"Muster" - a cream for children and their mothers from France

Care during pregnancy plays an important role in the struggle for beauty and youth.Choosing the cream is a very demanding task, because it has to meet all safety requirements for both the expectant mother and for the baby.In this article you will learn about what a cream emulsion "Muster" and how to apply it.

What is "Muster"?

Products French manufacturer "Muster" is a leader among the means of skin care expectant mothers and infants.The company conducts research and successfully markets its products about 60 years.During this period it was developed unique technologies that allow you to create special creams and caring emulsions suitable for all skin types.

Among the wide range can be found emulsions, shampoos, shower gels and many other safe means of caring "Muster".Cream against stretch marks is the most popular and sold goods companies, to assess the quality of which had thousands of women worldwide.

"Muster" Women

Almost every woman faces the problem of stretch marks on the abdomen durin

g pregnancy.Cream-emulsion "Muster" is intended to prevent this vexing problem, while skin care breast.Safe raw materials used in the manufacture of tools allows you to not be afraid of the manifestation of allergic reactions or rashes.

addition of cream against stretch marks, the company "Muster" offers a special correction gel which will help restore the figure after giving birth to her original appearance.This tool will be a great addition to a healthy diet and physical activity gradually included in the set of procedures for postpartum recovery.

manufacturer assures that the cream can even be used while breastfeeding.It has a slightly sour taste, but it is quickly absorbed into the skin without causing discomfort to the kid, and leaving no trace on clothes.

"Mustel Stelatopiya" for children

This unique cream is based on the distillate of sunflower oil, which is responsible for the synthesis and regenerative processes of skin lipids.The drug is used for the most delicate baby skin prone to allergic reactions.Cream "Muster" for children to safely moisturize the skin, providing care for and healing effect.

addition of cream, the company offers the means of caring as foam, shampoo seborrheic scabs, under the diaper cream, sunscreen lotion and bubble bath."Muster" for children will be a boon for the skin of the newborn in the first months of his life.Proper care will help to protect children's skin from inflammation, chapping and bright sunlight.

the cream "Muster"

basis of production of French cream is softening oils and moisturizers AHA.These substances act as elastoregulyatora responsible for the skin condition.In addition, the cream "Muster" contains minerals and extracts of Sophora Japanese, have a regenerating effect.

means has a light texture, it can be used both as a lotion, and for local massage.Doctors sometimes use the cream of the US, which has no negative bearing on the state of the fetus and the pregnant woman.


Product Benefits "Muster", according to the company's pharmacists, is the complete absence of any contraindications.Before entering into the production product has been tested for several years, so the company guarantees the safety and the ability to use even for newborn babies.

However, in order to protect themselves, should be tested for the presence of the cream are hypersensitive to its components.To do this, you can put a small amount on your wrist and follow the condition of the skin during the day.If there was no redness or any discomfort, then you can safely start using the products.The same goes for baby's delicate skin and applying the cream "Mustel Stelatopiya."

How to use the tool?

Cream "Mustel Stelatopiya" recommended for dry skin of the child, as well as the caregiver means after bathing.Apply it needs to clean, dry skin, rubbing accurate movements.

special means against stretch marks can be applied at the first sign of skin lesions.In this field of application does not matter, since the drug can be applied both on the stomach and on the chest and buttocks.Dermatologists recommend starting to use the cream at the first sign of manifestation of stretch marks that many women experience in the first trimester of pregnancy.The emulsion "Muster" can be used daily until the full restoration of the skin.

Where to buy cream "Muster"?

buy the company's products "Muster" is possible on the official website of the manufacturer, or in any online store that specializes in luxury imported cosmetics and care facilities.In both cases, you can arrange home delivery by courier or mail.Remember that prices on the official website will always be lower than that of intermediaries.

Unfortunately, the majority of pharmacies in the territory of Russia and CIS countries do not cooperate with the French cosmetics company.Therefore, buy cream "Muster" from the stretch, the price of which is not the most democratic, is possible only in large supermarkets or pharmacies official retail stores.

price and expiration date

cost of funds "Muster" is quite high, given the small volume of packages.For example, the cream emulsion in 300 ml will cost not less than 2,000 rubles.Of course, you will need to take into account the high quality of products and its unique properties.But such a high cost of funds makes them inaccessible for mass use.

shelf life cream "Muster" is no more than two years, as it consists of only organic ingredients.When buying always look at the date of manufacture of the goods.

Cream "Muster" from the stretch: reviews of real customers

reviews about the products, "Muster" are usually positive.Most women notice a rapid effect on the application of a cream for stretch marks, which can be used in the first months of pregnancy until the end of the lactation period.If not, there are side effects and allergic reactions on the skin.

Women also indicate air creamy consistency and pleasant aroma.Due to the fact that the means of stretching is more like a lotion, it is well absorbed and efficiently spent.On average for the whole period of pregnancy, expectant mothers are using 1.5-2 tube means "Muster".The cream produced a volume of 200 ml, but rather sparingly consumed.

negative reviews related to the unavailability of the drug.Too high cost makes creams firm "Muster" is only available for women with luxury income.Therefore, future mums often have to resort to folk remedies to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

In addition, on the shelves of retail stores and some pharmacies began to meet counterfeiting French cosmetics company "Muster".Cream, reviews which are very popular, must be accompanied by a certificate of the manufacturer.So before you buy be sure to ask about the availability of the necessary documents from the pharmacist.

Folk remedies against stretch marks

Of course, not every woman can afford the luxury creams against stretch marks.In that case, you can always use folk remedies, which, though not so much have a quick effect, but are available to absolutely everyone.

fight against stretch marks helps natural wheat germ oil, jojoba and almond avakodo.They have regenerative properties, making them ideal for daily manual massage.After a few months of regular use will become less visible stretch marks, as well as the use of products "Muster".Cream, of course, has a more pronounced effect, but the procedure is excellent and oil affect the skin condition.

Home scrub based on natural ground coffee also helps to cope with this unpleasant cosmetic defect.However, to use such means better after birth, as a strong release of toxins may affect the condition of the baby.Before using any popular ways to combat stretch marks is best to seek individual advice to the attending physician and pass all necessary tests.