Earrings "Dior" balls: customer reviews

In today's market of jewelry and jewelry can be found the most bizarre and unusual shapes of earrings for everyday wear and for special occasions.In this article you will find out why trend in 2015 steel earrings with two balls "Dior".For reviews of this model are popular even among the fashion bloggers Internet.

Ear-balls from the "Dior" - the trend in 2015

Shopping fashion house "Dior" never ceases to amaze their fans a variety of stylish accessories.At this time, the designers presented world earrings as two balls.It would seem that with the help of the usual geometric shapes you can not create something new.However, the novelty in 2015 broke all the stereotypes.

course, choose jewelry that will emphasize the features of the face and to hide his shortcomings, it is not so simple.But the designers 'Dior' claim that the earrings balls are suitable for almost everyone.After all, they can be combined with any hair style and dress.The main thing is to choose the right color and material.

pearls, silver or plastic?

material from which thought earrings "Dior" balls - silver.It is in this embodiment, decoration looks more elegant and ornate.Massive earrings are able to emphasize the status of its owner and complement any outfit.

However, later the creators presented a similar design ornaments made of natural pearl.The uniqueness of this material involves the use of a plurality of colors ranging from pearl white to deep black.

Earrings "Dior" balls, reviews of which only proves their popularity, so much loved by fashionistas that enterprising manufacturers from China quickly picked up the idea.And today you can find a plastic version of the famous jewelry, which is represented in the most vivid and unusual colors.

However earrings balls "Dior" (original) can not be compared in quality with any replica.After all, once they are made of high quality material which does not cause an allergic reaction, and always looks noble.

How to wear fashionable earrings?

peculiarity of earrings of beads is that they can be combined with almost any outfit.Evening dress, casual formal suit or favorite jeans with a jacket - earrings from the "Dior" will look succinctly with each of these options.

The same can be said about the hair.Earrings will look advantageously with a high ponytail, loose curls or a bob-bob.The main thing is to choose the most suitable option, depending on the color of the eyes and skin, if you want to wear a brightly colored plastic earrings.While the original silver version is suitable for everybody.

peculiarity of earrings from the "Dior" is the fact that they can be combined with each other.For example, if you purchased several sets of different colors, you can choose a lighter shade of the front and back - darker.At the same time such a combination for the best combination of clothes and makeup.

Where to buy stylish earrings from the "Dior"?

buy the famous original earrings "Dior" balls reviews which proved their popularity in 2015, can be directly in the trading house company.Only there you can buy the original decoration, and you do not have to doubt, is not bought a fake thing.With this you get a great accessory, made of high quality materials.

However, some people prefer not to buy original earrings and their replicas.This approach allows you to purchase several pairs of stylish earrings of different colors that can be combined with different outfits.Buy analogue stylish decoration can be in numerous online stores that offer home delivery.

Earrings "Dior" balls: the price per set

Original earrings bought in the trading house of the French company, will cost the buyer to 3-4 thousand rubles.While Chinese fakes can be bought for 100-150 rubles per couple.But note that in the latter case earrings not last long and will not look as spectacular as the original.After all, plastic jewelry always looks cheap and can only damage the image.

Earrings "Dior" balls: reviews

popular ornaments in the form of beads in 2015 prove the numerous comments fashionistas who have already appreciated their elegant and stylish design.The girls say that simple, but at the same time, the unusual appearance of earrings allows you to combine them with any clothes.In addition, each of the fair sex can choose the perfect option for your type of appearance.

According to users, earrings can not only complement the outfit, but essentially correct person.For example, to divert attention from the shortcomings, the girls prefer bright and vibrant colors.And to create a unique image of gentle choose pearl earrings.This practicality and glamor of the silver version evaluated without exception.

And if we include the imagination, it is easy to create an interesting combination of several sets of decorations.And then you can be sure that such a combination of colors no one else but you.

Earrings "Dior" balls, reviews of which only proves their popularity, have become a real trend in the current year.After all, they are even celebrities.Scarlett Johansson, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and many others create their own unique images with stylish decoration of the famous French fashion house.