"Masks" -tatu as an opportunity to show themselves

"Masks" -tatu - a great way to intrigue people.The very thing that covers the face, denotes a secret, or the illusion of intrigue.Mask helps to hide from anything, even from himself.Man hiding behind it chooses, as he show.

little history

Earlier mask was necessary for people of unusual professions shamans, butchers, sorcerers.They had carefully concealed his face so as not to be recognizable.The first "mask" -tatu appeared in the days of our ancestors.Then they represented the ordinary drawings on his face.A little later, the shamans began to use masks in their rituals.Tradition says that these accessories help them move closer to the spirits.

Ancient Indians also actively used "masks" -tatu in their daily lives.They were needed for their ritual ceremonies, hunting trips, as well as the initiation of boys and girls into women and men.

In ancient times, the mask is not always represented one thing, how we see it.Archeologists say that often these things were hats.Also, our ancestors wore them

in his mouth or in his hands.There were even the costumes, masks that hide under a one to several dozen people.

Modern life

Now the mask is used much less frequently.They can be found in theaters, masquerades, matinees at schools and kindergartens.Another area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication are performances, shows, and some cultural institutions, which requires a visit to the subject's wardrobe.

"Masks" -tatu are especially in demand among people of all ages.In the human body such an image can be found anywhere.The interpretation of it is very simple.

value tattoo

Tattoo "Masks" are of particular importance.In general, they talk about the duality of human nature, the hypocrisy and deceit.However, at the same time it allows the mask to show the existence in each of us a mysterious inner world.Users theatrical spheres are investing in it a certain value, which relates to their work.

Venice, Hollywood, theater and mask Chania are the most popular types.Tattoo "Masks" may have a different value.Attention is paid to all the small elements that are usually quite a few tattoos.They are fascinating for their originality and attractiveness.

"Masks" -tatu demand by creative people.They allow you to unveil the mysteries of the human personality.Small parts can tell a lot about it, if you understand their significance.