How to Survive a separation from a loved one Painless?

If we were betrayed, offended, or even more, throwing a loved one, we are experiencing unbearable pain.It seems that life had stopped, nothing good in the future will not be.The heart seems to be ready to break, not so much resentment or frustration, but on the inability to fix anything or go back.Each person must have at least once in a life dreamed to turn back the clock."How to survive the separation!Oh, how I want to come back ... "- we say, but can not change anything.So, how to survive the separation from loved ones, not done in this nonsense?

forgive and release

This is the first step in to restore lost composure.Suffering people do not notice, but the more he hurts himself the memories of the past or the showdown with former lover, the longer it can not recover.Man has become a stranger, you should just let it go.Psychologists advise to change this situation, for example, go on vacation or move to another city.The fewer meetings - the sooner will begin a new, full life.

As a last resort, when everything goes wrong and nothing can distract from the gloomy thoughts, is to ask for help.Not a psychologist, perhaps, because of our compatriots, unlike the Europeans, the profession is still a matter of distrust, and to his family and friends.The pain does not need to hide and pretend it does not exist.On the contrary, if you want to cry - cry, I want to scream - scream, but just next to someone who can listen and console.Our friends always perfectly know how to survive the separation, and gladly share their experiences.

Parting - a great way to start a new life

long planned to learn to skydive or embroider a cross?They wanted to learn Chinese or learn to drive a car?This is the best therapy in order to survive a break with your loved one.You can engage in active sports, helpful and tires, which will not allow a long time to feel sorry for herself or to recall the past.You can learn new skills - go on computer courses, foreign languages, or driving school.How to survive the separation better and more interesting?Excellent help to survive the separation most ordinary human communication - be sure to meet with friends, go to visit, whatever, but do not be alone.One need only for a moment to be alone with his thoughts - a multi-day work will come to nothing, back pain and tears will again want to feel sorry for himself, which could not be allowed to not get caught up in their grief and do not stay there forever.

anything stupid!

danger of separation is that not all people are equally firmly his experience.Some lifelong frustrated with the opposite sex, others are beginning to suffer from the huge number of different systems that do not allow them to be happy in the future.But far more dangerous when a person suffering from slowly killing themselves with alcohol or drugs, and sometimes refuses to live on, making the most terrible sin - suicide.If a critical moment no one will help such people, the consequences can be very sad.To not bring yourself to this situation, we must remember that no pain will not last forever.How to survive the separation?It's very simple - you just need to live.Human memory is extremely merciful - after some time the memories will be covered with an easy oblivion, and more - will be forgotten and will no longer seem so painful.In this case, great help to new meetings.Who knows, maybe a casual acquaintance with whom you met at the foreign language courses or on holiday, it would be the "handsome prince", which are expected for many years.