Is it possible to wipe face by hydrogen peroxide: the opinions of experts and methods of use

no limit to female beauty.What just not going the fair sex, wanting to look even more attractive.In this article, we will focus on all known antiseptic.You will know whether it is possible to wipe face by hydrogen peroxide.The views of experts on this subject very interesting.You find out what the most popular recipes masks for face cleaning with hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide

This tool is used in all health care settings.Also, this antiseptic is very popular in homes where there are small children.Unlike zelenki or iodine, hydrogen peroxide does not cause discomfort when applied to the skin.Also, the solution does not have a color, you can not fear that it will damage the clothes.In addition, the hydrogen peroxide is applied to the open wound, pretty funny foams and sizzles.This process is like the children, so they are happy to agree to handle their cuts and abrasions.

Hydrogen peroxide great fights bacteria and various contaminants.It is able to stop the bleeding is not strong burst of

blood vessels.Unlike iodine solution can be applied directly to the wound.

it possible to wipe face by hydrogen peroxide?

experts do not give a clear answer to this question.Doctors say that it is necessary to consider each situation individually.One person may be appointed as the tool for use on the face, the other completely contraindicated this procedure.So, try to figure out whether it is possible to wipe face by hydrogen peroxide or not.

ban such treatment

Absolutely can not handle skin similar solution to those people who are prone to allergic reactions.Remember that an aqueous solution of peroxide disinfects and dries much.That is why the use of such funds is to give women with thin, dry, dehydrated skin.Otherwise, you can achieve an unexpected effect.

Permitted use peroxide face

it possible to wipe face by hydrogen peroxide to other people, not belonging to the above categories?Experts give a positive answer to this question.Many cosmetologists peroxide is used for deep cleansing facial.For a start they are preparing the so-called cleansing mask.Very rarely used directly rubbing aqueous peroxide skin.

Remember that before using the tool, make sure no allergies.This can put a small amount of solution on the inside of the elbow.Then you have to wait at least twelve hours and evaluate the result.Never skip this step.You do not want to get into a terrible allergic rash on your face?

Peroxide face: application

aqueous peroxide solution perfectly disinfects and dries the skin.Also, the tool is able to whiten your face.Many cosmetologists recommend using the solution to fight acne, black spots and freckles.There are several ways to use hydrogen peroxide for the face.Consider them.

Purification of blackheads

If you want to get rid of blackheads and clogged pores, the peroxide will help you with this.Use it should be as follows.

Preheat the skin over a steam bath.Once expanded pores, take sponge, pour it little peroxide aqueous solution.Wipe your face and wait for two minutes.Then you have to wash off makeup with clean water and apply a moisturizing mask or softening.Use this recipe can be no more than once a week.In a month you will notice that the black dots on the face was much smaller.

bleaching freckles and skin

If you want to get rid of pigmentation or even make a lighter skin tone, the peroxide would be ideal for this.In contrast, creams and masks, this solution operates almost instantaneously.

you need the following facial mask: hydrogen peroxide in the amount of one tablespoon, one egg yolk, 50 grams of soft cheese.Mix all ingredients and apply makeup on cleansed face.Wait fifteen minutes and rinse.Facial cleansing with hydrogen peroxide can be carried out no more than twice a week.The mask not only whiten your skin and make it smoother and more radiant.

Getting rid of acne

If your face has red inflamed areas, then you can get rid of them using hydrogen peroxide.In this case, you do not need to prepare a mask or pre-treat the face with steam.Just dip a cotton swab into the solution and apply a dot means acne.

Wait for the complete drying of the solution and start his own business.Such a composition can not wash away all day.Within one week of daily use of the solution, you will notice the difference.A person will be more smooth and healthy, and will disappear acne inflammation.

Price category drug

What is the cost of hydrogen peroxide?The price depends on the region in which you live and how much gain solution.Packaging 50 ml will cost you an average of 30 to 50 rubles.

If you buy in large quantities of hydrogen peroxide, the price can be proportionately higher.For example, 100 milliliters of funds worth about 70 rubles.

Spend wisely facial treatment.Do not overdo it with hydrogen peroxide.Be healthy and beautiful!