Reflective film on the windows: description, advantages, methods of application

Surely all people enjoy the warm sun.However, in some cases, its scorching rays can deliver a person the discomfort and cause vomiting.Protect yourself from bright light can only be in a cool place.But here people can trap rays, making their way through the windows.What do you do in this case?For quite a long time mankind began to use such a thing as a reflective film.On the windows of the houses, car windows, stained-glass windows of buildings and other vertical transparent surface applied to the element.That's about it and will be discussed in the article.

reflective film on the windows

What is this device?This coating has a rather thin and fragile structure.However, it is able to withstand high temperature fluctuations and protect you from the scorching rays of more than one season.

Currently, when installing windows the owner may wish to purchase a special coating that reflects the sun's rays and does not allow the sun to penetrate into the room.It should be noted that this service is not c

heap.Where practical to use a special protective film, which, if desired, can be easily removed from the glass.

Pros such remedies

reflective film on the windows is the most affordable means of protection from the scorching rays.It has many advantages.Consider them.

  • Ability to save objects in the room.Surely we all know that hot sun is able to destroy and discolor the surface.Sun protection film for windows protect your wall coverings, floor and furniture from fading.
  • possible savings.This accessory allows you to not only save money on window coverings, but also save electricity.You no longer have to constantly "chasing" air conditioning or fan.
  • reflective film on the windows can improve the well-being of people in the room.This is especially true of large offices.The efficiency is increased, and the person becomes more cheerful.
  • Security.If for some reason it happens destruction of the glass coating film that protects you from damage.Fragments do not scatter in different directions, and safely remain on the surface of the self-adhesive.
  • protection from prying eyes.If your room has no curtains, the sun protection film for windows is an ideal option for protection against others.After gluing the web you can not see from the street.The only exceptions are cases when the room light is turned on, and the window was dark.

Price category goods

As mentioned above, such an accessory is a pretty budget option.It has a different cost reflective film.The price depends on the density of the material and its size.For example, one package coating on standard dvuhstekolnoe window has a price range of 10 to 50 rubles.This purchase will last you all summer and may fall to winter.

When buying more expensive and dense material (70-100 rubles for two glasses), the film will serve you for years.If you have a large coverage area (for the stained-glass windows and office space), the product will cost a bit more expensive.It all depends on the preferences of the buyer.

method of using

Depending on the type of product, method of application may be different.Thus, self-adhesive reflective film applied to the glass is very simple.You only need to remove the packaging, expand coverage and cut off the right piece.Then release the adhesive edge and attach to the vehicle frame.

If you purchased a simple sun protection film for windows that does not have the sticky element, then you can paste it in another way.Prepare a soap solution.You can use liquid soap or plain bar, grated using a trowel.Dissolve the work item in the water and equipped with a sponge.Soap solution and wipe the window quickly attach cover.While the film is not completely stuck, you gently to release air bubbles.This can be done very simply with a thin needle.Pierce the center of the cluster air and push it with your fingers.

remove an accessory is usually not too difficult.The film (reflective) self-adhesive easily torn off from the frame.If you purchased a budget option, sometimes the coating can adhere tightly to the glass.In this case, it can be easily removed with alcohol-based window cleaner.


Now you know what a reflective film for windows.When you purchase the material is always consider the size of the window and how much you want to use the cover.Apply the protective surface on the glass even when the room is air-conditioned.The film will create a sense of cool and protect you from harmful UV rays.