"Neva Cosmetics": reviews.

When the market is full of all kinds of cosmetics, you should pay attention to affordable and effective products made in Russia, namely funds from JSC "Neva Cosmetics."

The brand

Russia is one of the first to manufacture cosmetics.So, in 1939 he earned the first plant for the production of soap and candles.It was from there and originates the production of means under the brand name "Neva Cosmetics", reviews of which the most positive.

fate of the plant on the river Neva was changeable.In the 50s, he almost burned down, but Yu Shotlender controlling, upon receipt of the insurance company funds restored and equipped it with the most advanced production technology.Since then, the plant all the time worked, overcoming sometimes life's difficulties.

So, in 1961 "Neva partnership" awarded Emblem Empire, which later adorned the packaging of cosmetic products.In 1870 the company received a medal of Russian technical community, the success of the company accompanied by both Moscow Russian Industrial Exh

ibition in 1882, and at the fair in Nizhny Novgorod in 1896. In World War I the factory produced for the army dynamite, candles and soap.June 28, 1918, he moved into the hands of the worker-peasant class, and he was saved from being plundered belonging to senior government staff.Before 1925, its production was halted, and only after some time it again began to make soap.During the Great Patriotic War, its production has been directed to the production of fuel mixtures, soap and dynamite.

After the war, in 1951, the plant began to produce toothpaste "Mint" and in the future - "Bambi" and "Pearl" (1970).In 1992 the company was reorganized into OAO "Neva Cosmetics."Currently, it is a huge company with a self-service marketing and the huge range of products.

product range

«Neva Cosmetics", reviews of which is sometimes shocking, surprising his range of goods - about 50 types of cosmetic products.The main areas it is possible to carry:

  • care products for face and body;
  • hair products;
  • hygiene products for the oral cavity;
  • dry and liquid soap;
  • cosmetics for children;
  • items for laundry and fabric care;
  • series Housing;
  • specialized goods for businesses.

Products from "Neva Cosmetics" recognizable and loved.Women are happy to use creams, shampoos and masks of the brand.Young parents with as much trepidation buy means to care for the kids.Housewives delighted with powders and household products for the home.And the teeth are always organized with the "Neva Cosmetics" for the mouth.

Caring agents for skin and hair

Means for skin care and hair care products are presented, which differ from each other by the presence of certain components in the product.So, a new series of funds "From turpentine" contains Siberian sap and other plant extracts, which have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.Accelerates regeneration and improves the immune properties of the epidermis.It rejuvenates and revitalizes hair.Line "With oak bark" is based on the healing properties of oak bark, as well as extracts of nettle, elderberry leaves, menthol and white lupine proteins that miraculous effect on the skin.

«Neva Cosmetics", which is a cream designed for face and body traditionally focused on hydration, nutrition, protection and rejuvenation.Stands out among them line for skin care "Rosa", designed for intensive moisturizing.It comprises feeding the skin with moisture complex Hydroviton 24, vitamins E, F, B5, plant serum Vegeseryl, protein wheat grains, sea minerals and olive oil.

so easy to preserve the beauty, skin and hair young woman at any age with funds from "Neva Cosmetics"!

cream "Ginseng" reviews which talk about its effectiveness, rejuvenates the skin, saturates it with nutrients, moisturizes.The composition of this product are plant extracts of ginseng and echinacea and oils: olive, avocado and shea butter, as well as vitamins E and A.

Baby Care

not cost the company a party and children.It produces a huge range of various funds.This series of "Eared nannies," which can be used to care for newborns.Hypoallergenic and contains no dyes and perfumes.Line "Children" contains only natural ingredients: it extracts of chamomile, aloe vera, eucalyptus, arnica and plantain and mint, olive oil and shea butter, vitamins A and E. It is equally well known and a collection of "Tip-top", which is intendedto care for children after a year.The products contain botanicals and natural oils that make your child's skin is particularly delicate and smooth.Cleaning violet smell, the smell which relaxes and adjusts the baby in a quiet and restful sleep.

