The painful question: how to forget a loved one

Many famous people call love of this disease, which can inspire a person and inspire feats, and may cause irreparable harm.In the latter case, love is especially dangerous because it destroys not only the relationship but also the soul of unrequited love.How to forget a loved one?In general, is it possible?Answers to these questions one finds for himself by thinking, doubts and agonizing effort.

So you broke up ....It does not matter whose fault it was, but the favorite is gone and is not going to come back.It remains only to decide how to forget the guy you love, and continue to live on.Of course, in a state of grief and resentment will not seem important all reasonable explanations on the importance of experience, donated by parting, and the need to learn from their mistakes.The gap relationships - the process painful and difficult, nobody will be able to ease until after the appropriate amount of time.

But time passes, and ex-boyfriend still wants to leave the memory, causing regret for the lo

st and much to be impossible - turn everything around?This is much more dangerous, because if you do not learn how to forget a loved one, you can never go back to a normal life and find happiness with another man.It is necessary to take himself in hand and take on this difficult matter.Firstly, the need to stop feeling sorry for yourself and blame the world around in a wild injustice.The blame for the severance of relations always two - male and female, regardless of whether they quarreled constantly, and the separation was the only option, or one is not the point, you just become strangers to each other.Therefore, we must try to understand and take a break - the realization that everything is over and will never be the same again, will naturally be painful, but necessary for the stimulus to go on living.

How to forget the man you love?Love yourself!Visit a beauty salon, change the style of clothes, meet new people and keep bright life.Be sure to minimize contact with a former lover, in any case, do not ask about him from mutual friends and watch him from the corner.Ideally - to get rid of all reminders of past relationships, such as gifts, souvenirs, joint purchasing, pictures and other details, reminiscent of what did not return.Of course, to get rid of things much faster and easier than the memories, but need to work on it constantly, every day and every minute.Assailed by sad thoughts - do not read romance novels or look sentimental movies.It is better to be engaged in some business that does not give bored and distracted by unnecessary reflections: lean to study, to make repairs in the apartment or go to visit old friends.

Those who even then did not know how to forget a loved one, we can give another major piece of advice: go for a while, or permanently from the city where everything reminds us of the old ways.Agree, it is very difficult to walk on the familiar streets and remember how you were dining in a cozy cafe, we went together to the cinema or just walking through the park.To once again not to remind myself of the best moments of your life with someone you love, try not only to avoid these places, but in any case not to go there on purpose.

In addition, you should consider whether or not your relationship was quite so rosy?Of course, any woman tend to idealize her lover, attributing to him the most positive qualities and forgetting the unpleasant moments.Think, how to forget a loved one successfully and faster than remembering the associated negative impressions?Think of all the arguments, insults and scandals - then you will live a lot easier.