skin on the female face - sensitive, gentle, soft, so each of the fair sex knows that sometimes it requires appropriate, special care.Without periodic replenishment sorts of ingredients, valuable and useful to the health and well-groomed appearance, the skin begins to age rapidly, ogrubevat and remind careless attitude to his pain.To help women in such care specialists, cosmetologists laboratories L'Oreal Paris have developed a range of tools called "luxury food".

Cosmetics L'Oreal Paris

Cosmetics L'Oreal Paris is sold in more than half the countries of the world.Moreover, the development of the sales network is continuous, in particular, by the fact that virtually every product buyers leave your positive feedback."L'Oreal Luxury power" - is no exception: in spite of the absolutely innovative approach to the creation of funds range, the cost of this cosmetics is quite affordable.However, we'll talk about a little later.

High quality raw materials and the minimum cost of the finished product - a

re the main priorities of management L'Oreal Paris.And this tandem Corporation tries to observe how the initial stages - research and development of new technologies - and in the final - until the release of goods from the factory conveyor.

way that prior research center, the L'Oreal Paris continually strives to make the world better - through the people themselves.As we know, the better looks and feels like a person, the better his emotional state, which depends very much.

In addition, L'Oreal Paris makeup designs for all sections of the population, genders and nationalities, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, a star of the screen, or an ordinary office worker, living in Europe, Africa or Australia.L'Oreal Paris treats its customers with the same respect and honesty, and inspired by their needs.

series "L'Oreal Luxury Food»

Since the brand relies heavily on the wishes of its customers and regularly conducts surveys and counts each review, "L'Oreal Luxury power" was intended to be a real "gold" collection for women of all ages.

During the creation of a series of work of many professionals in the field of cosmetics for skin care.The task was to create such products that would not only maintain a healthy appearance of the skin, but also were able to improve it.Ease of use and the availability of funds and were not in last place in the list of general requirements.

Therefore, any positive feedback "L'Oreal Luxury power" deserves a good reason: the creators of the collection had to work hard to offer the female audience the products that satisfy almost any whim of his mistress.

series "Luxury Food" includes the following tools:

  1. BB-cream "perfect glow."
  2. Extraordinary facial oil.
  3. Cream "Ease of silk."
  4. extraordinary cream butter.
  5. Cream "Day Care".
  6. Cream "Day Care".
  7. Cream "Eye Care".
  8. extraordinary Serum for the face.

Every product is designed flashy, but at the same time stylish and refined: the laconic form of bottles and jars, and made recognizable in the sand and golden tones that have hints of the "luxury" of their contents.

BB-Cream "Perfect shine»

This BB cream is not only to align the complexion and remove small defects, but also for the active power and the saturation of skin cells with essential trace elements (particularly vitaminFROM).Also, the manufacturer announced the presence of UV filters (level 20).

BB cream "L'Oreal Luxury power" has the following ratings: women customers love its emollient properties and uniform distribution on the surface.There is a light tone effect, but it is not so noticeable, so the tool will approach almost any skin color.A nice bonus becomes light shine, and after regular use significantly improves the general condition of the skin.

Extraordinary facial oil

This product is recommended for use in cases where it is necessary to give the skin tone and rested appearance.Medium full of a variety of essential oils that nourish the cells and saturate them with antioxidants.Jojoba, rosehip, chamomile, lavender, rosemary, orange - this is not a complete list of natural components of the product.

Emergency softening and moisturizing - this is what buyers like oil "L'Oreal Luxury power."Reviews say that it is best to use it during the cold season and for the extremely dry skin: in the normal and oily there is a risk of acne.

Cream "Ease of silk»

To limit the harmful effects of the environment on the skin, experts L'Oreal Paris is recommended for daily use cream "Ease of silk."It literally melts into the skin, softening it, but do not leave feeling greasy film.The product includes calcium, flower oils, extracts of jasmine.

Owners of oily and dry skin describe this facility as is the true salvation: reviews (of cream L'oreal «Luxury Meal" "Ease of silk" fully justifies its name!) Confirm weightless texture, giving the skin a silkythe disappearance of flabbiness.In addition, the drug does not clog pores.

extraordinary cream butter

product contains essential oils of lavender, rosemary and jasmine extract, known for its properties giving elasticity and firmness.Even the most dull and tired skin can buy glow after a few sessions of this therapy.

universal love and acceptance among the wearer has earned it an extraordinary brand butter cream "L'Oreal Luxury power."Reviews suggest that the product in quality exceeds expectations, it nourishes, does not cause rashes, has a pleasant aroma and is very economical in use.For the same cost as compared to other brands of creams women give preference to "luxury food" from L'Oreal Paris.

Creams "Day Care" and "Day Care»

These creams are designed for women who want their skin gets the necessary vitamins and trace elements at any time.Products are designed for dry tightness of the skin, prone to flaking and irritation.Both cream contains royal jelly, which helps to regenerate skin cells and instantly soften it.

buyers argue that it is best to use the products in the complex, but if you consider this too much, buy only the cream "L'Oreal Luxury Food" night.Reviews well as the first and the second products is quite positive, but for especially intensive feeding is better to choose other products in the series.

Cream "Eye Care»

eyelids and skin around the eyes - is particularly sensitive area, which is required for a single treatment.Standard tools will not work here, so experts have developed a separate formula that could satisfy sufficiently and seal in the skin of the face.

About 2 out of 10 respondents criticized the cream "L'Oreal Luxury power": reviews show visible effects, which, however, disappears if the drug does not enjoy a few days.In general, it means pleasing to the skin has the texture of an ointment, is easily absorbed.Consistency allows quite put it under makeup.

extraordinary Serum for the face

concentrate for the emergency return of the facial skin feeling of comfort, softness and smoothness.Serum "L'Oreal Luxury Food" opinions about who picked mostly positive, helps eliminate irritations, healing cracks.This tool is crowned the entire collection.It contains ingredients such as honey, acacia extract, peptides and pro-calcium.Excellent alternative to creams with high fat content - that's what every other review says."L'Oreal luxury food" in the serum embodies their best qualities, which can only be found in the entire series.