Massage banks of cellulite at home.

Cellulite for a woman - this is one of the most difficult problems.Get rid of him harder than overweight, because "orange peel" can be formed even in the lady that does not have any particular problems of overweight.A girl can faithfully stick to the diet, exercise and even eventually decrease in volume, but to see that the problem areas still remain bumpy.The fact that the "orange peel" - is no extra weight, and the liquid which is stagnant in the subcutaneous layers.For such a struggle requires a different approach.For example, today it became popular to massage the banks of cellulite at home.But how to perform this procedure and reviews what they say girls who have experienced this method?

suitable ointment

At the very beginning is to buy massage oil.Anti-cellulite cream or another are not suitable for this procedure, because they are quickly absorbed, the body becomes dry, and the bank or can not create a vacuum, or ceases to slide on the body.Special tool can be purchased at the pharmacy, or if

you want to - do it yourself.For example, olive can add a few drops of essential oil, but not too much so as not to damage the skin.Good use of sesame oil or derived from apricot pits.

Preparing the body for the procedure

to banks by the cellulite massage at home gave the desired result, you should adhere to the following order.At first take the normal, and then douche.Firstly, the skin should be clean.Secondly - the well-heated.And thirdly, the vessels have to be prepared for intense exposure.To this end, it is desirable to use the body scrub.The skin should be well wiped with a towel.In place of the massage oil is applied.And these areas are ground hands hot.Or make a gentle massage with your fingers.Incidentally, it is worth noting that the quality douche reduce the risk of microtrauma.

Instructions for use of cans

Next cellulite massage performed by banks in the home.How do the procedure, to see the result?To this end, the bank is taken from the bottom edge of the oil greased and lightly squeezed his fingers on the sides, in such a way it brings to the body and touch it.Unclench his hand, and at this moment the skin is pulled and in a vacuum.Begin slide banks on the problem area.It should remain cautious.It is important not to squash the first bank.Otherwise the skin will be tightened too.And then the massage will be very painful, it will be unpleasant to pull the body when moving banks and will sinyaki.Nash tool should relatively easy to slide, but at the same time it is necessary to pain symptoms were present.If they do not, the effect will be weak.Also massage banks (cellulite) in the home require special vigilance.If only a few seconds to stay in one place, you are guaranteed to get a bruise that will hurt.Therefore, once the bank's body touched, immediately proceed to massage without interruption until its separation from the surface.

scheme of the procedure

Perform banks cellulite massage at home should be checked by the scheme, so as not to cause harm.First, let's remember that all actions are carried out smoothly and slowly.Massage on the hips make up and down on my stomach - clockwise without touching the navel.Bank leans against the skin around the stomach and begin to drive.Also being worked waist region in a "bottom-up".The radius can vary.By the buttocks banks cling hardest and often do not stick.Therefore, it is important to take the position to fold under the ass straightened.To do this, you can put your foot on a chair, bending the knee.

graduating from massage, hand massage this place while moving banks.The first procedure is better to make a short, only five movements in every area of ​​the problem area.Subsequent massages should not exceed 10 minutes exposure time to a single skin site.

anchoring effect

Once will be held by banks from cellulite massage for weight loss, can be treated with Zone tightly wrap with cling film and let stand about half an hour so.If it does not just sit around and do fitness, the effect is amplified.After this procedure, excess fluid will come out and will remain under the film.After graduating from such therapy, be sure to apply anti-cellulite cream.Perform the massage is recommended in a day, the course may be different - from ten times up to a month.The changes will become noticeable after about four treatments.

What else you need to take into account

also to the banks of cellulite massage at home was really effective, it must be conducted in conjunction with the sport.But it is equally important not to neglect the principles of a healthy diet.In addition, during a procedure it is desirable to guard against use which comprise pepper, ginger and citrus components.The skin already exposed to severe and aggressive products such contribute to irritation.During the procedure, the bank can "come off."It says that you are too weak it tightened before attaching to the body smeared or bad small.It is also important not to forget that this massager not drive under the knee and inner thigh (there are many lymph nodes).


sort out how to do cupping massage at home, is to know and its contraindications.Primarily, this technique is not suitable for women with highly sensitive skin.They better give preference to manual massage and contrasting soul.In exacerbations of illness or colds this therapy unacceptable.Women during childbearing and after birth (1.5 months). Nor should carry out this procedure.People who have venous thrombosis, varicose veins and similar vascular disease, also can not be engaged Cup massage.In addition, the presence of other pathologies, inflammations and infections should be careful and seek the advice of a physician.Do not forget that health is more important, so it's best to play it safe.

Choice cans

Before procedures, of course, is to buy the banks of cellulite.Massage at home with the wrong tools will bring only discomfort.Between themselves, the banks may be different materials and cost.The most inexpensive - it is glass, but after them very often are bruised.To create a vacuum inside the jar for 10 seconds put a burning cotton fakelok.To avoid burns, you should make sure that the glass was not too hot.Also massagers of this material are rubber nozzle that can compress and create a vacuum.Another option - is to buy a jar latex, which is suitable for delicate body.It is a bit expensive, but easier to use.Also found in pharmacies such silicone massagers, bamboo, rubber.In addition, the invented more expensive devices with magnetic suction cups, which are simplified and do not require squeezing fingers.The most popular and favorite are silicone.Each product must always be accompanied by instructions, following which can be effectively used for massage banks.

«Miracle-bank": customer reviews, pros and cons

Many women already experience the this anti-cellulite agent.Some of them used the "miracle-Bank" daily on 15 minutes for a few months and were satisfied with the result.This girl tried to grab the skin is not much to do but bruises.The result became obvious after only a couple of weeks, with the sides of the waist and began to go the extra inches.But other reviews say that after using these cans girls remained on the feet first bruises and a few days later appeared capillary network, which has not gone.There is also an opinion that massage relieves banks of cellulite, but not 100%.But these are the cases where the fight against this problem in the past did not help much.These women carried out the procedure for prevention.

advantages and disadvantages

Like any other method to get rid of cellulite, it also has its advantages and weaknesses.The advantages include the efficiency of the procedure, ease of implementation and low cost materials.Also at the event will leave a lot of time, and with proper execution on the body will be left bruises.

Disadvantages of the method include the following points:

  • Not suitable for use in the summer as there are redness after the procedure, and at inept use of bruises.
  • Present pain.Their intensity depends on the strength of squeezing the banks and the pain threshold of the individual.
  • If there is a predisposition to varicose veins, you may see a grid of capillaries, which does not pass.
  • In some parts of the body to conduct an independent massage is quite difficult.

And finally, it is worth noting that the result depends on how long you suffer from cellulite, as well as your perseverance.Also, do not forget about the active life and nature walks.