Separation from loved: How survivors

There is nothing more painful than separation from loved ones.After parting with the man, we lose the desire to eat, sleep, and sometimes, and the desire to live.At such times, it seems that the world has fallen, and there is no one more miserable than you.No tears, of course, does not do any separation from loved ones, but you can not cry forever.If hopes for the resumption of relations has not, try to start life anew.

Out of sight ...

Even before you leave the guy decided to stay friends with him, do not waste the precious moments of his new life in the fellowship with him.Believe me, you will not be easier if you will constantly call up and correspond with a former boyfriend.And see you at all contraindicated.At least, the first time after breaking up.

Senhora do Destino.

Just imagine how much freedom you gave parting with a guy!Previously, you were planning their leisure time, in accordance with the interests of the young man.And now. ... Now you can watch those movies that you like, g

o to those parties, in which you're interested.In general, do whatever they like.Related

one grief.

grieved alone in this tragedy, as the separation from loved ones, but in some cases it seems that friends and family do not understand how you really bad.In the networks of the Internet you can find a lot of people with a similar problem.They are happy to help you survive the bitter moments, knowing you could not be better.Who knows, maybe you yourself can give someone - some valuable advice.

ears in work.

Parting with a loved one, it is primarily a surge of emotion.It remains only to direct them in the right direction.Do not waste your energy on tantrums, better help underachieving colleague, asked the chief additional task, offered their assistance in the organization of corporate parties.In general, do everything to time left woeful sighs as little as possible.

change of scenery.

course the best option - to go on a trip, but if this is not possible, you can go to visit relatives or friends living in another city.There is no such possibility?Look around you may at your apartment's time to make a permutation, or change the wallpaper in the bedroom, on a more positive.

Treat yourself.

rastavaniya with your favorite led to the fact that you do not have to buy a gift for a guy February 23 and birthday.Therefore, an urgent need to buy something expensive dress as you like.And to make a new haircut, you will see that your beauty worthy prince, not the one who left you.

step by step.

Plan your future, because now you are not limited in their actions.Surely there are things that you've always wanted to do: to get a second degree, enroll in a driving school, learn to knit, and so on.Such initiatives can fill in the next year.Do not forget to decide that you will start to do tomorrow.

Sport and Physical Education.

Sports - a great way to restore peace of mind.If separation from loved led to the fact that you do not eat for a week, the fitness combined with a diet, will lead to stunning results.

Give your love ...

If you broke up with a guy, the head of a kitten, puppy, fish, or just a flower in a pot.Oh, they - that truly respond to your love.A sense of responsibility for those who tamed lead your thoughts in order.


Who else but friends understand and regret in a difficult moment.They remind you what you're good, kind, beautiful and in general, the most - the best.Most encounters with loved ones.And the possibility of making new acquaintances.But do not rush to tie a serious relationship.After all, they have to start from scratch, but not with hopelessness and frustration.

Believe in better.

When out favorite, it seems that you made it impossible to breathe.But know that even the most severe pain passes, giving way to new pleasures.And everything in your life will be much better than now.