Nars (Cosmetics): reviews, descriptions.

NARS - Cosmetics, which is very popular in the United States.It is a professional decorative tools are of high quality, hypoallergenic and security.

Creator NARS - who is he?

founder of the company is Francois Nars, a Frenchman by birth.He was born in 1959 in a fairly wealthy family.His father owned a meat processing plant.Since my parents were driven Francois extra money, his mother could afford the expensive perfumes and cosmetics, and clothing to buy only from well-known fashion designers, such as Yves Saint Laurent.Later Francois Nars interview will tell you that it is fashionable outfits mother instilled in him a sense of beauty and left the first vivid aesthetic experiences.

Nars received professional education at the Paris School of Carita, and in the seventies of the last century, was a famous makeup artist.In 1984, Francois left France and went to conquer New York.

There he was immediately hired by the magazine Vogue, where in the same year he began to pick up makeup for the models gra

ced the covers of numbers.A landmark was his collaboration with Anna Sui.He created a make-up for all models, onto the fashion catwalks.Especially memorable image, which he chose for Kristen MakMenami.The girl is completely shaved off the hair and eyebrows.

In 90 years, Francois Nars - a full-fledged participant of fashion weeks, and in 2010 it launched its own video channel, which gives the make-up lessons.

Brand Story

idea of ​​creating his own company Francois Nars came to mind at the very beginning of his career.He recalls that working make-up artist at the shows, always had a shortage of suitable colors and textures in the professional cosmetics.In 1994, he decided to present to the world its own collection of lipsticks.

They became instantly popular, thanks to the color saturation and excellent quality.Encouraged by success, Francois started working on the following lines of products.Today NARS - Cosmetics are more than 400 species.Makeup artist draws inspiration, spending days on a secluded private island Motu Tane, acquired them in 2000.It is one of 118 tiny plots of land belonging to the French Polynesia.It is located in the South Pacific and is striking in its pristine beauty.

Products NARS

Francois Nars believes that every woman should have a choice.It is thanks to a huge color palette, NARS - Cosmetics having a huge success both with professional makeup artists, and ordinary women around the world.Among the many lip gloss, lipstick, eye shadow, blush and tonal foundations of any woman found the perfect shade.Francois Nars said that before the fashion was only one style, and everyone wanted to meet him.Now everything is different - in the fashion world all the styles and trends were mixed, and there are no strict rules regarding the choice of lipstick or eyeliner.The motto "NARS" is the following phrase: "We do not dictate.We simply offer opportunities. "

At present the company produces a variety of NARS makeup category.All of them are my fans.In addition, the recently launched line of products for skin care NARSskin.As the reviews, they quickly caught the fancy of many women to their natural composition, high technology and ease of application.The unique properties of these serums and creams are achieved through the anti-aging effect.Also, they have also reflective characteristics.As you know, the ability to reflect light cream is widely used by professional make-up artists.Because the pearlescent particles are distributed over the skin and delicately illuminated, the face is fresh, young and radiant.

Collections NARS

main linear cosmetics, which is produced constantly, is Iconic.The collection includes the most popular products, as well as tools that created a furor among makeup artists.

There are also seasonal collections.There are four:

- Fall - autumn collection, which comes out in August.

- Holiday - Christmas collection comes on sale in November.

- Spring - spring line, on sale since January.

- Summer - Summer cosmetics, goes on sale in the spring.

The latest limited edition collection, which was outstanding, can be called the line of funds dedicated to French photographer 70s of the 20th century Guy Bourdenay.In this line of makeup-tools includes the most vivid and rich colors that are perfect for guest buyers, for bold and extravagant women.

Cosmetics NARS: reviews

If we talk about fan of this brand of cosmetics, the many stars of show business prefer to "NARS".Cosmetics, which is created under the strict control of production, can not satisfy the most demanding customers.For example, a popular singer and actress Jennifer Lopez has long been the means "NARS" and her favorite cosmetic product of this brand are peach-colored blush.

Actress Jennifer Aniston also repeatedly confessed love this brand.She argues that owes much to the "NARS" its fresh, natural look.Her favorite means - universal pink stick and pencils for lip contour.

also use cosmetics of the company Mila Kunis, Ashley Greene, Emmy Rossum, Emily Blunt, Kate Beckinsale and Christina Ricci.

Where can I buy cosmetics NARS?

Earlier lucky to have had the opportunity to travel around the United States and Europe, brought decorative kostmetiku there.Until recently, it was very difficult to find stores that offer products at NARS (cosmetics).Where to buy lipstick, mascara, eye shadow and more, created this company?

To the delight of fashionistas, in 2013 the brand "NARS" declared itself on the Russian market.Pretty well represented in the NARS cosmetics "Letual."The network of these stores is very large, and you can find a branch in almost every regional center.In view of the constantly passing shares and sales, as well as the presence of loyalty card, it is easy to acquire this professional cosmetics at affordable prices.

lot of fans in different countries have purchased NARS (cosmetics).Ukraine, unfortunately, is not among the countries where the brand has its offices.But if you really want to buy any of the products, "NARS", the online stores offer a wide range of cosmetics.Most of them work on a prepaid basis, and international delivery does not take much time.Typically, problems with the acquisition of cosmetics online does not arise.