A few tips on how to return the guy after parting

Parting with a loved one - it's always a pain and resentment, which are very difficult to overcome.Sometimes it seems that life came to an end, in fact - is the only one of its many pages.But you do not want it to turn, because no one knows what will present next.Not so easy to fall out of love and forget the one person still tied a piece of your soul, which you have given your heart.I would like to get by, it became as before.But how?How to return after leaving a Man?

First you need to decide, and whether it is necessary to you?It's no wonder they say that in the same river twice not come in, and that lightning does not strike twice in the same place.And here is a chance to step on the same rake you have very large.If you are ready to take this step and want to at least try to make peace with her lover, then, first of all, you need not panic, be patient and calm consider every detail of his and his behavior.Remember what the man you loved?And you have it?Now think about how often and for what reason

you often quarrel?Who performed the initiator?Surely there are some little things that you are irritated with each other, but an amicable agreement is not even trying.And for good reason.More than once proven in practice that man - not telepaths, and hints do not understand.And they love the tenderness and affection.Therefore, its is possible to achieve by asking him about something directly, but gently.And as soon as the request is made, it is necessary to praise the man.However, this is just a reminder of what can be done to ensure that there is no such petty, nasty, domestic quarrels.Now, you still are not together, but want to fix it.Therefore, if you ask the question "how to get a guy?" Tips you need intelligible.Of course, the absolute guarantee that he wants to be back with you, no, but you can try to do so:

1) need to realize that in fact no universal scale of the tragedy has occurred.Try to assess the situation more positively: the corners are not anywhere apart dirty socks that you will be exclusively used to the smell;no mountain of beer cans and bottles around the bin;no one switches from football series;Nobody leaves lonely polkotlety in the refrigerator, but would not wash plate;no one stops to meet friends and hang out with them until the morning;Nobody snores in your ear and does not meet with the bed ... Continue?If after this you still worried about the question of how to return the guy after breaking up, then read the following paragraph;

2) do not expect that he would try to reconcile himself with you, but you should not hysterically imposed on him, tearing the phone and scribbling endless SMSes and messages in social networks.Have patience and pride, do not let yourself look pathetic and depressing "broshenkoy."Yes, I pull myself together is very difficult, but necessary.Do not short in themselves and do the same thing, what did you do before she met her man.After all, you are used to living without him?And now, you can;

3) The next step in the issue of "how to return the guy?" Can serve as your telephone call to him (after some time of complete silence), and offer to meet on neutral territory.In no case did not beg or cry.Just calmly ask him about the meeting.If he still loves you, he agrees;

4) at a meeting hold a friendly and calm, not splash out on him too turbulent emotions, be they positive or negative.Keep a low profile and just let him know you miss him: he can live without, but not averse to return the "good old days".If somehow refuse to renew the relationship, just turn around and walk away.No tantrums and tears.Hysteria and will cry at home and without witnesses;

5) possible even after his "no" all is not lost: Wait a week, maybe it is time for a more sober assessment of the situation and change his mind.You used his attempt to return as the guy after parting showed their interest in it and a willingness to make concessions.If he really loves you, and is also not a fool, he can not give you another chance, and be sure to call.If within a week, a maximum of two, it was not followed by any "gestures" - well, Humble yourselves, you no longer need it, so you can safely turn this page of his life to the next, more interesting and full of positive developments.

want to believe that these modest recommendations on how to return the guy after breaking up, can help you organize your life the way you want for yourself.