Eyebrow correction.

Every woman, regardless of age tends to look attractive.Particular attention is paid to the person - beauty treatments can prolong youth and a skilled makeup emphasizes the natural beauty and charm.An important element is the eyebrows.Beautiful and well maintained, they can give a person a completely different look.They are able to transfer the character and mood of its owner.Unfortunately, not all nature has endowed the correct shape of the eyebrows.Change them beyond recognition will help eyebrow correction.Before and after the correction - it is said, two big differences.

What is the shape of eyebrows

options a lot, but still there are five main.

  • round shape helps to soften facial features and make them more tender.
  • curved - gives assurance.
  • Direct - required if you want to emphasize the oval face.
  • eyebrows with a sharp bend.This form gives the determination and hide age.
  • Soft break emphasizes femininity.

correct eyebrow correction will make the expressive eyes and help hide disproporti

onate oval.

Determining the type of person

To eyebrows looked natural, it is necessary to match the oval shape of the face.Therefore it is necessary to determine its type.

Make is not difficult.It is necessary to measure the distance from the chin to the roots of the hair and divide it into three - it will be the first indicator.Check how many centimeters from the base of the nose to the bottom of the chin - it is the second indicator.

Next you need to evaluate these two distances.If they are equal, it means that an oval face.In cases where the last dimension is less than the first, it is possible to speak of a square and elongated shape.If on the contrary, the person has a diamond shape.

Then boldly proceed to the selection of the most successful line of eyebrows.

Selecting the most suitable form of eyebrows

to create the most suitable form, require correction of eyebrows.How to choose a shape depending on the type of person?

For a round face, choose brows with a break, you can also make a high rise.If a person has a square or diamond shape - fit arched eyebrows, a little kink give femininity.

for sharp chin help visually hide oval eyebrows.For a long face fit straight eyebrows.

easiest owners of the oval type face.Any variations will look great.The only thing to consider is the height of lift, it should be moderate.

If properly conducted eyebrow correction, before and after the procedure will look completely different.

What mistakes should be avoided

There are some rules that will help to avoid mistakes.

  • Do not form in which the eyebrows are lowered greatly to his temples.This will add an extra age and give a sad expression his face.
  • too thick eyebrows that join on the bridge, creating a formidable and angry look.
  • should not greatly overstate his eyebrows, giving them the shape of a comma.It makes a person very surprised and even silly.
  • Correction and coloring of eyebrows should look natural.Stylin 'form and too rich color does not make the best impression.

Tools for home eyebrow correction

for procedures need tweezers.It determines how efficiently and painlessly pass process.There are several types of devices with different form of all.

  • straight ends.This is the classic version and is suitable in the case of plucking eyebrows is another person.So uncomfortable tweezers to grab the hairs themselves.
  • chamfered ends.So you can easily tweezers to pluck her eyebrows without assistance.And you can not be afraid to remove more hair than necessary.With such forceps easier to achieve the desired shape without pain.
  • sharp end.With such a device, precise eyebrow shaping.Reviews women say, removing hairs one by one, you can get a very clear form.

Besides forceps need to brush for eyebrows and cosmetic pencil.The mirror is better to take with a small increase in effect, it will not miss a single hair.Still need a disinfectant and cotton pads.

Preparations for cosmetic procedures

Eyebrows should have the same length and height.To do this, you need to properly note the main point.

place from which to start an eyebrow, define and attach a pencil to the wing of the nose and the inner corner of the eye.This is the first point.

determine the height of the eyebrows by drawing a line from the middle of the upper lip to his eyebrows at the intersection of the pupil of the eye.

End eyebrows located in the same way as the beginning, only a pencil is conducted to the outer corner of the eye.

Thus, dramatically change shape to help eyebrow correction.Before and after the correction will be a completely different expression and shape of the face.Therefore, this procedure will allow visually hide the flaws and to draw attention to the eyes.

How to make correction of eyebrows yourself

defined the desired shape and prepare everything, you can start work.Do not forget to disinfect the tweezers.

Comb eyebrows special brush.The hairs to be removed, point down, and the others up.

pencil Next you need to connect all three points.The site, which is not planned to delete, you need to hatch a cosmetic pencil.

Next harvested for food hairs of undarkened zone.The skin at this place must be disinfected.Pull out every hair better in the direction of growth, capturing at the root.This will reduce discomfort during the procedure.

Do not try to perform a full correction of the eyebrows, and then proceed to the second.It is better to alternate work with each eyebrow it gives an opportunity to achieve symmetry.

