Mascara "Vivienne Sabo": reviews.

No modern woman is not complete without mascara.When it comes to the minimum of things that you can take with you, mascara will certainly be on the list.With only one of the cosmetic products you can create a striking makeup.It is in almost every woman's purse.It is interesting to learn more about this wonderful tool, to create beauty.

Background cosmetics or ancient

Two years ago, we celebrated the hundredth birthday of the carcass is in the form in which it is today.And its more ancient prototypes known since the Roman Empire and ancient Greece.In those days ladies had placed emphasis on the eyes.Initially used only eyeliner later coating is applied and the eyelashes.The first mascara - a mixture of soot and vegetable oils.Not quite stable and certainly not helpful.Mascara "Vivienne Sabo" compared to these ancient formula - just healing.The then cause inflammation, itching and even reduced vision.But the ladies still use it before the invention of safer designs had to wait a few more centuries,

and beautiful like to be here and now.

Examining frescoes since antiquity, immediately noticing as clearly expressed in people's eyes, they are shown, not only women but also men.Black eyeliner plus the amount of mascara to eyelashes were required for the application as well as donning a toga.

decline or in the Middle Ages forgotten mascara mascara

How was popular during the reign of the Romans, so forget about it in the Middle Ages.And all because that changed the canons of beauty.As we shall see, it will happen again and again.These changes indicate that mankind is constantly evolving, and changes - a good sign.If ink "Vivienne Sabo" offered the lady who lived in the Middle Ages, it certainly would have rejoiced.But use the gift could not because of the then strict morality.The fact that women at this time ought to shave his eyebrows and eyelashes, as any hair on the body testified sinfulness and could bring on thoughts of debauchery.

Such strict canons were likely instituted ministers of the church.That's why the portraits of the era like a faceless lady, and wants to embellish their cilia.Just come to think of mascara for volume lashes, giving an expressive look.Before rehabilitation carcasses will have to wait a few more centuries, and yet - be content with whitewash yes blush.

modern version carcasses

What we see, opening every day so already familiar with the ink tube, appeared in the early nineteenth century, thanks to chemists.Yes, yes, chemists made efforts to have been and ink "Vivienne Sabo" and many others.Nevertheless, the basic structure was created in 1913.Then lay the foundation funds pulverized coal, petroleum jelly - about the same as in modern counterparts.The objective of the first carcass tossed a paint and literally "denigrate" the eyelashes.

It is only then connect beauticians and will be added to the composition of a variety of vitamins, mineral oils.And, for example, ink "Vivienne Sabo" reviews will be just wonderful, as not only beautiful, but also strengthens the lashes.Mass cosmetic product that did not already before the era of cinema.That's when the stars of the screen began to focus on the eyes to look beautiful in close-ups.And, of course, follow them to do so become their fans.Who does not want to sound like your favorite movie star?

Who was she, Vivien?

buying another ink "Vivienne Sabo" opinions about which is always positive, sometimes start thinking about the name of the brand.We have become accustomed to that marketers come up with the names of cosmetic brands, but prettier, so that they cause pleasant associations and, therefore, better to sell.But "Vivienne Sabo" - character, fortunately, is not fictional.Unfortunately, her story is overshadowed by the tragic events that broke destiny and dreams more than one person.We are talking about the war.Dream of a young Parisian, studied chemistry and create a magical ink, carried out by other people.She was a beloved man named Louis, whom she did everything together.Their plans destroyed the Second World War.Because of the diary, which then fell into the hands of indifferent people, we know that she wanted to make a violet emblem of its brand.As you can see, everything was done according to Vivian.And violets on each box, and magic resistant ink for eyelashes that every girl feel beauty.

Magic products by Vivienne

Probably when ink "Vivienne Sabo" was recorded in her diary in the form of formulas, their creator has dreamed that every woman could find her mascara.That is what we are lacking in today's world of diversity.Sometimes the search for the perfect mascara takes a long time.Through trial and error, unnecessary and very considerable expenditure, spoiled girl visits trying to find their means of beauty.Agree famous brand logo on the tube - not yet secured easy and convenient application.And the price of the floor of someone's salary does not guarantee the volume and separation without lumps.But the girls are looking for, despair and hope specimens emerge again.

mentioning this brand cosmetics, people often add the prefix "new".Indeed, in our country, familiarity with the French brand has recently happened.However, fans of makeup "Vivienne Sabo" with each passing year more and more.

Beautiful colors of shadows and blush to create a trendy makeup girl for any tsvetotipa.Liquid eyeliner make it possible to put an arrow even inept.Melting texture tonal creams even out skin tone and give a light bronzer tan.Persistent, despite the nominal price of lipstick, which have a lot of brands have a unique softening effect due to the presence of vegetable oils.Variety of berry shades will please every fashionista.

Mineral powder of the brand recognizes the type of your skin and adapts to their needs.Natural minerals which are used for its production, fill the skin radiance and prevent the appearance of shine.Same with the shadows: it is the presence of minerals allows them not to slide throughout the day.Not every brand can boast such quality.Wide color palette will not leave any of the modern girl without makeup.And still "Vivienne Sabo" have nail polish, perfume, lip ... And, of course, the legendary mascara, which is to talk more.

Why mascara Vivienne Sabo?

Since all do better together, including choosing mascara, the girl together in all sorts of forums and community to discuss new products and cosmetic care in choosing.Post about how to choose a mascara, the most common.And that's what can be seen reading them: mascara "Vivienne Sabo" a great majority of the girls.Who bought this, very disappointed in the more expensive brands.The other girls were sent immediately to the stands with this brand because they have advised a friend or new posts.

Especially popular by "Vivienne Sabo" mascara "Cabaret Prime" with its unique brush.It has united all the qualities of the perfect mascara: ease of application, add volume and firmness.A brush has earned some praise as it does not disappoint any one girl.It has united all the qualities of the perfect mascara.First, the girls will appreciate the ease of application.For mascara is one of the main indicators of quality, because each of us lashes of varying lengths and thickness, respectively, quality mascara brush must deal with these features.

creators carcasses "Vivienne Sabo" coped with this task.It is perfectly shared, it gives volume and does not stick lashes.Thanks to these qualities a girl can feel like a real Parisian fashionista.This makeup adjusts to the coquettish mood.Secondly, the carcasses have a very high quality texture: it does not smear and does not spread even at the end of the day, indicating high quality.After all, sometimes the joy of buying a new mascara marred by a few hours after application, when it starts to run, and even in the most inopportune moment.

There are girls who noted positive changes in the status of their lashes after regular use of ink "Vivienne Sabo".Eyelashes become more elastic, have ceased to drop, increased in length.And all because of the mascara contains natural oils - their maximum concentration promotes the renewal of the eyelashes.

Well, the last and perhaps the most important argument in favor of this mascara - its price.I can not believe that such a high-quality product can be so affordable.Afford the ink can each girl, and then she will collect the compliments about the integrity of their eyelashes.

So feel free to buy cosmetics of the brand, it will not disappoint you and will be a good investment in your beauty!