Sugar paste shugaring: reviews

Currently, there are many options for removing unwanted body hair.One of the most popular ways to become shugaring depilation - removal of excess hair on all parts of the body using sugar paste.

story of

There are two versions shugaring appearance, and both of them have come in our time from the ancient times.

In the first version, the founder of caramel or sugar, hair removal has become a beautiful Nefertiti, wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten, who ruled from about 1351 by 1334 BC.Nefertiti not only in life, but a few centuries later, was considered the standard of female beauty.

Maids Nefertiti was applied to the skin Sugar paste shugaring then removed by grabbing all the hairs growing on it.

In the second version, shugaring appeared in modern times of ancient Persia.According to the traditions of the time whether there is any hair on the body of a woman was considered a great shame.Hence, the second name of this procedure - Persian depilation.

Advantages of depilation sugar paste

  1. efficiency.Hair length may not exceed 1-2 mm.In carrying out this procedure also removes the skin and ingrown hairs, and sugar paste shugaring can be applied to the same area several times, without causing irritation.
  2. painless.When conducting shugaring practically no pain as the hair is removed in the direction of their growth.Sugar paste does not stick to the skin and does not remove the top layer of living cells.
  3. hypoallergenic.Thanks to a 100% natural composition does not cause allergies, the main components of the paste are water, glucose and fructose.It does not include colorants, flavors and perfumes, so it does not cause skin irritation and redness.
  4. Comfort.Sugar paste shugaring heated to a temperature of 37-38 degrees, which eliminates the possibility of skin burns.
  5. lasting effect.After several treatments shugaring intensity of hair growth decreases as the hair follicles are depleted.
  6. Sustainability.The composition of the paste is natural and harmless to the body.
  7. Hygiene.Sugar, which is part of the paste, has an antibacterial effect and prevents the development of bacteria on the skin surface.
  8. economy.One tablespoon of the paste is sufficient to remove the hair on the entire surface of the body.
  9. Practicality.Suitable for people suffering from varicose veins and diabetes.

Operating principle shugaring

Before the procedure, hair removal sugar paste shugaring heated to human body temperature.At this temperature, the probability of getting burned skin is reduced to zero.

preheated mass is applied in the direction of hair growth and removed in this direction.With this hair follicles removed with no break off and will not grow into the skin.

Pasta uniform motion is moved from one area of ​​the skin on the other, capturing and removing the hair on its entire surface.

Because it is composed of fructose and glucose, the skin is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, and it reduces the risk of complications to a minimum.

addition to removing all unwanted hair on the skin, sugar paste shugaring removes the upper horny layer of skin, which is easy to peel.Leather after such procedure becomes more smooth, smooth and soft.

Varieties of sugar paste

If you spend depilation ready to use pastes, it is important to know what criteria they are separated.Typically, they differ in their consistency.

  • Soft type .In appearance and density of it is similar to fresh nezasaharenny honey.To carry out waxing with this kind of paste required even further strip of special paper.On the skin once applied layer of sugar paste, then applied paper strip, pressed tightly to the body and jerk off with stuck hairs.This method is similar to waxing.It is usually applied to areas of skin with soft hairs.According to reviews, depilation sugar paste shugaring soft type is the most painful.
  • Middle type .This type of pasta can be easily found on sale, it is considered to be universal.It is suitable for removing both rigid and soft hair on all parts of the body.In a frozen pasta has a sufficiently dense consistency, and before you start it is necessary to heat up in the microwave or in voskosplave.
  • dense type .In solid form it is the same as the previous paste and remains in a heated thicker in consistency.Designed for the removal of coarse hair in the bikini area and underarms.

differences paste composition

these species are only two:

  • made on the basis of sugar;
  • -Making based on fructose and glucose.

Both the form of pastes is considered natural, the only difference is the proportion of the components incorporated into them.If sugar is added in an arbitrary amount to obtain the desired weight, the fructose and glucose only in a certain ratio.And the choice to purchase is always for the buyer.

Options for shugaring

order to look after their skin and get rid of unwanted body hair, you can go to a beauty salon where professionals will offer several types of hair removal to choose from - wax, sugar paste, waxing and others.

Among the proposed types of sugar paste shugaring (reviews are always positive about it) will be the most convenient and almost painless.It does not take a lot of time, and its implementation does not require any prior training.

can carry out such a procedure depilation and at home.It's enough to buy or cook sugar paste shugaring own.

set of components for its preparation is always there at every housewife in the kitchen.

list of ingredients for cooking

you need 10 tablespoons of sugar (no slides), 4 tablespoons of water, juice of ½ lemon squeezed.In the absence of lemon can replace ½ spoons citric acid.

cooking process

To outcome of the procedure was successful, you need high-quality sugar paste shugaring.Prepare it can only be in a saucepan with a thick or double bottom.In another case, the mixture will burn, and out of nothing.

in the right container to mix sugar and water, put on a small fire and, stirring constantly, cook until sugar is dissolved.When the sugar is completely melted, you add lemon juice or citric acid.To fully squeezed lemon juice, it can be placed for 30 seconds in a microwave oven at maximum power.

Cook resulting mixture for 3-5 minutes, stirring constantly.It must acquire the color of light beer.Remove mixture from heat and cool to the desired temperature, a willingness to try it.To do this, take a small portion of the mix and roll it into a ball.If it sticks to the fingers spread and holds its shape, so not ready, and it is still cooks.According to reviews

woman preparing pasta shugaring home, the quality is not inferior on already purchased in the store.

If you do not want to mess around with the preparation of the required mixtures, can be ordered sugar paste shugaring any type of home delivery.