Bride price in the style of the hospital: how to organize?

Bride price in the style of the hospital will make your wedding memorable and original.

not more than 2 hours

But before you write the script of "medical" foreclosure, consider a few important details.First of all, do not try to participated in the process as much as possible characters, otherwise the action will be stretched for long.For foreclosure need to take a maximum of 40 minutes to the guests just do not have time to get tired.

If you decide to buy the bride-style hospitals, the doctors select the most characteristic, under which will be easily chosen competitions.In the process of writing the script, if was conceived "medical ransom" or a bride price in the style of, say, Cinderella, do not come up with jobs that are not able to meet the bridegroom.Although, of course, the element of surprise welcome.

Be careful with the amounts that the future husband will have to pay in some competitions.Perhaps the budget of a young family is now exhausted, because almost all of the money could b

e spent on the wedding.

Medical examination and quarantine?

options in order to be able to organize a bride price in the medical-style mass.You can portray the doctor's appointments, during which the bride will undergo a thorough inspection of several specialists, for example, waiting for him on different floors.

He eventually received a diagnosis of "chronic love in the form of neglect," will go to take his medicine, which will be the bride.At the end of the road in this case it will be destined to undergo a procedure like CPR, that is, his future wife a kiss.

Consider the option to quarantine when the future husband will have to undergo a variety of tests to prove that he is absolutely ready for family life in all respects.This bride price in the style of the hospital provides for the issuance of the certificate to the groom ready for marriage and the possibility to reproduce.It may be fun and different type of registry "neurologist determined that the groom is able to bear with some nice odds wife."

you can think of and some genuine progress, organizing bride price.For example, at each stage of the groom will have to get the pieces of the huge cardboard heart, then to fold it entirely.A failure to fulfill certain tasks can be punished with push-ups or taking vitaminok (normal askorbinok).

without attributes do not

If you are organizing a bride price in the style of the hospital, make sure you use all sorts of attributes doctors.No white coats you just do not do, so think in advance how many of them you need.Thick glasses (or large, but without glasses) will help to add an image.Ideally, good to have in your arsenal and hats, but be aware that they may mess up hairstyles.

Every doctor should have the tools specific to the profile.May they be large (for example, from the children's kit) to witness all the action was seen.It is not necessary to store them too much, so as not to "bogged down" in the details.It will be enough to have one or two for each "doctor."Do not limit yourself to contest with the use of only the medical arsenal items, use and other tasks.