How to improve relations with the favorite after a big row

Unfortunately, couples who do not quarrel, or do so very rarely in nature are almost absent.In real life lovers in clashes occur frequently.The reason for the difference may be as an open tube of toothpaste, and a more serious reason, for example, diametrically opposed views on the important things.

Suppose she wants to go to rest at sea every year in order to gain strength and energy for the whole year, and the guy tends to save money to buy a garage and offers nowhere to go.Such different desires and views of things can lead not only to a great quarrel, but even to the parting, because many of these inconsistencies in the characters of the two men to be found?

usually after major fights and quarrels to improve relations is difficult.It is important that some of the partners able to find a compromise and move forward.That is, in the union of two people who somehow have to be wiser, smarter and smarter (in the sense that somehow beat the situation in a way that was beneficial to both parties).

What do you do when a quarrel still occurred and just need to do something to make it up?First of all, you need to think about how to build relationships and at the same time to find a compromise to the problem, because of which occurred and all the fuss.It is important to understand that in order to be able to talk quietly requires that after a quarrel with her beloved as time passed and the "dust settled".

also need to think not only about their own interests and desires, but the desires of the beloved, because he also has a right to their opinion must be taken into account as if you did not like it.

If you have found a compromise, and want to offer it to a loved one, but do not know how to approach him in order to improve relations, here are some options:

  1. Remember how you were walking in the mall, and he liked the original tie, butthe moment the money to buy it was not?Find it and buy for him.And in the evening, when the beloved gather to bed, put it on his pillow.Just imagine - he throws a blanket, and there - his dream.He will be very happy that you remember, and not too lazy to look for the tie.Then you can move on to the conversation.
  2. can paste up the flat note with pleasant words and hints on what you want to improve relations and fully open to serious will look very gently and at the same time will make it clear favorite, something you experience, but willing to take the first step towards reconciliation.
  3. Do not be afraid to apologize!Just because you're frustrated man and caused him a lot of unpleasant moments, (and maybe you do have behaved very rudely than incredibly upset favorite).Send it to work something that he loves to courier and buy a big card where write words of apology and remorse.Tell that waiting for a loved one at the appointed place in order to try to improve relations.
  4. If everything very seriously, and you feel that you lose your "mate" - go to extreme measures.You can order a banner with his photo and signature issue below in the form of poems of his own.It's quite expensive, but worth it.

options for reconciliation can be found pretty much just need to think twice.In fact, this is not important.The main thing is how you will discuss your problems and look for solutions.If the fact that there was a big quarrel, to blame only you (your disorderly conduct, a requirement of or infliction of pain), the revision of their behavior in the bud.For if you forgive your favorite this time, it guarantees that you change, it nobody will.No one but you!That is why, if you care about the person who is next to you, it is important to review their principles, behavior and all he could do not like your behavior towards him personally.

Discuss and you claim to his beloved and find a solution that will suit both.

Remember the cardinal rule: it is advisable to all, even the smallest moments are always discussed, and maintain conversations on topics you anxious.Only then can we understand each other and keep the relationship, and that is what matters.