Cream "Gerantol": a review.

Despite the fact that this brand appeared for a long time, now it is rapidly gaining popularity among women.Having tried a huge number of "elite" and very expensive cosmetics and reaching the results, many pay attention to the cream "Gerantol."Review it is possible to ask her mother or friends, surely someone heard or used.But do not forget that we are all different, and consequently that come to others, not necessarily like you.Before applying any new money for the face, do not forget to test the reaction in the crook of the elbow.

product range

We restrict ourselves to face creams, though they are many directories that have kindly offered us a "Freedom."Factory (cosmetics not made it to 1843) is the oldest in Russia, it has undergone a number of upgrades, but the priority remains the same: to use only natural ingredients, with no colorings or preservatives.We will look at the major brands for you to have an idea about them.

cream for dry skin

More than 10 products from this series offers cust

omers a "Freedom."The factory, which experienced cosmetics for three generations, deserves much more confidence than younger manufacturers, though, because she has the ability to maintain its reputation for quality products.Here are the most popular means:

  1. should be noted day cream for dry skin Series «Krasiva».It smooths wrinkles, prevents premature aging of the skin, tones and nourishes the skin, reduces moisture loss and protects against ultraviolet radiation.The tool really helps, and with regular use completely solve the problem of dry skin.
  2. Lifting Cream anti-aging wrinkle "Diamond".Excellent maintains good condition of the skin, smooths wrinkles, restores moisture balance, nourishes and moisturizes.
  3. Cream "Gerantol."Review your friends, mothers and grandmothers could be decisive to the first time to buy it.After that it will become your favorite.Nourishing cream activates protein synthesis and slows the aging process.
  4. cream "Lux".It comprises a plurality of vitamins (A, E, F), as well as mineral salts.Complementing the natural composition of the oil.The cream regulates the hydro-lipid balance, restores skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles.
  5. Cream "January" with olive oil, beeswax and natural oils.It has excellent nutritional properties.This is another cream, anti-aging effect is noticeable almost immediately.
  6. Cream "Extel".It stimulates the blood circulation and metabolism in the skin, nourishes and softens the skin.Suitable for women of all ages, especially the owners of a dry skin type.Well-established itself as a makeup base.
  7. cream for dry skin "velvet" from wrinkles daily.It is recommended for women 50 years, provides the necessary care for aging skin.

cream for oily skin

This is the most problematic type of skin that requires special care.Requirements: good moisture and light structure that does not clog pores.In addition, the cream should not contain alcohol or induce the activity of sebaceous glands.All this taken into account in the products manufactured under the name "Freedom".The factory, which the cosmetics sold out in an instant, as if something is worth.Usually come across the store this cream, women acquire several tubes, so often it turns out that he had just done, but it is not.It is a light and transparent gel «Krasiva».The complex of vitamins and microelements normalizes metabolism and supports the natural moisture balance of the skin, softens and tones.

second product in this series is the cream "Natasha".He is well softens and moisturizes the skin and is a perfect base for make-up.Due to its composition it removes oily sheen and gives the skin a matte finish.

for normal and combination skin

cream factory "Freedom" are exceptionally natural composition.Therefore, they are suitable even owners of the complex, hypersensitive and prone to skin allergies.For normal skin can recommend products Series «Krasiva».Daily we have described earlier, and the night has a strong regenerating and restorative effects.It is in this time of day the metabolic processes in the skin occur most intensively.

Or consider all the cream factory "Freedom" series "Velvet."They have 5 kinds:

  1. Moisturizing Day with aloe vera and d-panthenol.
  2. Moisturizing night.
  3. Rejuvenating day with grape extract and vitamin E.
  4. rejuvenating night.
  5. Night wrinkle violet extract and vitamins A, E.

cream for sensitive skin

This includes all children's series, which can be used for adults if their skin does not accept other means.But there is a special product of a series of «Krasiva», this day moisturizing cream for sensitive skin.He quickly calms, soothes and creates a feeling of comfort.In addition, it smoothes wrinkles and improves skin elasticity, protects against the negative effects of UV rays.

But despite all the advantages of other products, the sales leader is the cream "Gerantol."Review any of your friends who use these products will sound about the same.At first, no one believes that the cheap and not advertised drugs can give good effect, then decide to try it, since the losses are small, and then begin to talk about it all around.Next, we take a closer look, what the properties of this cream.

Cream "Gerantol" the composition and properties of the components

first opinion about the product, we can make by looking at the label.The manufacturer is obliged to paint in detail what is included in its composition.Where indicated: orotic acid, vegetable oil, mink oil and natural active ingredients.Not particularly informative, let us explain in more detail what each of these components included in the composition.

orotic acid - a substance akin to vitamins, but the ability to absorb through the skin.It improves the metabolic processes in the skin and actively fighting against aging skin.But the one she can not cope, so connected vegetable oils.In particular, the use of olive oil, known for its antioxidant properties.It is great to cope with dryness and peeling, promotes speedy recovery.

nourish, soften and protect provides mink oil.This product, in spite of its density, it is quickly absorbed and does not leave a sticky film.It is similar to the lipid layer of the epidermis, and is therefore hypoallergenic.Additionally, auxiliary substances is beeswax and lanolin.They have medicinal properties, quickly relieve irritation, inflammation, heal minor cracks and sores.

All these components are knowingly collected in the same complex.That together they complement each other and provide maximum efficiency.And this in turn explains why such popularity has gained the cream "Gerantol" factory "Freedom."Reviews suggest that it is easy to replace a nourishing mask, if you put a thin layer, and is well suited for daily use.After its application the skin becomes soft and smooth, there is a healthy glow.


