Demeter - spirits capable of surprise, shock, and even conquer

Perfume much to say about the man, his mood and state of mind at the moment.Fragrances Demeter Fragrance - it flavors, ability to surprise and conquer, discover new amazing feelings and sensations.


Formed American company Demeter Fragrance in 1993 and almost immediately got a lot of fans with his amazing flavors.The founders of the brand began Brosyus Christopher and Christopher Gable.They have repeatedly stated in the media that the negative attitude to perfume.But this did not prevent them from becoming known worldwide manufacturers of Demeter.Spirits have won the hearts of fans of unusual combinations and music.

What is so special brand

  1. Spirits are original and sometimes unexpected smells - the snow, the earth, mushroom or hay.Brand offers and more familiar flavors - floral, fruity, berry.
  2. manufactures products from natural raw materials, so is completely safe.It has no artificial colors, binders, and emulsifiers.Representatives of the beautiful half appreciated Demeter (spiri
    ts) reviews evidence of their durability and safety.
  3. most often in a bouquet dominated by just one note, sometimes several of them, and each acts as a high-grade component.

What groups are divided flavors

Currently manufacturers Demeter fragrance release following areas:

  1. Unusual options for everyday use.These flavors are surprising and sometimes shocking.How do you smell pizza, sawdust or earth ground?This group includes non-plant scents of nature and the elements - the sea air, the winter pond, avalanche, and others.
  2. Pastry and tea smells - chocolate, coffee, fresh pastries.
  3. Flower.This group includes the more familiar aromas of flowers and plants.Prominent representatives of the smells can be called lily of the valley and narcissus, bamboo and freesia.
  4. Fruit.This group includes not only the traditional flavors of citrus fruit and, as can be seen with the smell of perfume cucumber or tomato.
  5. -alcoholic cocktail.Aromas of traditional intoxicating drinks or exotic cocktails await lovers of unusual.
  6. shocking.It is difficult to imagine a perfume, fragrant rubber or paint, mold or earthworms.But such "delicacies" as it turns out, are in demand.

Brand Demeter fragrance offers a wide range, with any, even the most extravagant taste.You can pick up for several flavors and use them depending on your mood.

How to choose perfume

Going out shopping, you should not be throttled by their perfume, they will interrupt the aroma selected spirits and prevent them open.

During one visit you will be able to truly appreciate no more than 3 bouquets, so if in doubt about the choice, it is necessary to spend on the purchase of a few days.

To evaluate the smell, put a drop of perfume on a special paper strip.Even if the spirits have made an excellent impression at the first breath, do not rush into buying.During the day, the notes will be disclosed, and the changes you may not like.

If you liking range of Demeter, perfume official website offers a wide range and at an attractive price.

As disclosed perfumes

The first smell that felt when applying perfume, called the top note.Its purpose is to transfer the mood of the product itself.Light aroma lasts for one minute.

gives way to the middle notes, which appear as a result of the reaction heat and the properties of the skin.Hold them for over an hour and contain the softer combination.

further manifested lower notes.They are the most important, as this scent will accompany its owner very long time.Among

range Demeter fragrance is easy to choose for everyone.Brand offers more than 200 flavors, and among them certainly would be the only exciting and captivating.

What is the popularity of Demeter

  1. Each vial contains exactly the flavor that is expected.Bouquet exactly matches the name specified on the bottle.Choosing perfume «Rein», which translated means rain, you can feel the smell and freshness.
  2. Many Hollywood stars have conquered products Demeter - spirits.Moscow offers flavors that are applauded by Kate Moss, Clint Eastwood, Renee Zellweger and other celebrities.
  3. Perfumes are prepared only from natural ingredients, so not tested on animals.Emphasize their natural even bottles that sell spirits, they are more like pharmaceutical vials.
  4. Women fragrances presented for absolutely any age.Those representatives of the beautiful half of which have already purchased Demeter (spirits), leave only positive feedback.After all, this is such a great opportunity to emphasize their individuality.
  5. Reasonable price.Spirits are quite affordable for the average buyer.And if you take into account their quality and durability, you can safely talk about the profitability of such purchase.Perfume can serve as a great gift for any occasion, and just as a sign of attention.

line of Demeter - an excellent opportunity to highlight the originality of nature.Not every brand can impress so extravagant flavors.However, if you tend to the classic scents, manufacturers offer a sufficient range of products with floral and fruity bouquet.In any case, the trade mark is worthy of attention, because for over 20 years has gained a lot of new lovers worldwide.Are spirits in raone 1500 rubles.