The girl was trying to get back?

Unfortunately, in real life, as opposed to the movies with a happy ending, not everything is going as good as we want.Relationships between men and women are no exception.Often we do not think about the negative consequences of our actions, and then bite your elbows or by any means trying to return the girl.Restore the old relationship - it's not easy, but doable task.The whole point of action taken can be summed up in one phrase - the dream to become a man, so we love you girl wants to see with a number.

To answer the question "How to get back ex-girlfriend?", You need to clearly understand the reasons for a breakup.Calmly think about everything that could have caused the breakup.You can write a list on paper and then analyze it.Turn off at the time, the word "pride" and objectively look at what is happening between you.You may often hear from the beloved - "I am tired of your jealousy," "You're not paying attention to me."But you just do not pay attention to it or did not want to pay.As a result, tr

ying to regain his girlfriend.

It is the most important and difficult time - time to correct mistakes.Radical change is you have to, and not a girl, because she stopped the relationship.And there must be well aware, can you mend and become one, because if not, you will not be able to return the girl.

Now that you overcame yourself, you need to meet with her.You can find any excuse, and better organize a friendly meeting.At the meeting should not have any requests, humiliation and weakness, for example: "I live without you I can not", "I started to drink after our parting," and so on.Instead, show her that you are all well and life goes on.In no case did not hint, let alone tell her that you have changed, become a man of her dreams, and so on.The girl should she come to this conclusion.Only in this case you'll have to return the girl.

you are successful, attractive, ambitious young man with plans for the future, which is not stepping back and has a good sense of humor.If not, you have to be.Remember the main thing - you are not what they were before.2-3 Arrange a meeting with the girl, and this is constantly emphasized by their behavior.Let your conversation contains the phrase: "It's funny to remember, but I was so indifferent" or "Jealousy - a stupid feeling, if one likes, why it doubted" and so on.Say nothing to regret, and that your relationship has become a good lesson.These phrases unfailingly will act on the girl and make her wonder whether she did a mistake that left you.Then casually mentioned that you have outlined a serious relationship with a great girl.But you are not sure you are ready for them after breaking up, but it's worth it.Talk is absurd, because you want to return the girl, not alienate, but the words will lead her into confusion, passing in a fit of jealousy.Women no less than men tend selfishness.

Now you disappear for a couple of days out of sight of the girl.No sms, calls, communication via the Internet and the like.If during this time she was the first call, or will somehow be felt, the ninety-five percent of you have achieved the desired result, and then you just need to keep the line started.If a girl does not attend to your person, perhaps before trying again to think about.Should I continue to try to return the girl, or better to look around, because if she loves you, after the above steps, it will certainly come back to you.But remember the main thing - in any situation remain a real man, and then you will not think about how to return the girl.