Miniature Schnauzer: reviews of the owners.

Schnauzer - the smallest working dog.This characteristic does not allow consider this self-assured dog lapdog, even though modest in size.He established himself as an excellent search engine on the police service.How are home of breed miniature schnauzer?Reviews holders, information about the origin and maintenance will help to know this animal better.

Species origin

Tsvergshautser originally from Germany.With the German name of this breed can be translated roughly as "Dwarf muzzle."We only know that the origins of the breed are Schnauzer.To small and bold miniature schnauzer found his memorable appearance and strong character, underwent a major breeding work, and used the blood poodles, dog, Affenpinscher.

results of this work were presented at a dog show in 1890, where the new breed was a resounding success.In the same year it was approved standard miniature schnauzer.


Schnauzer - this muscular dog of small size with a high front body.Due to the peculiarities of the animal bo

dy can develop a high speed.What standard of a dog miniature schnauzer?Breed description should start with size.But they really are not so modest.Weight miniature schnauzer is 4-8 kg.Agree, it's not much.Height miniature schnauzer is not so small - 30-35 cm. Thus, we see the slender, elegant and easy dog.

Wool animal tough and coarse as wire.The undercoat is thick, that saves a dog from frost.The feet fur softer and shorter.Of course, the business card of the dwarfs - long hair on the eyebrows and chin.Look at the dog's grave, like a man.

Color miniature schnauzer can be pure black, white, pepper and salt, and black and silver.


How does the miniature schnauzer?The nature of the breed does not always match its appearance.Perhaps someone dwarfs seem harmless pet, cute dog toy.But looks can be deceiving - at the slightest danger, he quickly become a rapid and brave defender.

far as can be aggressive miniature schnauzer?The character of the owner of such a dog must be tough enough, because he needs to be respected for serious dog, even if small.

miniature schnauzer have well developed guard instinct and protective qualities manifest from early childhood.Vigilant and incredibly friendly dwarfs will zealously protect family members against any threats.It may not always be appropriate, so the dog is necessary to work seriously.The dog must show aggression only with permission.

What is a Miniature Schnauzer?Reviews of owners indicate that it is not only a courageous guard, but a gentle one for children and adults.He is tireless in cooperative games.But this dog needs a mutual return - as long as it is not enough to spend the time, the pet may become rebellious and even aggressive.


shedding any Miniature Schnauzer?Reviews owners unanimously - with good care you do not have to clean the furniture and the clothes on his coat.Trimming - an indispensable element of such care.Plucking wool needs at least twice a year - in spring and autumn.If you make a haircut or trimming miniature schnauzer wrong COAT may lose inherent in the breed structure and color.You need to contact professionals who understand the intricacies of working with Schnauzers.

To prevent tangles, the dog need to comb out 1-2 times a week with a brush.Wash the dog is often not required.Water treatments using special tools you need to make before trimming in the case of serious contamination.

Attention requires eyes, ears and nose of a dog.They must be clean, dry and free of redness or any discharge.The hair in the ears, preventing proper ventilation, can be removed.

Good care includes not only care about the hygiene of the pet.Miniature Schnauzer feels good in a city apartment, but it needs a good paddock, 2 times a day for at least one to two hours.


Health miniature schnauzer is largely dependent on food.If the animal's diet is made up incorrectly, active dog may be overweight, and will quickly turn into a sloth.There may be health problems.By overeating animals of this breed are not inclined.

As with any dog, the dwarfs can not be fed from a common table.But these dogs weak liver, and, therefore, fat, fried, smoked, flour, sweet strictly prohibited.What is important is diet.Adult dogs is recommended to feed 2 times a day.

can select premium dry food, where all the necessary elements and vitamins strictly balanced.Do not forget that in this case, the pet should always have access to fresh water.

Can eat "naturalkoy" Miniature Schnauzer?Reviews of owners say that this type of food is also suitable, these active animals.To compile the menu need meat, meat products, sea fish, dairy products, eggs, oats, buckwheat and millet porridge, carrots, cabbage, beets.Eliminate all fatty foods.


dwarfs are common in active various injuries.Young animals without a strong immune system is to protect against viral and intestinal infections, poisoning.

Overall, the Miniature Schnauzer breed is characterized good health and sufficiently long duration of life - from 12 to 15 years.For common diseases include various eye diseases - cataract, glaucoma, degeneration of the eyeball.Hypothyroidism occurs, cysts, and melanoma.

Education and training

Like other service dogs, miniature schnauzer needs serious education and training platform visit.Require pet obedience need patience, not retreating.This dog needs a solid education.At first it will feel like a child beyond what is permitted, but just to make sure that the owner is superior in all and it is the leader, disobedience will take place.It is important to load not only the body pet, but also occupy his mind.