How nice to send a Man: A Practical Guide

Sooner or later, many of the girls are faced with this problem: how nice guy send ?And the key word is "beautiful" because the guy sent crude and primitive - easily.But why do it?Everything can be solved in a civilized way, and the rupture of relations as well.However, it is sometimes necessary to send a guy cultural , relations with whom he was not, but he is very eager to them.This article - a practical guide on the question, how to send a guy .

So if relations, as such, you have not been with a guy, but he persistently demonstrated its sympathy and hints that would be nice to go to a more intimate relationship, it is correct to explain that relationship and will not use one of the following methods.

In a personal meeting to speak about the following phrase: "You're a very good person, you're sure to be appreciated by the other girl.Just you - not my people. ".This method is suitable if the person in general, behave intelligently, but does not understand that his attentions you trouble.

if the young man does not understand the correct phrases and does not behave quite adequately, then you can not really use the "nice" ways.For example, such.

  • not respond to his call, and then call back in the third hour of the night, on the appointments do not come, or come too late for two hours, and even a scandal on the subject of what he chose to meet such a bad place toyou could not get there.
  • can also require the gifts that gentleman obviously can not afford, for example, cute little yahtochku!
  • You can still invite the annoying gentleman to his guests, and most go away, leaving behind a bunch of girlfriends who will try to explain to the young person is your attitude towards it.
  • behave to admirer was a shame for you, for example, sitting at a table in a cafe, a loud sneeze and cough.But only if you are not afraid for his reputation.
  • every possible way to demonstrate the presence of heaps of fans with whom you supposedly maintain relationships: with him to call them, send SMS, you can even consult with an unpleasant cavalier: "What do you think is better to write Vasya, that I very much want to or that I want it very much -very very?And what Pete write? ".
  • can come on a date with her grandmother.
  • can discuss with yourself cavalier, how nice guy send , and then start applying the fruits of this "council" in practice with the same.

Here how beautiful send a Man! However, the word "beautiful" should be quoted!Most likely, some of these methods will work, and the gentleman will leave you alone.

more complicated when the relationship is already there, but they are a burden and must be broken.Here, of course, we must act diplomatically and thinner than in the first case.It is important to decide for yourself - whether you want to give up once and for all, and to continue to maintain no relationship or you want to try to keep the good and friendly relations.If there is a desire to communicate more, the separation is to try as much as possible to mitigate the cultural and send Man .There are some nuances that should be taken into account before sending how beautiful guy.

1) Pre-worth rehearsing the words, listen to them as if from the outside.

2) It is necessary to choose the right place for the decisive conversation.This is best done on a "neutral" territory.For example, in a cafe (but not that which is associated with romantic moments), or in the park.To conduct a conversation at his home or can not be, as well as at work.

3) states should be extremely honest.This does not mean you have to tell everything that you are not satisfied with it, but to say that it is perfect, and the thing is you should not.For example, you say that your relationship is no longer the old "fire" or that you can not give a young person the feelings and attitudes, which he deserves, and the hardships that.

If the young man is still offering you think and not to sever relations, and you think about it categorically does not want to, like nothing reassuring him, then we can say a phrase that exactly discourage cavalier willingness to continue the relationship, "I realized thatstill I love ex-boyfriend. "This, of course, unpleasant, but effective.