de Toilette Twist and Spray (included are 3 mini bottles of 20 ml - one main and two replaceable.They freely accommodate even the tiniest purse. Now, favorite flavor, you can take with you everywhere).

- Shower gel (available in bottles of 200 ml and allows you to enjoy in the bathroom light and refreshing scent of "Fresh Chanel Chance." Reviews, by the way, confirmed its resistance on the skin for several hours after taking a shower).

- Body Cream (jar weighing 200g will add fragrance collection will contribute to strengthening and primary eponymous fragrance toilet water. In addition, this cream moisturizes the skin).

- Body Milk (as well as shower gel, has a volume of 200 ml. It is used after a shower or bath to moisturize and soften the skin).

- perfumed body mist (average bottle - just 100ml - allows you to inform your skin a subtle but lasting fragrance Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche. Ideal for hot days or situations where the use of toilet water is not appropriate).

- perfumed veil of hair (in a vial of 35 ml contains the essence of the real magic of Fortune. The product is designed to highlight the main odor. It is sprayed on the hair and lasts for the whole day).

Of course, at the same time to use all the makeup is not necessary - just pick up the one or two most impressed by the product.All the above products are perfectly combined with the very smell of Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche.Reviews of cosmetics of this line are not so numerous as the most toilet water, but still indicate that the products are in demand, although to a lesser extent.Most of these products are purchased as a gift or as a nice addition to the basic flavor.

Reviews of Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche

Aroma "Chanel Chance Fresh" reviews among women gathered mostly positive.This is not surprising - almost all the smells that go under the name of the brand, come to taste the fair sex.Among the entire line of Chanel Chance it is "Fresh" is recommended as a flavor, suitable for every day, not only in the spring, but also to wear at other times of the year.Resistance had average about 5-6 hours.

However, some women customers notice that when we first met Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche seemed to them somewhat brusquely.However, the top notes fast enough apart, revealing a warm and exciting core flavor.By evening, the smell is enough to refresh a bit, so he once again sparkled on the skin.Reviews

men of Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche

Not only women delighted with "Chanel Chance Fresh": reviews men describe this toilet water is very pleasant and unobtrusive.Many happy to give it to their female relatives, wives and girlfriends.According to them, the flavor quite intriguing, interesting and attractive.