Means "Foretal" (cream).

Cream "Foretal" - an effective moisturizer that is used by many women as an alternative to expensive cosmetics looking after.Its use helps to get rid of the layer of dead skin cells and improve the overall condition and appearance of skin.

active ingredient is cream

The collagen fibers of the skin contains moisture reserves, which "watered" dry cells, saving them from dehydration.That's just the amount of liquid depends on the presence of hygroscopic molecules in water-lipid mantle surface of the dermis.Among them, in the first place to call a chemical compound such as urea.

This substance plays an important role in the regulation of skin moisture exchange.Usually there is only the elite looking after cosmetics, therefore means "Foretal" is no exception.A nice bonus is investigating the impact of cream - the ability to remove small wrinkles that are always formed on the surface of dry skin.

Urea compounds in two types, petroleum jelly and other substances included in the cream.Generally, the ing

redients of cosmetic formulations are unable to penetrate deep into the dermis.They are added to help the penetrating component, with the participation of which is being delivered and the desired substances.

effective cream

cream is applied in cases of:

  1. dry skin.
  2. peeling.
  3. Itch, which appears due to dryness.
  4. or actinic hyperkeratosis, such as atopic dermatitis or psoriasis.

soft and pleasant consistency is a means of "Foretal" (cream).Instructions for use states that it is sufficient to use twice a day, morning and evening.If applied by means of a dry bandage, the effectiveness of exposure increases significantly.

contraindication to the use of a cream intolerance.In cases of skin rash and itching should be discontinued.In order to ensure that no allergy means "Foretal" (cream), manual advises to put it on a small patch of skin.In the absence of inflammatory reactions, it can be used safely.

Cream essentially transforms the skin, and it moisturizes, exfoliates, stimulates regenerative processes, relieves itching, improves appearance, gives elasticity and smoothness.

Salvation from problems rough skin on arms and legs - means "Foretal Plus»

in this product include urea, phospholipids and other ingredients.At the same cream "Foretal Plus" is very much softens, moisturizes and cleanses.

for areas with rough cracked skin, such as heels, elbows, feet, it is best to use this ("positive") "Foretal" (cream).Instructions argues that it should be applied twice a day, gently rubbing the soft massage movements in problem areas.And for best results, for 2-3 hours to wear socks made of cotton fabric.

When you use the required precautions.Namely, avoid getting the cream on the mucous membrane, open wounds, eyes.

As a result, consumers get a beautiful, glowing skin health and youth:

  1. itching and flaking eliminated.
  2. Elasticity restored.
  3. layer of dead skin cells away.
  4. accelerated regeneration of the epidermis.

produced "Foretal Plus" in India, and in Russia spread of "Nizhpharm" - a company that for almost 90 years has been producing outdoor drugs.

reviews cream "Foretal Plus»

Every woman wants to be beautiful and young.That's only with age, unfortunately, the skin loses its ability to moisturize themselves.In fact, "drink" the dermis is quite difficult, but the cream "Foretal Plus" performs this task brilliantly.

Judging by the reviews, many women complain of dry skin, feet, hands, fingers.A hand very issue age, so they need to be given special attention.This problem may be aggravated by the constant repetitive washing after birth.The skin is constantly dry fingers of only one holding in the hands of wet clothes, diapers.

Women told us that after a wet hand, they must constantly lubricate the cream.Sales, of course, there are good and expensive tools to help deal with the problem.But very often in stores or pharmacies, there is no analogue of the well-known at a more affordable price.For example, "Foretal Plus" is just such a tool.

Reviews consumers about the cream "Foretal»

Quite often you can find discussion of a product such as a cream "Foretal."Reviews confirm that the vehicle is perfectly absorbed and moisturizes.It has also been observed that during the first few applications need larger amount than in the future.

On the recommendation of a doctor for various problems coarsening of the skin is often used means "Foretal" (cream).Guide promises favorable changes in the skin that do become visible on the second day after the start of using the cream.The skin is transformed like to look at, it becomes a nice touch.

Sometimes you can find reviews that the cream was applied not only for the most serious areas, but also for the entire body.At the same time when using it achieved significant positive effect.

product has excellent texture, it can serve as an excellent base for make-up and skin cream gladly accepts "Foretal" face.Reviews deny unpleasant oily stains after use.

Sometimes, though rarely, there are descriptions of side effects.Buyers complained of itching and rashes after the application means.

can be summarized that "Foretal" - a wonderful moisturizer, capable of for someone to be the optimal solution in the fight against dry skin and all its consequences.It is recommended to use a business woman, housewives, athletes and all those who have the problem of dehydrated skin.