Thermometer for moonshine - as it should be?

Need pure moonshine without harmful impurities and unpleasant smell?Of course, you must know the technology of its preparation.One of the most important steps in this process is to support the optimal temperature.A good thermometer for moonshine will achieve the desired result.Consider all the nuances of this issue in more detail.

Thermometer for moonshine - the device required for quality beverage

So mash distillation is carried out due to the temperature difference between the boiling water, alcohol and fusel oil.The range is from 78 ° C to 100 ° C.The more alcohol is in Braga, the lower its boiling point.Accordingly, a good result to get a lot easier.To check and control the temperature, of course, you must have a thermometer for moonshine.Supporting preset mode, you can achieve excellent quality.

Integrates thermometer moonshine evaporator.This embodiment is much more accurate than a model in which the liquid temperature is controlled in the alembic.Therefore, when choosing the device should

carefully weigh the pros and cons to determine exactly to what you need.

temperature stages

distillation process consists of several phases.The first step is to select the temperature volatiles.This light harmful substances (ethyl formate, methanol, acetaldehyde, and so on. D.).They begin to evaporate as soon as the temperature reaches the mash from 65 ° C to 68 ° C.Thermometer moonshine help her control.Check the temperature must be as soon as you smell the alcohol.

The second phase is the stage of producing the main product.At this point, steam-dome changes (if any), substituted prepared container to collect the moonshine, and heater power starts to increase as long as does not reach 78 ° C.Yield main product begins after a short time, depending on the design of the apparatus.

Gradually the temperature begins to rise.Once brewed beer is heated to 85 ° C, collecting brew stops.Fusel oil at this point begin to vaporize, making the drink cloudy and deteriorates its quality.Bimetallic thermometer for moonshine or any other model, again allows to control the temperature, helping to avoid this trouble.

final stage - the selection of the latter fraction.The distillate obtained at a temperature of 85 ° C, collected in a separate container.This muddy fraction, if desired, is added to a new batch of home-made beer, which gives it a fortress.

makes the device with your hands

What is needed for this process?To get started you will need a moonshine.It is very easy to do yourself.You will need utensils for home brew large volume.This may be a large plastic bottle and milk cans.

When you need to prepare a pressure cooker and an electronic thermometer for moonshine.Can other models, but it will be more convenient.In the pressure cooker lid drilled hole and which is inserted or connected thermometer.As the seal is used a small piece of silicone tubing.Enclosure, apply it on top of the dough.Take a flask, reflux condenser, alcoholmeters hoses.In addition, you'll need a coil located on the refrigerator.

You can then proceed directly to the assembly.A pressure cooker is placed on a gas stove.From it conducted silicone tube to a flask with a reflux condenser.Each connecting unit is required to be sealed by means of the test.Hose for cold water connected to the bottom of the refrigerator.

thermometer - one of the most important parts

Once assembly is complete, it's time to fill in Braga, adding activated carbon in it and a little potassium permanganate.The process of preparation of the beverage is approximately one and a half hours.Here at this moment the most valuable element and the thermometer will be moonshine.Its price is absolutely affordable and ranges 250-2500 rubles, depending on which model it is.

remains only to clear the resulting liquid, dilute it with spring water (or ordinary shop) - and all!Moonshine is ready for use!

So, knowing all the rules of its preparation, the assembly apparatus and, more importantly, by controlling the temperature with a special thermometer, you will please its guests clean as a tear baby, the product.And, of course, a beautiful morning without any unpleasant consequences.