" Vichy ideal" for the eyes : customer reviews .How effective cream for the skin around the eyes " Vichy ideals" ?

freshness face, his aesthetic perception is largely dependent on the state of the area around the eyes.Today developed many cosmetic means to organize a complete care of this area.The most popular brand of innovative drug "Vichy", which is part of the series "ideals."The range of funds is designed for those women who used to take care of yourself, but not willing to spend a lot of time.


Below are the main characteristics of a cream intended for the care of the area around the eyes.

skin type, age

According to the manufacturer, the cream-fluid "Vichy ideal" suitable for all ages and all skin types.The main functions of money are as smoothing and micro-relief, the fight against manifestations of stress and fatigue, smoothing wrinkles and reducing pigmentation.As a result, the skin becomes shiny, fade dark circles and irritation.


Cream considered innovative design and brand has a unique pearly texture.By becoming part of the daily care of it, layer by layer, helping to

create the perfect look.With such an easy means of consistency is easily absorbed and does not form a sticky, remove the layer.Mother of pearl particles instantly transform the skin around the eyes.

best fluid for sensitive skin - "Ideally Vichy┬╗

Eye Cream is claimed to be hypoallergenic, which is important for women with sensitive skin prone to irritation.The product contains thermal water, which is gentle on the epidermis, moisturizes and removes signs of fatigue.Cream without paraben.

Women of means of a series of "Vichy ideal" eye responses were as follows:

  • For dry skin cream is not suitable, as has the lack of hydration.It is convenient to use in the daytime, when they begin to manifest signs of fatigue, but nothing more.
  • In relation to sensitive skin means "Vichy Ideally," proved to be surprisingly good.It does not cause any irritation, redness, and other troubles.Makeup after application goes smoothly, without slipping.

Innovative Components

As part of the active components are represented.This polyphenols, vitamins, AHA, transforms the skin day after day, as evidenced by dermatological tests.Radiance provides DRM-complex, and caffeine helps to tone the epidermis.

effective means is provided in such a way:

  • Caffeine - eliminates the bags reduces swelling, has a calming effect.Contour eye becomes more expressive.
  • DRM-bright-complex provides radiance, makes the skin lighter.
  • Protsistein - fights with pigment spots and gives moisture.
  • Vitamin C - has a rejuvenating effect, increases the number of fibroblasts, smooths wrinkles.
  • Vitamin E - allows you to get a deep antioxidant effect.

Further consideration should be given, which earned the cream "Vichy ideal" eye feedback on their texture and composition:

  • After applying the fluid is absorbed immediately.If you hold a hand under his eyes, he's going to lumps.Makeup is better to put in 15 minutes after using, otherwise it may turn out unsuccessful.
  • composition means "Vichy ideal" for the eyes of unique.No brand offers such creams for the eye area.

What can be achieved results

manufacturer claims that after the first month of applying the cream you can expect the following results:

  • smoothing of skin micro-relief;
  • eliminate dark circles under the eyes;
  • disappear redness, stabilizes the process of pigmentation;
  • even sensitive skin gets spotless and shining;
  • fresh and smooth complexion.

anti-aging effect is revealed as the elimination of "crow's feet" around the eyes, sagging skin of the upper eyelid.

Effectiveness exposure cream "Vichy ideal" for the eyes (reviews that fully comply) varies among women of different age groups:

  • Fluid allows you to get great results on the young and more mature skin (from 20 to 45 years), but in older ageit can be used only as extra care.
  • Cream gives the optical transformation after the first application - look looks fresh and radiant.In addition, the fine lines are aligned, but the smoothing of deeper formations, however."Vichy ideal" for the eyes, the price is high enough, can be used up to 35 years, continue to need more textural treatment.

How to use

cream is applied to cleansed skin in the morning and evening hours.The affected area extends from the nose to the temples.The skin is smooth and thin layer through a special applicator.Complete care possible with light tapping fingertips.


cream is packed in a soft plastic tube pearly pink color (15 ml).The tool is equipped with a special applicator.Apply silicone fluid tip so convenient and safe.It excludes the possibility of stretching or mikrotravmirovaniya skin.

If certain sum up, we can indicate what is the cream "Vichy ideal" eye responses in women who are accustomed to use premium cosmetics:

  • Cream is instantly absorbed, leaving no greasy, sticky.The fine wrinkles are smoothed out, and the larger become less pronounced.For single use must be a small amount, so it can be considered economical.The texture is very soft and has a pleasant aroma.
  • skin becomes attractive, fresh, young."Ideally," it allows you to organize the most proper care of the area around the eyes, with no significant cost.After a few applications, leaving signs of fatigue, bags under the eyes, and after a month of daily use, you can experience the full action.
  • means a series of "Vichy ideal" eye does not always live up to expectations.If the bags under the eyes and other skin problems are formed due to poor health and poor lifestyle, do not look for a miracle.Effectively, when the imperfections caused by the negative reaction to cosmetics, fatigue starting age-related changes.

How effective is an innovative treatment for an eye?

effective means depends on many individual characteristics, inherent in every woman.Although positioned as a care cream, designed for all skin types, it is not for everyone.

can only lead some average results, which were achieved by women after one month of daily use means:

  • smoothing of wrinkles - 11% (from 100% of subjects);
  • eliminating dark circles and puffiness - 32%;
  • light and fresh appearance - 75%.

When using cream biological effect is achieved and implemented optical effect.The product combines the properties of the dampening fluid and decorative concealer that gives the eye area beautiful and well maintained appearance.

The average cost of a tube is 1130 rubles.

Instead of conclusion

Cosmetologists are advised not to go on about the advertising campaigns that unfold the big brands.Even a universal remedy is not for everyone and can cause a number of problems.