Tom Ford (perfumes for men and women): customer reviews and expert

Tom Ford - the famous, original and purposeful personality, has achieved recognition in filmmaking, architecture and perfumes.This man has created his own empire, and earned the nickname "imperturbable king".However, he is not only serious, but also good-looking, since the age of 35, according to the magazine People, has become one of the most beautiful people in the world.

Childhood and adolescence Tom Ford Tom Ford

born August 27, 1961 in Austin, Texas, his parents worked realtors.When Tom was 11 years old, the family moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where in 1979 he graduated from high school boy.And at the age of 17 he went to New York, where he enrolled in the University in the Department of History of Art.

studied there only a year and dropped out for shooting in advertising, but at the same time with this activity began to attend College of Art and Design.During the training year and a half spent in Paris as an intern in public relations from the popular fashion house Chloe.It was at that ti

me a young and talented Tom became interested in modeling clothes.

After finishing his studies, he got a job as a designer Cathy Hardwick, whose brand is known for the creation of sportswear average price category.Ford worked for 2 years in this place, then moved to Perry Ellis, where he also worked for 2 years.But the dream of a large company, create your style, led him forward.

work in a large company

Therefore, in 1990, Tom moved to Milan and worked for women's designer clothing line of Italian fashion house Gucci.It was a somewhat risky decision, because then the company's business is not going well.

Then Tom Ford engaged in the creation of men's clothing, shoes, perfumes and honing the style of the brand.In 1994 he was appointed creative director and quickly regained the lost charm and glamor of the brand.

In 1995 he organized an effective advertising campaign, the fashion house to increase profit by 90%.Thus, in 1999, was the transformation of Gucci from bankruptcy in a thriving organization, worth 4.3 billion dollars.In 2000 the company was purchased by the fashion house Yves Saint Laurent, whose chief designer Tom Ford took.

Fashion House Tom Ford

In April 2005, based on his 10 years of experience, Tom Ford has created its own brand.In the same year he signed a contract with Estee Lauder on the production of cosmetics and perfume lines.At the same time as the first collection of clothing released fragrance Tom Ford.Perfume "Black Orchid" soon found its admirers.Already in April 2007 opened a store brand, and today all over the world they are about 50.

fashion house is designed for people who prefer a luxurious modern style and high quality.Together with the company "Firmenish" Tom Ford has produced more than 10 kinds of luxury perfumes.

This man's name is known as a synonym of style, luxury and originality.All mods tend to get perfumes and cosmetics known commercial brand Tom Ford.The spirits give the owner a sense of independence and self-confidence, emphasize his high status.

Men's Fragrances Tom Ford

Men's fragrance - a forward-looking time for a new generation of fragrances confident and strong men.Flavour compositions from the manufacturer are now a combination of modern luxury and glamor.

Bottles made strictly, but the perfume smell is very bright and even unexpected, creating colorful images in the imagination, inspire and set to a positive.So consummate effect can only have men's fragrances of the brand Tom Ford.Spirits are so unique due to the combination of thoughtful smell, basil, tobacco leaf, cedar, black pepper, moss, tangerine peel and lemon, as evidenced by the experts.

Odor designed for style and conventions are not burdened men with noble manners.Underline confidence, determination, sexuality, and the solemnity of boys and are designed flavors of the brand Tom Ford.Perfume (for men) secretly declare an offensive position and allow the wearer to see the world quite differently.

Tom Ford "Noir"

multifaceted fragrance Tom Ford "Noir" is entirely consistent with the taste of its creator, saw the world in 2012.In it there is a special charm, characteristic for the evening men's spirits.In addition, the smell is a contrast between appearance and the inner world of man.

combination of rum, spices and vanilla flavor makes it resistant and unpretentious.At the heart of sparkling bouquet smell spicy notes of black pepper oil, nutmeg, combined with floral notes and cover warmth of the skin, amber, resins.Carnal sensuality seductive and elegant man, extremely attractive women, exudes the fragrance Tom Ford Noir.

Perfume non-standard (according to experts), because the top note of citrus flavor, created by Italian bergamot and verbena, emphasizes violet, cumin and Baie rose.The sale of this colorful, rich and unusual smell presented as masculine Eau de Parfum.

Women's perfume Tom Ford

Women's fragrances - this is a joyous feeling in anticipation of the celebration of the brand Tom Ford.Perfume charge good mood and evoke a sense of expectation grand event.A common feature of flavors is competently made up of a bunch of exciting music.With the help of these smells of the fair sex have an excellent opportunity to fill your day with joy and energy.

perfume Tom Ford Black Orchid immediately liked the fair sex.Chypre scent of black orchid in the imagination recreates the image of a self-confident, very beautiful and sexy woman, who managed to conquer the whole world.The smell is able to charm, stunning, arouse passion, gradually revealing as all the flavors from Tom Ford.Fragrance "Black Orchid" contain notes such as:

  • bergamot;
  • lemon;
  • truffle;
  • orchid;
  • vetiver;
  • sandalwood;
  • patchouli;
  • amber;
  • jasmine;
  • incense;
  • ylang-ylang;
  • dark chocolate.

Approximately 30 minutes after using the perfume feels chocolate, then there is a further disclosure of flavor and there is a smell of wet wood and forest after the rain.Then follow the little tangible hints of vanilla, and the final stage is a truffle.

Perfume "Black Orchid": reviews

potrebitelnits note that expensive and sophisticated look of the vial in the Art Deco style creates a positive impression about the product under the brand Tom Ford (spirits).Reviews also suggest that this kind of smell is more suitable for brunettes as signals about the success, impressively, sexuality and audacity.In this note the existence of the danger of excessive use of perfumes, which can lead to a sharp reminder of the men's cologne 80.

Perfume is highly resistant, but not immediately disclosed.If it's wet weather, the plume felt notes of alcohol and spices.When dry and warm, it is due to chocolate, patchouli and incense smell becomes viscous and sweet shades, as evidenced by the experts.

Judging by the reviews, there is an unusual color, a little reminiscent of the medicines.This note is felt immediately after applying perfume, but with the entry into force of the framework and full disclosure of fragrance created effect is amazing.Indeed odor detection drug formulation indicates complete lay evaluation.The shroud, which "Black Orchid" is able to envelop the neck and shoulders, reminiscent of a good shawl.The woman, who had put on the scent, is not peculiar to rush to the scent of a measured steps and enjoying playing his music.

hereby combination of romance Paris with audacity Santa Fe remarkable creations of the brand Tom Ford (spirits).Their price (11 thousand. Rub. 50 ml) is fully justified by the high quality, the ability to amaze and delight, admiration and emphasize the status of the owner.