Buggies Cosatto Supa: reviews

Every mother with a special responsibility in choosing wheelchairs.After all, this thing will enjoy up to 3 years.Therefore, the carriage must be reliable, high-quality and most convenient.According to the British firm Cosatto, these qualities have their products.What really wheelchair-known brand - cover in this article.


Cosatto - renowned English manufacturer of baby products.This company has been on the market for over 40 years.All this time the brand Cosatto steadily develop and expand sales.Today the company is one of the most popular manufacturers of children's products in the world.Throughout its existence Cosatto received many awards and high ratings for quality of expertise and unique design.This year the British firm won the tender Mother & amp; Baby Awards 2015 for "Best stroller."This award is the most prestigious in the UK.

Stroller Cosatto supa

As a result of long-term observation of the preferences of customers the company has developed a whole series of thematic s

trollers Cosatto supa.User reviews of other brands form the basis of technical and design developments.As a result, the market appeared quality, reliable and convenient stick with additional features.This is the only stroller in the world that accommodates a tremendous number of different functions.For this reason, it is even called intelligent machine.

Features strollers Cosatto

The company has extensive experience in the manufacture of carriages.Therefore, when developing a new model experts consider the errors and the wishes of customers.It went this way manufacturers when projected stroller Cosatto supa.Reviews young parents were mainly related to the practicality of use and comfortable for the child.

Key Features stroller:

  1. rigid frame made of high quality durable metal that can withstand great loads up to 30 kg.
  2. Design Cosatto supa designed so that the baby carriage can be transported almost from the first days of life.
  3. seat width is 32 cm.
  4. possibility of fixing the backrest in 5 positions, including in the fully supine.
  5. adjustable footrest, which can also be raised and thus increase the size of the bed.
  6. lightweight chassis made of aluminum.
  7. adjustable handle height.
  8. protective hood.
  9. Speaker for gadgets.
  10. latching mechanism for the front wheels.
  11. Small quiet rubberized wheels.

Weight cane is only 7.5 kg.

important feature of the stroller - it is easy to fold and can be in a state built on special supports.


stroller has a basket for storage.Included also is a removable cover on the legs, fleece headrest, raincoat, chest pads, warm tab on the clasp.

Manufacturers have taken care of the comfort for the baby and mother and created a bottle holder.It is easily removable and can be fixed to any part of the frame.

Benefits strollers, according to users

Since the release of this series strollers young parents have already appreciated all the positive aspects of this miracle.Reliability, ease, convenience, quality - it is with these words associated carriage-cane Cosatto supa.Reviews mothers confirm that the developers completely fulfilled its task and created a high-end stylish walking stick, which is no analogue.So, mom can not just carry the baby, but at the same time entertain its merry music, fairy tales and even cartoons.To do this, the developers have come up with the bottom of the plate under the hood pocket.Young parents appreciated this opportunity, and often it is used when you need to distract the child, or to diversify the walk.

Bright and original design - not least advantage Cosatto supa.Reviews of carriage on the Internet very often relate it interesting appearance.After all, absolutely every woman wants to buy a bright, unusual carriage, so as to express the individuality of the child.Cosatto supa Series consists of a large number of completely different design strollers.Therefore, parents can easily find exactly the model that most expresses their inner fantasies and still like the kid.

also all responsible parents a lot of attention when choosing a stroller toddler give the degree of protection from various weather conditions.These requirements take into account the manufacturers when projected Stroller Cosatto supa.Customer reviews on these characteristics only positive.Unlike other brands, cane Cosatto a cape on his feet, fleece and warm headrest cover.In addition, it is possible to adjust the hood to protect your baby from the elements.

stroller also can have 2 different colors.Thus, the case is reversible.On the one hand is a vivid image, while others simply monotonous fleece.Also, the mattress has two sides - winter and summer.Winter - warm fleece and summer side is made of lightweight natural fabrics.

Disadvantages wheelchair

Unfortunately, not all reviews of Cosatto supa expressed admiration for customers from using a stroller.Of course, we must remember that all people have different tastes and requirements.And if one thing is ideal, the other person may not even consider it.As the famous saying goes, how many people - so many opinions.So it is with strollers Cosatto supa.Reviews on this line are different wheelchairs.Most young mothers complain about the small size seat.The small width of the kids is not always convenient, especially if you will be a long trip.The child is bound to the movements and quickly tired.Especially this lack is felt in the cold season, when the baby is well dressed, and while Mom wants another pull on his warm cape.

Another disadvantage of strollers, according to buyers, are considered uncomfortable small wheels.Producers probably do not take into account that Russia differ from the road pavements UK.This lack of feeling Russian mother almost immediately.Therefore wheelchair Cosatto supa can use only by residents of cities with a flat road.

Some buyers are dissatisfied with the small basket, though manufacturers claim that it is very roomy.

Some forums can be read saying that this stroller is only suitable for children up to 1 year.Big kid in it uncomfortable to carry because of the same small size.In addition, all capes are very small.This can be seen even in the photo selling sites.Therefore, for a child bigger these additional accessories just do not fit.

high cost Cosatto supa

Almost all buyers are dissatisfied with the high cost of a series of carriages Cosatto supa.Reviews about the high prices can be challenged.Yes, indeed, these strollers are about 18 thousand rubles.But this cost includes not only the considerable cost of manufacturing of exclusive carriages with many possibilities.The buyer also pays for well-known brand.If the stroller will be cheap and thus become accessible to all, then lost all the luxury and uniqueness, which lay in the commodity producers.

User Ratings

On the Internet, many stores offer the opportunity to leave their opinion on the carriage and set evaluation.The main parameters that you need to assess user - reliability, convenience, quality, lightness and permeability.So, stick Cosatto supa has the highest marks for quality and reliability.Just below her appreciated owners stroller ease and convenience.And buyers put the lowest score for the flotation Cosatto supa.Reviews described above coincide with a grade.