Chicano tattoo, or the style of modern

One of the newest trends in the art of tattooing is considered Chicano.This style has come to us from Latin America.Domestic masters are just beginning to comprehend the basics of it.However, at this stage it obtained masterpieces.

little history

The name "Chicano" implies a Hispanics.They are about two centuries ago, settled in the United States.

Chicano tattoos have become a full-fledged styles underwear painting nearly half a century ago.Then they had a criminal, gangster sense.That is why the people were the prerogative of the prisons.Initially, it was little known variants of tattoos, but with the increasing demand, there were many possible variations.

What is

Chicano tattoo is a classic illustration.For their execution is allowed to use only black pigment, as well as its shades.Among the major themes can be identified:

1. Women.Generally, these motives were in demand in many styles of tattoos.Chicano tattoo is no exception.Women can be seen on the bodies of those who faced life wit

h them rarely, namely sailors, criminals.

2. Religion.In spite of all sins, many people who are in prison, are pious.That is why the religious theme in demand.Most often these are images of Jesus, his mother, a variety of crosses and angels.For the people they represent amulet that can not be taken away.And this is very important.

3. Gangster paraphernalia.It may include weapons, dice, clowns, cards or money.Such a tattoo done with the sole purpose - to determine the man belongs to any group.

4. Records.The value of Chicano tattoo can be direct.These include a memorable date or inscriptions.They are of value only for a particular person, so to determine their overall value is hard enough.And it does not have to be a date.Similarly, option would be the image of the child after its birth.


In general, the value of these tattoos is interpreted as loyalty to his family and chosen path, to follow religious laws, the conviction of their own principles.This style is a separate, but this does not prevent him to mutate, becoming more modern.Now Chicano tattoo sketches which may include shades of gray and black, are real masterpieces.

Now, thanks to modern technology, such figures can be made unique works of art that are in many ways superior made in prison.However, the main features of Chicano reserved.This slim and elegant lines, concise and contrast.You can not create a tattoo of this style in different colors, or their meaning will be lost.

Each artist will be able to provide unique designs.Variations create a Chicano tattoo quite a lot, so choose a few.It is important to figure reflects your thoughts, desires and priorities, you really liked and consistent principles of life.Chicano - a great opportunity to prove himself.