Compass - tattoo for good luck

Compass is indispensable on the road.Perhaps that is why many avid travelers adorn their bodies with colorful tattoos with his image.Compass - a tattoo, which makes not only the romantically-minded strangers, but also sailors, fishermen, soldiers.And recently the symbol is increasingly applied to their bodies enthusiastic young people whose hearts begin to beat faster at the thought of the adventures.

Compass: tattoo ancient history

why even today so popular tattoo with the image of a compass?The answer to this question is securely hidden behind a thin mist of salty coastal fog.One thing is clear for sure: the fashion for such symbolism definitely imposed experienced sea wolves.

In those days, when even think about the GPS was difficult, captains can navigate in the sea only by the stars and the compass.And it was his sailors loaded onto your body as an amulet that brings good luck and you do not wish to go astray.

certain it is not known who and when first painted on their skin compass - tattoo

.However, it ascertained that the breeches "painting" was popular at the Spanish conquistadors and the Celtic Warriors.The latter, incidentally, is portrayed on their bodies a special compass - runichny.Tattoos of this kind made to never stray from the right path.And now the sacred tattoos do not lose their relevance.On the shoulder of the famous singer Bjork, for example, have long been adorned the runic compass.

few words about the significance of this tattoo

Several hundred years ago, a sailor put on your body compass to be reliable talisman that will come back from a long voyage unscathed.But what is nowadays a romantic girl at heart fills on his thin wrist compass?Tattoo such a plan is a huge amount of values, and each of them - individually.

Decorated tattoo depicting a compass people believe that their mascot is capable of much:

  • protected from the ills of life;
  • instruct on the right path;
  • supporting the right solution in a difficult situation;
  • help to return home from every trip;
  • give hope for the future.

And yet today's young people are more likely to get a tattoo for one reason only - because of the sincere love of art.

I want to stuff your compass (tattoo).Sketches of where to get?

A person seriously think about the tattoo, there are two options: find a finished sketch in the network and come with him to the master or to start to find an artist who will create an individual pattern.Each of these options is good in its own way.

Indeed, the Internet today, you can find a huge number of sketches, drawings and photographs of tattoos already made.But in this case the individuality underwear painting will have to forget, after all, the same picture may like very many people.

If we turn to the artist, it can be asked to draw a special compass - tattoo.Sketches in this case, the network has never exhibited.However, the artist's work is worth the money, sometimes considerable.

Whichever of these paths you choose, think carefully before seeking to master.If you change your mind or drawing you cease to please, it will be difficult to remove a tattoo.