If you want to compare how successfully passed eyebrow correction, photo made before the procedure will evaluate the result.

Helpful hints

If you are doing this for the first time on their own complicated procedure, use some tips.

  • correction should be postponed if there is inflammation of the skin around the eyes, so as not to carry infection.
  • Take care of good lighting.Correction and coloring eyebrows to perform better in the afternoon near a window or using a bright light.
  • plucking one hair, so you get rid of the pain and irritation of the skin.
  • If, plucking eyebrows, grab an extra section, do not worry.Rectify the situation can be with a pencil the same tone as the natural hairs.
  • correction should be carried out regularly, then it will not take much time and cause unpleasant pain.

cosmetics eyebrows

Correction and coloring of eyebrows allows you to make them more expressive.In addition to removing excess hair, you can emphasize the shape, using special cosmetics.

  • Eyebrow Pencil.Use it to fix defects form.Pencil should match the color of the hair, only then they will look natural.Apply small dashes on the need to promote hair growth.
  • possible to obtain soft shadows and shading imperceptibly.Eyebrow get natural.
  • gel modeling.Apply a special brush.Easy fixing allows the form to be in the way that was intended.

Professional eyebrow shaping interior

make a beautiful brow shape can be almost any beauty salon.The wizard prompts several ways to correction.

  1. tweezers.The procedure takes no more than 10-15 minutes.To reduce the sensitivity to the skin applied anesthetic or hot pad.Every hair is captured at the root and quickly pulled out.It is recommended to do the procedure at lunchtime, as the threshold at the time the lowest.
  2. thread.Duration 20 minutes.For the procedure used cotton thread by which deft movements Wizard removes unwanted hair.For optimum performance, skill and experience required.The advantage of this method is the absence of pain and irritation.For customers with high sensitivity is used a hot pad or cream.
  3. wax.This method allows you to remove even the smallest hairs, making the skin smooth.The wax is applied using special sticks, the site is covered with a cloth.Removal is carried out very carefully so as not to traumatize the skin.The procedure lasts 10-15 minutes.

With the high professionalism of the master any of these methods will lead to great results.Discuss with your beautician, as is often necessary to carry out the correction.With a little skill, you can remove the regrown hair yourself at home.

benefits of correction in the beauty salon

course, quite possible self eyebrow correction.Before and after the correction necessary to perform disinfection of the skin to prevent irritation.The choice of form and the process will take time plucking.Therefore, if you are very busy, it is better to use the services of a professional.

Master will select the shape of eyebrows, the most suitable to the type of entity.He does not need vymeryat distance and determine the main points with a pencil.Thanks to the experience enough to master the visual representation of the final result.

Inside, you can choose the most appropriate method of correction.At home, the procedure is usually done with the help of tweezers.Methods of using thread and wax require skills.

Beautician can effectively numb the procedure and reduce discomfort.Tools in beauty salons undergo compulsory sterilization, so there is no risk of irritation.

Any method takes less than 20 minutes, so do not take a long time to create a beautiful well-groomed eyebrows.

If correction for the first time, it is best to consult a specialist.In the future it will be possible to maintain the shape of their own.

Tattooing eyebrows

Some women are not satisfied with the classic eyebrow correction.Before and after the correction are not stored form such as would be desirable, in cases where the nature of the eyebrows rare and have an asymmetric arrangement.Correct the situation will help permanent makeup.Using this method, the upper layer of the skin is filled with a special coloring pigment.The desired shape of the eyebrows is applied with a pencil.If the client satisfied with the proposed version, introduced under the skin of paint.With a high sensitivity can be used light anesthesia.

There are two variants of tattooing eyebrows.

  • Shotirovanie.Short strokes are applied at a certain distance.
  • hairs.It creates the effect of these eyebrows.Often used not for the whole area, but only to fill in the necessary areas.

If the client wishes to change the shape of eyebrows, pigment removal is carried out.This is done by laser or chemical means.After that the desired contour is drawn eyebrows.

Tattooing has contraindications.This pregnancy, allergies, diabetes, and hypertension.Also, the procedure is not carried out in the presence of inflammatory processes, and at the age of 18 years.

Beautiful well-groomed brows give the face attractiveness, and glance - expressiveness.Therefore, recently very popular eyebrow correction.Photos of models and stars attracted the attention of girls.They are well maintained, attractive and admired.

Modern representatives of the beautiful half can look very good.Beauty salons offer a wide range of services and cosmetics stores - a huge selection of care products and makeup.Therefore, every woman, regardless of age, can accentuate their natural beauty and conceal flaws.