How to return the relationship after breaking up

When a couple breaks up, of course, without pain, tears and insults will not do.This is especially true compassionate and vulnerable girls.No matter for what reason you broke up, it is important that you feel bad after breaking up with this person and you want him back.But all is well to weigh and consider, so you need whether it really is and whether you are able to change for the sake of it?

should understand that glued cup - is not the whole cup and that even if a loved one will be able to return, it may be temporary, and then maybe it will become even harder.If you are ready for this, you must think of how to return the love and act.

So you should decide so, who was the initiator of your separation, and how it happened.If you are the initiator, it simplifies things a bit, but if a guy is complicated, since it is necessary to do everything very carefully and correctly, that he did not have the impression that you and ready to fall at his feet, but he came back.He-he is able to return, but you

will not be respected exactly.

to pause after breaking up, and then get to work.To get started you just need to call loved ones and offer to meet.Pre-need to find the right words and the right tone assignments conversation.You can even burn some paper frzy not to bleat in a tube.

If the guy agreed to meet - that's good, it means you are not bezralichny.Pre-book a table in a quiet and cozy cafe or prepare delicious meals at home, if the conversation is planned at home.So even preferable.

Pre does not hurt to go to a stylist and a little change his appearance - be fresher, brighter, to intrigue him.Pick and new outfit, but not flashy dress, but something calm and self-possessed, but stylish and highlights your beauty.

At the appointed time, you should be prepared.All the talk is necessary to think in advance and give yourself a vow that if something goes wrong, as you'd like - in any case not to give emotions get the better of you!Only the balance and help restore calm otshosheniya.

So, the time has come X.Stay straight and neprinuzhdennno!

When a guy comes, do not immediately get down to business - let him get used to.Ask how his day went, what he was doing and so on.Then he apologized for his behavior and let him know that you've thought about how to restore the relationship, and recognize those moments that were wrong.Do not take all the blame on themselves - both to blame!Just one more, some less.

Tell beloved that for his sake ready to change, but do not forget that, and he should also do something to restore the relationship.

Listen to his claim and, if justified, try to do everything to change something in their behavior and to resume a normal relationship after breaking up.

If reconciliation is difficult for the first time, try to see each other a little, and you can meet for a walk in the park, for example, or going to the movies.Consider that started all over again, and do not force events.If you both want to be reunited after parting and rethink all, it is important to do everything gradually.Most likely you will feel that both are ready for something big that old resentments forgotten, you become the other and try to do everything in order to be happy.

main rule in the relationship - to remember that in addition you have another person with their own interests, habits and way of life, so in order to be happy and not to repeat the mistakes, you need to think about it and always put yourself in his place, toI feel what he feels.If you learn to control the emotions and respect the rights of another person, it will just be happy.Only this should persevere and push a selfish start.