Depending on the needs of the skin, it is possible to use it once or twice a day.Beauticians usually recommend to put it 2 times a day, morning and evening.Do not forget comprehensive care, it is necessary to clean the skin with milk or foam.The skin at all different, so results may vary.Someone may need to wet face cloth about 20 minutes after the cream has been applied "Gerantol."Reviewed left one person does not always reflect the full picture, so it is best to consult an expert before buying.

Summer, UV protection

hot sun beckons us to go to the beach, but here lies the danger.High temperatures and direct sunlight strongly dehydrate and damage the skin, so it is required nutrition.You can take to the beach cream "Gerantol" factory "Freedom."Reviews suggest that it can be applied not only to the person, but also on the hands and feet.Fortunately, the cost of funds allows it.And the skin will be protected.But there are other reviews, women are not advised to use this cream in the summer (especially in hot weather), as a basis for make-up when you go to work.It is a dense, thick, and since you are at work all day without being able to wash, it can lead to clogged pores, inflammation and irritation.To work, people should choose a light moisturizer.

options using the cream summer

If your skin is oily, and the street is hot, it is like not to use the cream "Gerantol."Reviews beauticians discouraged us this, saying that the power you need any type of skin, regardless of the time of year.Therefore, we propose another option of using the cream.Rasparte person using a home nebulizer, or just take a hot shower.On wet skin, apply the cream and leave for an hour.Now you can wash off with warm water.

period of cold weather - a difficult test for skin

winter - this time, cold, searing winds and snow.It's a lot of stress for the skin, so before you leave home you need to apply a protective layer.Think of northern peoples, they from time immemorial face smeared with animal fat to protect it from frost.A similar mechanism applies when applying the cream "Gerantol."Reviews cosmetologists confirms that it is necessary in the winter nourishing cream.They prevent the irritation, redness and peeling of the skin, and therefore the deepening of wrinkles.This is especially significant for those women who have thin, delicate and sensitive skin prone to dryness.

Rejuvenating an apple, or all of the rejuvenating effect

Even the title suggests that this remedy is designed for women aged.Gerontology - is, as we know, the science that studies aging.What is the usual cream can help ward off or smooth the aging process?With age, the skin becomes thinner and become more dry.You yourself have seen in the elderly, it becomes like pergement.This leads to the formation of fine facial and then deep wrinkles.Therefore, since 30 years it is necessary to use the products, which are able to nourish the skin while reducing wrinkles.To do this, and there is a cosmetics "Freedom."Reviews suggest that "Gerantol" really good nourishes the skin and smoothes the wrinkles, making them less noticeable.

cost of production

Factory "Svoboda" produces very affordable cosmetics that are not too onerous for any budget.However, they are very effective, because you want to look good no matter how much we earn.Among the advertised brands, there are many products that are recommended for dry skin, which can be used in winter to protect from frost.For example, the brand «BIODROGA», the price of cream is about 2,000 rubles, while "Gerantol" you can buy for 40.

Many buyers have tried to test this tool, after the usual, expensive creams.Everyone was surprised that the result is absolutely the same, and the economy is an impressive sum.Do not always depend on the quality of the price, this once again confirms the factory "Freedom.""Gerantol" can replace not only a winter face cream, but also significantly improve the skin of your feet, significantly soften corns on her heels.In addition, he every day to take care of the skin of hands, which often goes to the most.

Useful tips

Through trial and error, many women have opted for the various uses of this tool that allows you to get maximum benefit and to reduce the undesirable effects.We offer you this collection, so you can evaluate how well the vehicle fell into your hands.

  1. Shortness first - the use of funds as a makeup base.Float difficulty with the application, excessive density and fat content.It is necessary to get up early and put the cream as a mask.Leave on your skin while you eat breakfast, for about 30-60 minutes.Then rinse skin with warm water and blot with a towel.Your skin is ready for makeup application, it is flat and smooth, tone cream and powder fall on her perfectly.
  2. If you are going to use the cream as a mask, do not forget about the décolleté.In addition, you can add a drop of jojoba oil, vitamin A or E. It will give additional power and normalizes the processes occurring in the skin.
  3. To make it easier to apply, not only to moisten the skin, but also pre-rubbing cream into her hands.
  4. Rough heels and dry, scaly hands, how to help them?It is easy, apply a thick layer of cream and wear cotton gloves at night (socks).This mask will be very useful for the skin, and from small cracks will be over.

of consumers

Despite the obvious advantages and high performance tools, as we mentioned above, he has a number of disadvantages.In the first place - is odor.Some people like it, but many pushes.So again we have to go back to expensive creams that are completely devoid of flavor or vice versa, have a perfume composition.Another minus - is its dense consistency.Spread a thin layer on the skin it can be difficult.This lack of easy to fix if you use the vehicle after a shower and put on wet skin.Finally, the likelihood of an allergic reaction if there is idiosyncrasy components.

As you can see, is not easy to choose a cream for women.There are many subtleties that must be taken into account.Cream factory "Freedom" "Gerantol" has many advantages and has an attractive price.If he came to you, you can be glad you do not have to spend lots of money on cosmetics, and you'll always look just great.This budget funds has a pronounced lifting effect, and with regular use can achieve amazing results.Especially good effect will be noticeable if in parallel to minimize the consumption of fatty and unhealthy foods, alcohol, quit smoking.This will help establish the metabolic processes within the body, which also impact on stostoyanii skin.Do not forget to drink clean water, dehydration primarily affect this fragile body.Its consumption of more than 2 liters per day.And finally - enjoy a workout.