Mascara Vivienne Sabo: price reviews.

There are many arguments for and against the use of cosmetics, but you can not dispute the fact that the competent makeup - a recipe for success.Underline or highlight the eye contour of the lips - is an art, with art, brings dividends.In particular, coal-black women's eyelashes coquettishly recycled up for many centuries to conquer the hearts of men.New in the beauty industry - mascara Vivienne Sabo - caused a lot of gossip and accolades, but they are true?

The ink is so good?

Someone lucky to have lashed by nature when nature reminds bending puppet.And someone has a serious problem with a beautiful framed eyes.Most often remain stubbornly straight lashes, because it seems as if they do not.For some people, they are rare and others quite white, one or even from an early age dooms itself to the next torment when too early starts cosmetic experiments.Mascara - a versatile product that can fully take on the everyday makeup or the lion's share of the evening.Happy modern woman can not afford to be "pale

moth", so resort to plan "at least", includes most of concealer, eyebrow liner and mascara.As a result, the person becomes a little more soulful, removed bags under the eyes, which are the majority, the eyes are wide open and inviting - the perfect image of a business woman and mobile.Evening make-up - a special song, and then anywhere without mascara.No wonder among the fairer sex has become a byword history of this product.One inventor wanted to help his sister loved to fight off rivals and have advised to make up the eyelashes.Beauty sight struck spot-loving guy.And the girls all over the world remember the story.In the evening you can afford the freedom to make up, to make relevant smoky eyes, add bright shade to emphasize the inner corner of the eye.

A final accent to mascara Vivienne Sabo, which has already appreciated by women around the world.

Reviews girls

manufacturers carcasses are guided by the wishes of consumers and constantly improve their product.Initially, all that was required of him - tinting eyelashes, but now it's only a base.Mascara should share the eyelashes to lengthen them and tighten up.Ideally, after the application of the hairs should not stick together, becoming solid, crumble.Adolescent girls celebrate bottle compact, neutral odor.Young women try mascara Vivienne Sabo, leave reviews mostly positive.The texture is soft, no shedding, and the bottle of elegant design.


At first glance mascara Vivienne Sabo impressive black case with golden inscriptions and cap.Thus, it is suitable to any image or purse.In carcasses silicone brush with fine bristles are uniformly paint over both upper and lower lashes, allowing selected to the corner of his eye.
The first application may surprise consistency of the product, since it is unusually fluid.But no need to apply mascara Vivienne Sabo in excess, without waiting for the drying of the first layer.After the first application of the eyelashes can be a special comb to comb.The promotions shown that mascara Vivienne Sabo Cabaret stage gives them volume.Here it should be noted that the time on time is not necessary, and if the length is always on top, then on the volume may have questions.To achieve the best possible result, you need to apply two coats of mascara, comb the lashes from root to tip to use tweezers and irons.Some girls are recommended to leave the eye painted to make up in the morning to upgrade one application.

of the negative experiences

Any product has its bad batch, so there are negative reviews of this product as mascara Vivienne Sabo Cabaret.The girls complained of problems in its use, associated with fast drying, the appearance of lumps and gluing eyelashes.Some noted lumps even on the brush.Here it should be noted that such misunderstandings arise when copying any branded product.Mascara has a shelf life, and upon its expiry, it can lose its quality.Specifically, lumps in the brush, unpleasant specific smell or watery consistency to a violation of the conditions of storage.Of the nice features worth noting is the fact that even the negative sentiment girls indicated no shedding and no-hassle removal of the cosmetics.In other words, ink is removed gently and carefully using a cotton pad and makeup remover.Regarding the declared volume of claims are more frequent.

How much?

No matter what the girls, but the price is a factor in most cases when making a major purchase.And doubly pleased to purchase a product from a democratic price category, being sure of its quality.Admirers of the brand mascara Vivienne Sabo met very positively, as brand product was sold for 200 rubles.The bottle, though not large, but by no means inferior to competitors.If you believe the advertising, the ink provides excellent elongation stage volume, does not stick lashes and not showered.Advertising does not say anything about the possibility of an allergic reaction to the product, but customers should think about it.If the substrate begin to tear or scratch your eyes, mascara should be immediately abandoned.So, ladies, choosing mascara Vivienne Sabo, reviews left largely polar.But their opinions agree that the product is persistent, really lengthens lashes and glues them without flaking and looks very impressive.

Stealth application

If desired, intelligent girl could even the cheapest cosmetic product applied so that the effect is spectacular.That mascara may cause negative feedback just because there is no culture of its use.As already mentioned, there are many positive characteristics in the brand Vivienne Sabo.Ink, the price of which is in such a democratic category, can not always boast of it.But why women may complain about this product?Is there some trick the application to avoid misunderstandings.

Firstly, mascara should be applied as a final touch of makeup, smooth and accurate movements.Secondly, with the brush should not drip, and it should not contain lumps.Thirdly, it is necessary to paint over the lashes from root to tip and.Some of the girls for the best effect after the first deposition lightly powdered with eyelashes.And then the mascara is applied again to fix the result.Ad Hoc need to brush comb lashes.If there are points of mascara on the eyelids, they must be carefully removed with a cotton swab.