This is a popular children's cosmetics."Neva Cosmetics" makes it especially gentle for baby's skin, which is many times thinner than an adult epidermis and therefore in need of greater protection, care and attention.


produced by the company and the usual soap "Neva Cosmetics", which is an integral part of the health of each individual.Anyone knows that soap is a sodium salt of fatty acid, which reacts hydrolysis create an alkaline environment, easily dissolves grease and dirt particles, and formed foam helps to eliminate them.

extensive assortment of soap, and it includes a special anti-bacterial complex, plant extracts and oils, soothing, healing and anti-fungal agents.

recently acquired popularity of "Tar", "Boron", "Natural" and "Brimstone" soap ("Neva Cosmetics").Their company reclassified into the category of special funds aimed at solving a particular problem, such as, for example, acne, skin irritation, and so on. D.

Household chemicals

company has not limited the release of caring and hygiene products, but went ahead andstarted the production of products for the home.Here we note a gel for washing children's dishes and toys from the series "Children" and "Eared nannies."

helps to keep the house clean products, "Mr. Chister", intended for the care of different surfaces.They instantly remove dirt of various nature, are suitable for everyday use, do not scratch the surface, lightweight and easy to use, pleasant smell.Are composed of disinfectants and antibacterial agents.

line "Sarma" will not disregard any one corner of the house.It will help wash the dishes and floors, clean the surface from contamination, handle the plumbing, bathroom and wash clothes.

All products of the brand "Neva Cosmetics", reviews of which do not allow not to use, designed for the standards and GOST.

powders and fabric care

washing powders represented by such series as Index, «Vorsinka", "Normal powder", "Sarma" and "Eared nannies."The funds are designed to care for white and colored wash, designed for both manual and machine washable.Series "Vorsinka" provides care for whimsical things made of silk, cashmere, wool, chiffon and lace.It is used where the tissue is needed for a particular sensitive approach.

All powders contain antibacterial ingredients, bleach, enzymes and enzymes of different origin, to help remove dirt, conditioning agents, responsible for the softness, and silicone for easy ironing.

Oral Care

«Nevskaya Cosmetics' reviews of that shock, and also produces tools for oral care.This rinse "New Pearl", children's toothpastes "Eared nannies" and "Baby Pearl" with the taste of fruit as well as a series for adults "New Pearl".

means white smile and give a complete oral care.They contain sodium, which strengthens teeth and increases the resistance of enamel to the adverse effects.Vitamins A, E, B6 prevent the occurrence of periodontal disease.Optafresh complex provides 12-hour protection against bacteria.Triclosan successfully fights plaque on the tooth enamel.Plant extracts care for your teeth, strengthen gums and have healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

«Neva Cosmetics": price

All funds differ democratic price.For example, products for hair: shampoo, mask and balsam - can be purchased at a price within the $ 100 cream for hands and feet costs about 50 rubles, face cream - 40, a series of "Rosa" is a bit more expensive, somewhere 70rubles per one way.Soap, as well as cosmetics, pleasantly surprised by the low prices.Bar 140 grams can be bought for 30-40 rubles, and liquid soap costs about 140 rubles.It belongs to this category and children's cosmetics."Neva Cosmetics" has created a children's cream, the price of which varies in the range of 30-70 rubles, baby shampoo is about 100, and powder for children "Eared nannies" (400 grams) - 50 rubles.

Not only this, but all the items Company "Neva cosmetics" has a low price and decent quality.That is why it is needed and welcome.

«Neva Cosmetics": reviews

Cosmetics from "Neva Cosmetics" caused a lot of conflicting opinions.Many good reviews collected a series of hair care "With turpentine."Hair after using detergent become soft and silky, significantly reduced hair loss, there was a natural shine.Hair has become healthier.Do not use a shampoo without a mask and balsam, as in this case, the locks will be difficult to comb.The result is visible immediately, but after some time.It scares some ladies composition, where natural products are not on the first position, but the price and efficiency outweigh the scales in his favor.

stand out of company funds "Neva Cosmetics" cream "Ginseng" which rave reviews.The women say that it is rapidly absorbed, well it smooths wrinkles, makes the skin smooth and velvety.Means cheap, it has a pleasant texture and odor.It rejuvenates and refreshes the face.To put it better at night, but some use, and as a base for make-up.Cream compared with luxury products, and some of the ladies are wondering how such an inexpensive product could be so effective.Negative comments about it just yet.

funds from "Neva Cosmetics" Russian women are loved, and without them it is difficult to imagine the usual routine.After all, they not only make beautiful ladies and help implement a health care, but also greatly facilitate the work of the house, which makes them indispensable.