Glasses Ray-Ban Aviator - stylish classics

Glasses Ray-Ban Aviator considered a cult accessory.It is always trendy.This is a unique lifestyle and a fantastic opportunity to express their individuality.

Classic style

first development of protective anti-reflective glasses were created for the American pilots by Bausch & amp;Lomb, register with them for the release of a trademark under the name of Ray-Ban.Their first model, which became known as "The Aviator", was published in 1937.It was created out of gilded metal with green lenses of mineral glass, filters ultraviolet and infrared rays.US Pilots appreciated sunglasses Ray-Ban.Aviator as a novelty soon learned outside the Air Force.The model quickly gained popularity thanks to General Douglas MacArthur, often posing with glasses in front of photographers.

economic recovery, in the emerging post-war decade, new trends in fashion and music, only incited the people to strive for a bright and festive life, shine in the new collections of clothing and accessories of modern time.It was at t

his time was released the second model of the brand - Wayfarer, quickly gained popularity.

By 1962, new technology brand: impact-resistant lenses and other types of "smart" varieties.This polarized, do not let the reflected light and essential water, photochromic and automatically darken in bright sunlight.

Since 1999, the legendary brand was owned by the Italian company "Lyuksottika" (Luxottica Group SpA), which produces sunglasses and frames for corrective optics.Italian fashion capital - Milan, it seems, has strengthened the appeal of well-known brand, adding to it a kind of Italian charm and European elegance.

Win advertising

incredible brand's popularity is also due to a win in the world of advertising films.Religious paintings were a kind of conductor of the brand.This is the "Breakfast at Tiffany's," "Reservoir Dogs," "Almost Famous," "Men in Black", the popular saga "Twilight" and many other films, which "lit up" fashion accessories - sunglasses Ray-Ban Aviator.Models, which adorned charismatic heroes of these paintings, as a rule, fled to cheer.

stylish design and comfort

Application of new technologies, convenient form, simple clean lines allow the brand to be always at the height of popularity.Classics of the genre is considered sunglasses Ray-Ban Aviator. One of the first of their variations and remains today a trendy hit.Points still in the lead among the updated version of the classic among the latest models of the most advanced design.

Plastic and metal frames are made of quality materials.They are characterized by practicality, reliability and convenience.Thus, the frame model Liteforce made of thermoplastic such high strength that it is absolutely not afraid of a collision with various contents of a bag or coat pocket, pants.This is certainly very convenient.Another successful attempt to make the "The Aviator" is much more practical to become a model Pilot Icon Folding Aviators, which can be folded.

lens type and the degree of dimming

main advantage of product Ray-Ban - special comfort.Points delight not only the material, shapes and colors, but also a possibility, as the choice of lens type and the degree of dimming.They protect the eyes from the harmful effects of sun lenses 5 categories: from transparent to diopters, specifically designed for vision correction, to special cases outside the norm.There is a famous brand with special lens technology Top Gradient Mirror, RB-50 with blocking up to 5% of the light, as well as 8% transmissive of light and designed to travel through the mountains, deserts, polar region of the lens G-31.

Typology lenses have the following brand:

  • P - polarizing lens, which lies in the effect of cutting off the rays of light from the horizontal surfaces;
  • F - adaptive (photochromic) lenses;
  • N - classic type lens with a standard UV protection.

always trend

Glasses Ray-Ban Aviator since their publication considered a benchmark of fashion design and unsurpassed quality. Their shape and style are beyond any fashion trends, no time.However, the brand designers continue to find the latest interpretation of its best-selling.This different colors of lenses and frames, goggles chameleon, capable of hitting an amazing play of colors depending on the light.So, in 2012, was released a collection of "The Aviator" Ambermatic lenses chameleon, responding not only to the effects of ultraviolet radiation, but also on the temperature.

Today is available a lot of various shapes and models of the brand.Quite popular Aviator Small Metal, Large Metal, Tech, Craft Highstreet, Active Lifestyle, Icons and other classic glasses Ray-Ban Aviator.Mirror their models - an absolute must have for more than a season.Their universal form suitable for virtually any type of exterior and bright surface does not neglect their owner.

sunglasses brand available in many different shapes.They can be easily determined for different types of entities.The catalogs produced models are always given the size of glasses Ray-Ban Aviator.It can also be seen on the inner side of one of the eyeglasses.

Rates Ray-Ban afford not to everyone wishing admirer of the brand, but among the variety of models, you can pick out points within the allowed budget.Purchase this stylish accessory is always justified and gives the opportunity to experience a lot of pleasure.Is not that great - keep up with the times and fashion?