Values ​​tattoo "eye" and tattoo

Surely, everyone had heard that the eyes - not that other, as the mirror of the soul.Tattoo "eye" on the body of people did long ago.Each nation gave them different meanings.For example, Africans considered it a symbol of intimidation, and the Egyptians combined it with the notion of invincibility and rebirth.Tattoo "eye" in conjunction with the sign of infinity at all times was considered a symbol of immortality.

tattoo as a talisman

Since ancient times happened that tattoo "eye" can be for each individual kind of talisman.It protects against the evil eye and to spoiling.

It is believed that through the pupils of the eyes in our body and the soul falls.It is very important to protect the infiltration and the demons that it was possible, according to our ancestors.That tattoo "eye" became a kind of barrier to this.

Egyptian Eye

In today's world one of the most popular tattoo "eye" was exactly "Eye of Ra".It is a symbol of the power of the monarch, serves as a protective amulet.

should be understood that the "eye" (tattoo) the value of their acquired not by accident.It involves one extraordinary Egyptian legend.It tells the story of woe - the god of ancient Egypt falcon head.His parents were Osiris and Isis.

Appearance god was quite unusual.His right eye symbolized the sun, and the left - the moon.When his father was killed by a mountain of one of his sons - Seth, Gore decided to take revenge for his death, and left the battle won, but lost an eye.His collected Thoth - Egyptian god of wisdom.He handed it to Gore as an amulet, which subsequently helped resurrect Osiris.

This simple legend led to the fact that "the Egyptian eye" (tattoo) has acquired a special significance.Now he is a symbol of healing and protection.I wonder what is really the value of this object is much deeper than it may seem at first glance.It is a generalized reflection of human feelings and abilities to help you explore the world.These include:

  • smell;
  • thinking;
  • touch;
  • vision;
  • taste;
  • hearing.

Tattoo Eye

Along with tattoos became popular to use and tattooing.Its main advantage lies in the fact that women are becoming more eyes bright and expressive, and also eliminates the need for regular applying makeup.

Eye Tattoo "arrow" is useful in all situations.This makeup is not spoiled by rain or wind, it is useful on vacation or in the pool, allow the morning to look feminine.

Of course, we must understand that this procedure is not very cheap.However, permanent makeup is kept in front of more than 5 years, which will pay the stated price in full.

arrows for tattoo eyes are the most popular option.They allow you to transform any girl beyond recognition.Choices are quite a lot.It can be bright and thick arrows, and may be tender and flavorful.The color scheme is also quite diverse and includes all shades of black and brown.Color tattoo is also beginning to be in demand and popularity.However, not all the girls dare make a make-up of the same color for five years.