Is there life after death or how to survive the breakup

In the first days after the final parting seems that to survive a break with the beloved absolutely impossible.First - unspeakably painful surge of grief, with desperate sobs, a little later - a black melancholy, apathy and hopeless longing pressing, consuming everything mental strength.Approximately looks depressing picture of separation "forever."What do you do when you do not want to open your eyes and get out of bed, take care of themselves and make plans for the future?In other words, how to survive a breakup?

There are several options to overcome this difficult period: a superficial and deep.You can rely on standard methods, original turn-based strategy that involve quick relief from outward signs of your grief.These are similar to the following algorithms: cry, begin to experience self pity, then - to feel anger towards the partner who left you, come up with a plan of revenge, etc.It comes down to the fact that at the end of the month after the separation, you are ready for a new love.Of course

, in theory, it all looks very convincing, but in practice - can be stuck on one of the first steps, and after 30 days, do not be in the arms of a new lover, and in the psychiatric ward.

course, after breaking up with a man, you must be sure to allow yourself to release negative emotions out, otherwise they will destroy you from the inside.But it is not necessary to cultivate them.Therefore, all the things a former lover - down.Very temperamental nature can break or burn them, but still, it is better to try to cope with it and became strangers pass through familiar objects.Next

should address their self-esteem, how to survive because the rupture of relations - means to reduce it to a few dozen items.Traditionally, starting with changing the image, while, by all means improve appearance.Aerobics, swimming, massage, dance, beauty salon and a complete upgrade of the wardrobe - the more, the better.It is from your current activity depends on how quickly you get over a difficult period.The impressive list of activities that you visit, the more successful and will soon pass rehabilitation.In addition to sports and intellectual activities, which perfectly distract you from gloomy thoughts, come up and general cleaning the apartment or washing grandiose.Of course, gymnastics and household chores do not drown out the psychic pain, but at least you will bring your body back to normal and bring order to their own planet.Disposing of unnecessary things, it seems that with it you send to landfill, and all the accumulated negative.

There are seemingly appropriate action, from which should refrain at this stage.Among them - a strict diet, alcohol consumption, an attempt to build a new relationship.Now your body is experiencing an unprecedented stress on the force, which means that you need a normal diet.Otherwise, you risk earn anemia, fatigue, depression and even serious diseases such as tuberculosis or cancer.Among the representatives of the stronger sex is a very common misconception that strong drinks - a great way to get rid of the negativity.In fact, alcohol is only masks the problem, not solving it.And the next day after such a "treatment", the pain rolls with new force, supported, moreover, the horrors of hangover.As for fresh novel, you should consider - do you honestly doing with the new chosen.If it is just an option, how to survive a breakup with ex-partner, they are doomed and only lead to an even stronger torment.

Once outside world failed to lead to some semblance of balance, it is time to go inward.It is best to sign up to a psychologist or a course of sessions of group psychotherapy.In these sessions you will be able to share their feelings, good to talk to and learn how to survive the rupture of relations man.Also worth impartially analyze your story of unrequited love, honestly answer the questions all.In 99% of cases it appears that the former favorite, not only not perfect, but you are absolutely indifferent.

In fact, the question of how to survive the rupture of relations with the favorite, only you can answer for yourself.One only knows exactly: it is quite possible.A sincere belief in themselves and their happy future, fortitude and time will be a support for you on this difficult path.