Interpersonal relationships: when passing friendship

Everyone has long known that the man - a social being whose life can not be imagined without interaction with other people.Some relationship for us are very valuable, others we relaxed scatters.The most important of all, you can call the interpersonal relationships with people that way.This does not necessarily have to be related.Most often, such people include friends and loved ones.The relationship with them can be folded in different ways and have a different outcome, but there are a few simple rules, observing that anyone can get out of any situation with minimal losses to their emotional health.

most common types of interpersonal relationships - friendship and love.They occur between people who are impressed by each other initially.Friendship involves two or more people in the process.To be friends no less difficult than love.Unfortunately, sometimes with friends and relationships are broken.In order to prevent this you need to remember that one - a man who carefully and understands the other per

son, always ready to come to his aid.

should not publicly make fun of his friend, pay attention surrounding its shortcomings.Perhaps he himself realizes that any actions he obtained is not very good, so focus on that too.At the moment when a person is not sure of himself and his own power, that one should support it, to show that faith in him.Such personal relationships are valued much more expensive than the rest.

Each person has their own small or, conversely, very big secrets that he is able to entrust a true friend, whose loyalty and reliability it is completely sure.You can not make this information available to the public under any circumstances.Possible publicity can break not only friendship, but also the man himself.

If still there was a situation where the friendship between the people ceased to exist, it is not necessary to throw out all the negative at each other.There is a very intimate moment on this issue - it is stored for a long time sensitive information about friends.It is in any case should not disclose, even if the former one to the right and left gossip about you.This should be taken philosophically, because it displays a kind of protective reaction of the body.He begins to attack first, thereby preventing the attack of the enemy.

concluding these interpersonal relations, it should be remembered that, well, it was between friends and let this situation by itself.It often happens that friendship ends because of the difference between the interests of friends.They are nothing more common, so the very meaning of this relationship is lost.This gap is less painful than the previous version.Do not be afraid of the end of the friendship as it is a normal situation in life, which gets a lot of people.It does not characterize a person with the negative side.

whole psychology of interpersonal relationships is based on an emotional perception of each other, which is very difficult to control with the help of intelligence.Here, either you feel something, or - no.Therein lies the complexity of experiences, interpersonal relationship ends when for some reason.We must always remember that even when we lose, we always gain experience, which is very important for the future happy life.Any interruption and the need to experience, in the end, to survive.You can not make a tragedy out of it global scale, as over time the whole situation will seem insignificant and ridiculous.The main thing, do not keep anger or resentment.Negative emotions destroy the person inside, do not give him a chance to start something new.