Cosmetics "MAA".

Professional makeup "MAC" (Make-up Art Cosmetics) was originally established specifically for make-up artists dealing with make-up models at fashion shows and shootings.But the advantages of these products have been so obvious that treasured lipstick and boxes with shadows moved quickly on the tables of girls, versed in the trends of beauty.

Cosmetics "MAC": history of the brand

Brand MAC was created in Canada, a photographer and makeup artist Frank Toscano and owner of a large chain of beauty salons Frank Angelo in the distant 1984.Both men are very interested in photography, but could not pick up the necessary make-up of models from existing ones.It is absolutely necessary to create new tools and spodvigla them to develop their own line of cosmetics.

At the beginning of its development, the brand "Mac" was introduced in only one Canadian store.Since then, it took thirty years, and now this brand is known worldwide.Such rapid dynamics of growth of sales can not boast of no other cosmetics comp

any, even the most well-known.

brand philosophy "MAK"

Today, products manufactured by MAC, is very popular throughout the world.The brand has positioned itself as appreciating the individuality, creativity and self-expression.The main task of the company's credo is to serve people of all races, nationalities, ages and gender.

Cosmetics "MAC" should be in the arsenal of every woman.After all, it can help to transform a couple of minutes and be like a luxury diva, as if descended from the covers of glossy magazines.

Cosmetics "MAC" is the most modest and sleek design, thus stressing that it belongs to a professional niche.But the variety of colors and textures is simply amazing.You can find a variety of shades of lipsticks, eyeshadows and rouge, from the modest beige and finishing futuristic pink and acid yellow.

What good tools "Mac"?

main focus of the company is making a non-standard, creativity and excellent quality products.Cosmetics company "MAK" is considered one of the cheapest among professional products, but that does not make it less popular and favorite makeup artists.Specially developed formula means the brand makes them very dolgostoykimi.They are able to withstand a few hours of shooting under bright spotlights or strong lighting on the podium tracks.Cosmetics "MAC" did not float, not score in the folds of the skin and do not disappear from the face after half an hour after application.In that customers can be certain.In all of this, this makeup is ideal for everyday use.Many women are afraid to use professional cosmetics, because they believe that it is too heavy and too contains the active components.But in the case of cosmetics "MAK" is not.Its products are so versatile and quality, which will not cause harm to the skin and will overload it, even with frequent use.

creators of the brand based its work on three main principles:

1. Versatility textures.

2. Variety of colors.

3. A wide range of colors.

whole huge range of companies can be divided into four categories:

- lips;

- eyes;

- face;

- Multi.

addition to direct beauty products, "MAC" also produces goods needed for professional makeup artists.This high-quality brushes, both natural and synthetic sponges, pencil sharpeners, roomy cases, mosaic, cosmetics and much more.

limited collection of "MAK"

Each season the company is more and more new collections that are quite popular both among professionals, and ordinary women.Most high-end products are sold very quickly.We should also be said about the limited collections.Typically, they are dedicated to an event or a famous person.They all products perfectly matched and can be combined with each other.Such collections instantly disappear from the shelves.And not for nothing, because they are very creative and bold.

Very popular was a collection of Miss Piggy for MAC, which included eye shadow, eyeliner and false eyelashes chic.

If we talk about the cost of the brand products, we can draw the following conclusion.Cosmetics "MAC", the price of which is very democratic, is considered to be moderate in the professional segment and slightly less expensive than luxury goods.Precisely because of this, she has a constant circle of admirers.

Cosmetics "MAC": reviews

All women who have tried at least once means that the brand can not part with them.Cosmetics "MAK", reviews of which mostly positive, requires certain skills to use.You can often hear that the shadows fall unevenly or foundation is too thick.But we must remember that it is primarily professional cosmetics.Before you apply it, you need to carefully prepare the skin.For ever need to impose a framework that will ensure an even coating, and the tonal resources are well distributed in the skin, covered with silicone cream.

Star fans cosmetics "MAK"

quality and safety means that companies do not need advertising.They speak for themselves.No wonder makeup "MAC" is used by many celebrities.In 2003, he was released a collection dedicated to the famous Liza Minnelli.So, in 2005, became the face of the advertising campaign Diana Ross.In 2007, the famous singer Fergie has signed a contract with the brand and became its official representative.Also cooperated with the "MAK" Dita Von Teese and Pamela Anderson.

creating a special unique style, the company has joined creative forces with such personalities as Boy George, Linda Evangelista, Sandra Bernhard, Missy Elliott and other popular people.

particular brand image has been appreciated by numerous awards.

Separately must be said that the company does not strive only for profit.Much attention is paid to the charity.Thus, in 1994, she established a fund to fight AIDS.Revenues from the sale of limited edition Viva Glam fully went to the aid of people with HIV.

Arsenal products created brand is constantly changing and updated to keep pace with the times.