Parting with a guy, how to survive a breakup

There are two types of people.The first is very difficult given to building relationships and harder to break them, if something is not satisfied.The second, on the contrary, to have affairs with ease and easily parted.In order not to repeat the mistakes in a new relationship, it's important to understand the cause of the collapse of the old.

Some of the fairer sex, broke off relations with her partner, asking: "How to survive the separation from the guy?".Someone goes to work with the head and begins to make a career, choosing solitude.Someone, on the contrary, leaves the town red.Girls are disillusioned with the opposite sex, and do not consider it necessary to understand the situation.They are not looking for new partners to create relationships.But this is not the way to happiness.How people can be happy, as long as it does not close congenial, someone who will support in difficult times.It is very difficult to live without the other rugs.Each of us wants a little bit of care and warmth.

Surviving parting with a guy, we do introspection.Again begin conversations with the former.Again, once again, we are stepping on the same rake.In order to be a happy person and find your soulmate, you must properly separate.That's what we'll talk.

First we need to dot the "i".If the relationship is exhausted, Take courage, and take it for granted.No need to call the former, breathing into the phone, watch for it after work.Simply put, do not look for meetings.If it does happen parting with a guy, you have to leave once and for all, not back.If you this is difficult for you are trying to go to the same place where is your ex, then you need to follow the geographical distance.Try at least briefly go somewhere, and at the same time scatter.

Try to do things you love, change, for example, work, and along with the phone number.If possible, wait elsewhere.You need something to occupy yourself, bring your head and thoughts in order to calm down.After parting with the wrong guy, hard to be just the first few weeks, and then you do find yourself thinking that they no longer think about the fate of your ex, and your thoughts are busy with other things.

Think about your hobbies.Perhaps, for the sake of their former relationship you had to sacrifice them.It often happens that our partners are not satisfied with what we are passionate about.And we throw this occupation, if only to please his beloved one.So this is the time when you can enjoy your favorite pastime.It is time to live not for the "Wasi", and for herself.Besides, it's completely distract you from negative thoughts.

Most importantly, if there has been parting with a guy, do not look for flaws in himself.It is often the result of the break in relations is low self-esteem.It is inherent in both men and women, but women are more likely to oppress yourself.To heal your wounds, take time, sometimes years.And that it did not pass in vain, we must learn to trust the opposite sex.The simplest method - change the social circle.There are real friends, and friends to have fun, with whom we spend our free time, relax, go to parties.So, with your friends will be more difficult, but can be friends and be replaced.They need to be filtered.True friends will always be there for you, but lost buddy, you are unlikely to regret.

How to survive the separation from her husband?Whether it is necessary to maintain friendly relations with the former?

Definitely say "yes" or "no" it is impossible.We must proceed from the situation, do you have common children, business.In such a case, whether you want it or not, you have to be friends.It is also influenced by the country's culture and religion.Maintaining relationships, often former spouses can not keep an emotional distance, they indirectly affect the lives of each other.They have left a sense of ownership, and subconsciously they do not want to see his ex with another person.In addition, they may be just lovers, as it harms the construction of a new relationship.Probably, everyone must decide for himself what he wants to end the relationship.It is necessary to analyze the situation and find out first of all in itself.But even if you have decided to remain friends, for the first time it is still worth taking a timeout.It is necessary to ensure that all your emotions and feelings subsided, and you were able to take a sober look at the situation.