Slave bracelet - jewelry from India

Slave bracelet, despite such a strange name, is an exquisite decoration hands of women.To emphasize the individuality and originality of it can, if combine with clothes, shoes and other accessories that are so fond of wearing modern youth.Movable connecting elements give the general dynamics of the image.Slave bracelet can not be ignored, he focuses on the attention even of people passing by.

story of

world is filled with many legends about the origin of various fashionable ornaments.Slave bracelet has its roots in India.It was first made of the coins.When selling slaves they wore accessory on hand, thereby emphasizing their high cost.This is one of the legends of the world.Some say that the jewelry could be worn to the wedding ceremony and wear afterwards.So women emphasized their status and wealth of the family.Husbands buy their wives the best decoration, thus they are wooed and respect from others.

After several centuries, jewelry manufacturers have begun to use precious metals and stones.In

modern society, a girl who has put into the hands of slave bracelet, trying to emphasize its originality, exclusivity of things.She wants to pay attention to it.It is a challenge to society and a statement about themselves.

Today, there are shops where you can order the matching accessories.It will make for a separate layout.A customer applying for this service, knows exactly what its decoration will be released for sale in a single copy.It gives confidence, because some assert themselves.With a wardrobe of exclusive and original things, ladies want and related accessories were the same.

Precious metals

practically any decoration can be made from precious metals.Professional jewelers who give all their time working, willing to create masterpieces, and slave bracelet of gold is not the limit of their capabilities.To work with one type of metal - this is routine, difficult to combine several.Sometimes it is simply impossible to create the product, as some types of precious metals are inherently incompatible.Some people have a very low density, high other.In order to get a quality product, it is necessary to add an impurity.

Slave bracelet of silver is considered universal.There are several reasons:

  1. color - suitable for many things.
  2. Availability - reasonable price.
  3. Originality - the ability to combine the metal with many others.

Costume jewelry

world every day is expanding its range.The number and variation of ornaments exceeds reasonable limits.A woman going to the specialty store jewelry, can choose the clock slave bracelet, a photo which will be placed in the catalog or the original attend the showcase.A wide range makes it impossible to quickly decide on the acquisition of a product.

Slave bracelets available on the market, designed to be worn on the hands and on the feet.Depending on the appearance of such an accessory to complement any image completely.The main thing - that no matter what style of clothing, the girl can pick up a jewel.More specifically, the slave bracelet can combine several rings, bracelets, chains and other elements.Even famous people get this type of jewelry itself.At social events radiance of diamonds is not the main element, essential exclusive, original and complete image, even in the presence of jewelry.


Girls should understand that jewelery can be made of expensive materials.High-quality accessories, even if they have no precious stones and metals, look no worse, and sometimes even original.Buying slave, you must pay attention to all fasteners, as much depends on them.But how to make the right choice among a wide variety and range, will tell the inner voice.

Decoration should be not only beautiful and complement the image of man, its direct purpose - to bring joy and attract attention.Therefore, every woman, bought himself slave bracelet, can be assured that it will not remain unnoticed.