Buggies: rating (see photo).

appearance of the baby in the family - not just a joyful event, but rather troublesome.This is especially true of the first children when parents lose inexperienced head of the whole variety of toys, clothing, furniture and other accessories presented in the shops.

first vehicle the child almost from birth becomes a stroller.Pediatricians advise to start walking with a baby at the age of two weeks, so the purchase of much-needed items to be concerned in advance.

During the first year of life, it's best mom and the baby will be a traditional stroller, crib.If you do not need to combine several functions (carrycot, car seat and walk), you will not regret means a large stroller.

inside should be enough space to walk during the winter warm overalls baby fits easily into most basket.Pay attention to the hood and the possibility of raising the back - when the baby grows up, it will be interesting to watch the world go by.In this case the parents do not have to study at breakneck speed rating strollers,

"stick" of which it is the most convenient.


Closer to 7 months babies learn to sit.Kids at this age like to consider everything from the height of your chair - and it is time to replace the wheelchair.Your child is almost asleep on the walks, which means you spend more time on the playground with swings and sandbox.

Almost all mothers subconsciously want the baby quickly matured.They begin to wonder buggies which rating can be viewed on the forums for parents.Tips on choosing the best producers, prices - these are the issues that are widely discussed.It should be noted that the cost of carriage is quite high, and many do not want to spend money for nothing.


attend before buying buggies (rating, reviews of which are well represented on the Internet) to think of the true function of the vehicle.

first and the only reason - it's easy.Wheelchair formed in a matter of seconds, so it may not be very severe.Usually, the weight of such vehicles is not more than ten kilograms.

important advantage of the cane - maneuverability.The frame supports four pairs of wheels, which, depending on the model can be swiveled by 360 degrees with the lock or fixed.When choosing sure to pay attention to the width of the seat, as many parents do not abandon this vehicle, even when the baby reaches kindergarten age.

So, have already decided that the kid needed carriage-cane?Rating the world's producers of children's brands you exactly come in handy.

Maclaren - choice of experienced moms

famous worldwide brand Maclaren has nothing to do with luxury cars.The history of the British company dates back to 1965, when aircraft designer Owen Maclaren created the first mobile carriage.

Maclaren products are of high quality and an incredible range of colors, the creation of which involved famous designers.First place in the hearts of mothers take buggies, and the ranking of the best ones we are now present.

English favorite Techno XLR

Model Techno XLR boasts the rich set.In addition, passengers receive a small clutch leg, which will come in handy in the winter months, rain, reversible mattress, mosquito net and a removable headrest.

manufacturer has provided four position backrest.If your baby is not yet a year old, and you want to have "seats" on a lighter stroller, then sleep on the street is not ruled out.

Maclaren takes care of security, and all products are equipped with a comfortable five-point harness that securely fix the child and does not interfere, even during sleep.In addition, the model provides XLR reflective elements, reliable brake and non-slip handles.

Techno Color series is represented by five variants.In addition to the stroller, you can choose the accessories: a bag and funny bumper covers on the handle.

Peg-Perego Travel

Best carriage-cane (the rating is made according to customer brand Peg-Perego) Travel - Peg-Perego Pliko Mini.Three position backrest, bed 87 cm and a five-point belts - new vehicle will love the kid.

small cane folded easily fit into the trunk of a car and weighs 5.7 kilograms.Swivel front wheels are responsible for mobility, and even the most fragile mother will easily move from Pliko Mini.For trips abroad simply become indispensable carriage-cane.Rating indicates that the model is Peg-Perego is the most popular.Fourteen bright colors - here with a choice of just have to suffer.

from an authorized dealer of the Italian manufacturer, you can also purchase additional accessories.For younger children needed bumper, because it attached toys and the airplane will not be more than a special case.

Designers for Peg-Perego

Italian buggies, rating is quite high in Russia, suitable for babies from six months.The ideal situation is considered to be a model of the design line Martinelli.

back is controlled in three positions, including horizontal.It is possible to install the frame sticks brand car seats.This model is more solid and weighs 10.5 kg.For the convenience of parents and the height of the handles may vary.

Options Pliko P3 includes a large cape to his feet, the net for shopping and a raincoat.An indispensable accessory for the Russian winter - warm mittens, which are suitable for a normal wheelchair for models such as buggies, ranking the best of them are also represented in the Network.

3 in 1 by Chicco

Stroller-transformers with the mechanism of cane produced only a few producers, and one of them - the Italian brand Chicco.Young parents are choosing these options because of convenience: at once you get a cradle for the first time, for the car seat and the walking option.If you travel frequently with a small child inevitable, then the model Trio Living Smart will be the best assistant.

On the other hand this is the most functional stroller seat unit, as in the other two are not so many places, and in the case of a large baby winter overalls and the operation is equal to a few months.Still interested Chicco stroller-cane?Rating and expert advice to help weigh the "pros" and "against."

apparent advantage of Living Smart is the ability to rotate the seat.If you prefer to always have eye contact with the child, change of position will help in this.Wheelchair performed according to European standards, which guarantee the safety of small passenger at various maneuvers.Raincoat and branded bag included Italian transformer.

cane at a reasonable price

Nowadays buggies (ranking of the best of them were for several decades) is no longer considered a luxury.Many mothers understand what is comfortable and maneuverable vehicle worth the money that he asked for manufacturers.

quality reed will last several years and will be a legacy of a brother or sister.But there is one sure way to save money when buying a stroller.Do not try to buy the new products, but rather pay attention to the remains of the old collections in stores.Such instances of network children's boutiques selling at deep discounts.


In recent years, in choosing buggies rating of "Infinity" is breaking all records.Excellent quality wheelchairs in combination with affordable prices continues to win the approval of the majority of mothers.Compared with the above products manufacturer Infinity will cost about five thousand cheaper.

Classic model Triumph boasts robust construction and a large seat for the baby.Four positions back, hood with window, comfortable armrests and the bumper - in a wheelchair to be comfortable in any weather.The stick is equipped with a filter against UV light, a cape for legs and a raincoat.

for double

If you have a family double happiness, do not rush to give up dreams of maneuvering a wheelchair.I doubt that there will be convenient for you to buggies?Picture rating says otherwise.

Many manufacturers produce cane for twins, but the palm belongs to an experienced brand Maclaren.Interestingly, the model Twin Techno XT only two kilos heavier than the classic single "Walk".Even a fragile woman is conveniently controlled with a sidecar.

headboards and footboards two halves are regulated separately, which is especially important if the kids regimes slightly different from each other.Experts baby brand, thanks to the five position backrest, it is advised to use a wheelchair from the first days of life.In this case, it is necessary to take care of warm envelopes.

model for twins are also presented in the line of the Italian brand Inglesina.Twin Swift is equipped with an additional handle in the middle, through which control the stroller more easily.Suitable for children from 6 months of age.The only thing that did not like their parents during the operation - a complete set.Together with a cane manufacturer only offers shopping basket, while in the colder months Cape on legs and a raincoat simply irreplaceable.However, this disadvantage is offset by the price of 18 thousand rubles for a double stroller that quite a bit.