Becca - Cosmetics to create a radiant makeup

Any woman chooses makeup that is perfect for her skin type, texture and properties.You always want to look irresistible and elegant, and has long been looking for a girl ornamental means that the substrate is not heavier look, but rather give the face naturalness and freshness.Today the market has a new brand: Becca - Cosmetics, emphasizing the natural beauty of women.

History of

appeared due cosmetics makeup artist from Australia Rebecca Morris Williams.Working with people, she tried using decorative resources to achieve the perfect skin tone, as much as possible to emphasize the strengths and hide weaknesses.But it was not always.

Disappointed with the famous brand, she began to look very perfect base for makeup.Long-term development given the result, and it was just amazing.Makeup base was so light and silky that it began to be used not only employees of the salon where she worked Rebecca, but well-known make-up artists who make up celebrities.

urgently girl had to open a shop for the sale

of products and come up with her name.Rebecca did not long puzzled and called her makeup abbreviated name - "Becca" (Becca).So there was a cosmetics brand, which is now known in the circles of the best makeup artists in the world.

best decorative means

The secret to the success of brand Becca?Cosmetics is popular for good reason.Releasing a new tool, the developers put into it the optimal amount of caring ingredients and vitamins to the skin shining with natural shine.When applying makeup skin tone is leveled and the availability of a wide range of pastel colors creates an incredible, completely natural and long-lasting makeup.

hard to find skin without flaws.But it is possible to discover the brand Becca - Cosmetics, which does wonders.Perfect radiant skin - it's not heavy layers of decorative means, and a light coating, which gives the person the naturalness and freshness.Cosmetics consists of a brand new formula that the strength to hide skin imperfections and do not get as a result of the effect of "mask".

Much attention is paid to hypoallergenic products and its caring properties.None of the funds Becca does not cause skin damage or discomfort, but will retain its natural moisture, beauty throughout the day.

features and composition of cosmetics

Decorative funds Becca - it is primarily food, care and protection of the skin.Years of research and testing have led to what was found the optimal components of cosmetics, completely excluding preservatives or artificial additives.

Products Becca - Cosmetics, including only the organic components, namely:

  • vitamins A, E, B, D, C;
  • antioxidants;
  • natural minerals.

richness of colors and textures

Thanks to a clear sequence of steps of application of funds obtained quite natural makeup.Smooth skin tone is achieved easily, are completely excluded shine and pore blockage.Perfect make-up is created in three steps:

  1. application framework and the preparation of the skin.
  2. Masking minor irregularities and shortcomings.
  3. The final fixing makeup.

harmonious combination of tools allows you to achieve the effect of ease of makeup.After applying cosmetics on her face completely invisible.

unique feature brand Becca - an extensive palette of colors.One only shades of tonal framework, there are about 30 pieces, and concealers - about 34. Because of this, any woman can choose makeup that will perfectly match the features of her skin.A professional eye and lip make-up enable you to finish, giving appearance of natural beauty.

Cosmetics Becca: reviews

Some women in our country have already become fan of this brand.Reviews of his creams are positive.Light texture, alignment, highlighting the skin from the inside, the absolute absorption - that's what you get, having beautician foundation Luminous Skin Color of Becca.Girls emphasize that this tool is best suited for summer.

For women who do not like fatty lipstick, perfect color cosmetics Becca.Feedback from customers who have tried the special cream pigment, only enthusiastic.This product is suitable for the make-up of the cheeks and lips.Apply pigment fingers, allowing good shade it and remove the excess.Wicking agent very quickly, and retains color throughout the day.

Cream Blush, a gel for fixing eyebrows, eye shadow, powder, mascara - from such a variety of professional make-up at any fashionista dizzy.Victoria Beckham, Drew Barrymore, Gwyneth Paltrow have become grateful admirers of the brand.

Products Becca (cosmetics) Where to buy?

Moscow amazing Australian brand means that you can buy at the School of make-up artists.Producers also promise to open an online store, which will be presented to the full catalog of decorative cosmetics Becca.We hope that very soon the majority of Russian women appreciate the quality of this unique make-up and will always remain among the regular customers of the company.