This approach perfumes by Penhaligon's?

Company Penhaligon's - this is one of the oldest perfume houses in the world.His homeland - the United Kingdom.The first fragrance of this perfume house was developed in 1870.Already at that time Penhaligon's perfume had incredible success among the highest tops of society.To date, created over 46 unique and vibrant flavors that found its fans in different parts of the world.Last perfume was introduced in 2015.And it took not much time to take a top position among the perfume sales.

The valuable flavors from Penhaligon's?

Each of them - special.Developed lines for men and women.Besides being an incredibly valuable are combined flavors.Each fragrance is created for bright and original personalities.Perfumes this manufacturer has a impeccable style.From Penhaligon's Perfume will be estimated even true connoisseurs of quality products.

I am glad also that the aroma can discover even the most demanding customer.For perfume house offers its customers all the shades of flavors from light and weightless

until saturated.

Another advantage of perfume - this is the original and stylish design vials of perfume.They are compact and very easy to use.

few interesting facts about perfume Penhaligon's

Earlier in many glossy magazines write about that Penhaligon's - it's favorite perfume Princess Diana.In fact, this elite perfumes is considered one of the most sought after and popular in the world for its sales.

Available in limited quantities.Therefore, quite often, to get your favorite flavor, we have a little bit tricky.

interesting is the history of the emergence of the brand Penhaligon's.As the story goes, was its founder Henry Penhaligon.It was he who opened his own beauty parlor, which in turn are huge crowds of customers.In parallel with the work in the cabin, Henry is constantly experimenting and creating different combinations of flavors.And in 1870 it was released first fragrance.It was called Hammamm Bouguet.It was dominated by light citrus notes.And soon we began to talk about it all the flavor.

then began to appear, and other flavors.It was here, in London, flowed the entire top of the company for the acquisition of the new fragrance.Soon shops with a sign Hammamm Bouguet began to appear outside of England.Incredibly popular was this production in France, Italy, Spain and other European countries.

Today the house Penhaligon's perfume does not lose their positions.Today, he is now the embodiment of English classics.For the production and development of new flavors and recipes used by the ancient and original combination of ingredients.

Another plus - it's a great diversity of the aromas of the perfume house.After all, to find something different here will be able to even the most demanding customer.