Spirits "Eisenberg" male and female: reviews

French perfume Eisenberg can be attributed to the smell of a new generation.Bold composition perfumer Jose Eisenberg which connected the flavors of classic and hi-tech, suddenly conquered the whole world.Their fans have become men and women, young soul, to the east and the west.

Jose Eisenberg - an artist, poet, singer beauty

Only a person who sincerely loved the world, able to change with the help of cosmetics and perfumes.An interesting fact is the way of life of the maestro.

65-year-old master of beauty draws inspiration from his home in Monaco.We all absolutely perfect man, and, of course, his house is on the beach.Jose surround immortal sculptures by Rodin and dancing girls, embodied in bronze.Antique furniture of the XVIII century peacefully coexists with plasma TVs.The world of beauty helps to create classic beauty.

15 years for Jose Eisenberg to conducting trials in Switzerland, open biocosmetics based on Trio molecular formula to saturate the skin with oxygen.An incredible discovery o

f French perfumer Jose Eisenberg, known previously for its famous cosmetics, shocked the minds of his fans.

Spirits having memory

As a result, much research creator persistent odors on a scientific level, failed to prove that the human skin is endowed with memory, and under the influence of certain odors capable of rejuvenating.

highlight of the new perfume is that by using odors to return youth.

Spirits "Eisenberg" can be attributed to the perfume, which has:

  • exclusivity;
  • unusual;
  • originality.

Due to its unique chemical composition, the development of which has been spent several years, French perfumer broke all the stereotypes of classical art of mixing scents.

Spirits "Eisenberg" reviews which talk about their uniqueness, transferred to a world of mystery and a wave of excitement.Exclusive works of the French brand's impossible to forget, for every drop of unique creations contains a whole bunch of divine flavors.

spirits who admire and exalt the woman

"Eisenberg" (fragrance) leaves the divine plume, causing freeze in amazement and admiration.Every drop multifaceted perfume makes perceive a woman as a goddess.

has a special charm, charisma and sound spirits "Eisenberg Jose."Reviews of them indicate that these fragrances are able to create the right mood at the right time, and captivate women in the world of all generations.

Owners fragrant symphony of flavors give the world a unique feeling of tenderness, of luxury and wealth.Just a couple of drops of divine nectar creates an atmosphere of Paris, a celebration of life, full of dreams and fantasies.

captivates spirits "Eisenberg" shrouded veil of mystery and fantasy dreams, give sparking inflorescence and paint.

more likely to hear praises to the spirits of "Back To Paris", from which the trail is felt throughout the day.

Spirits Eisenberg men - a special masterpiece of genius

genius perfumer Jose Eisenberg took care of the strong half of humanity, creating a unique perfume that will be a reliable ally in the creation of memorable male image.

Exclusive French perfumes will help silent fans say about their love and to express his impulses through the original compositions of flavors.Interesting interpretation of the flavors of antiquity, namely a mixture of the smell of leather, bergamot, creates an exclusive mix, a little bluff, but surprisingly manly.Sweet musk, intertwined with the scent of exotic flowers, a man filled with the desire to give love.

Men's fragrance "Eisenberg", reviews of which emphasize the uniqueness of the atmosphere changed, fill the world with a completely new paints contain the note:

  • mossy;
  • dryly-wood;
  • tart and grassy.

Many men are admirers of floral motifs.By all accounts, it can be said that men choose different brands of the male line, "Eisenberg".

One of the most popular flavor is "OSE Eisenberg," which many consider a masterpiece, combining sensuality, playfulness and brightness of the East with the help of jasmine, lavender, musk and elegance of Paris in the aroma of coffee and amber.The aroma that fills all around the aristocratic aura of a long time remained in the memory of others.So just smell prestigious men.

Perfume "Sofy888" can be safely attributed to this man's cologne smell so bold and decisive man.

unique perfume King James wins the original mixture of lavender and coffee.

going on a date, to be a win-win flavor "Prot72", the fragrance of love and seduction.The original spirit of the forest and coffee envelops warmth, comfort, a real smell to those who love.

Savory and sometimes scandalous pictures packaging

Brazilian artist Juarez Mochado created the original packaging for the famous brand.Perfume Eisenberg recognizable at first glance, because of their packaging reproduces the paintings of famous artists, paintings of love between men and women.
can not but agree that these paintings captured the passion, love and beauty, but not vulgar.Of course, not without the help of a loyal friend.Austrian sculptor Tom Merrifild and Brazilian painter Juarez Mochado filled life perfume maestro not only beauty, but also the meaning of life.

simplicity and elegance of the bottle

simple at first view of a bottle of perfume Eisenberg actually claims to be the most exclusive.
Zest is unique in the glass used for the storage of brilliant flavors.

Creating glass took several years, as the artist claimed package crystal in appearance, but in the absence of the material in its lead, a heavy metal.And this glass was created.So the master demanded perfection even in the smallest.

spirits, giving sexy

Among women's perfume can be identified, "Eisenberg" spirits "I Am", reviews of which emphasize the mesmerizing power of bitter, elegant aroma.The notes of this fragrance are orange, raspberry and bergamot.Orange gives a cool, raspberries - sweet and bitter flavor of bergamot makes, which has the effect of seduction.

piquant smell give central amazing notes that linked alluring musk, sandalwood refined, hot pepper, spicy and passionate amber vetiver.

Women fragrances "I Am," returned the youth, provide a playful mood with these spirits woman always feels like a young seductress.

fruity floral fragrance leaves a trail of little charm, irresistible, wealth and exclusivity, which can be heard for a long time, notes the contradictions and tenderness, love and passion.

best gift - perfume from Eisenberg Eisenberg

perfume created for women who love for strong and confident men.These scents are able to reveal the inner world of man, to emphasize the talent and striking traits reveal the diversity and uniqueness of each person.

This is the perfect gift that will not allow the words to explain in love.Grand Master Jose convinced that love can change the world, to move progress, give pleasure.Each of his collection enriches the world of new masterpiece, leaving unchanged the values ​​of life.