To triumph remembered: funny wedding lottery

wedding - an event which most brides are beginning to dream from childhood.And the older the girl, the more she wants to dress was a "most-most" and hairstyle "super super" and the groom "the best."And the triumph to happen is what no one has ever ...

organizational issues

Wedding - is not just a noisy feast, rivers of champagne mixed with vodka under the roar of music and increasingly drunken cries of "Kiss!"This dancing and touching congratulations, mandates, various competitions, as well as the wedding draws.This is the last form of entertainment for guests, we'll talk.First, be free of charge or tickets.If the public is invited to a solid, it is possible to assign a certain price, and not even the lowest.A toastmaster announce that the proceeds of the wedding lottery funds will be put in the treasury and will be the starting capital for a young family.If gulyanochka youth, student, of course, as the price can be set fee in the form of kisses bride or groom (depending on gender "buyers").You

ng people will be delighted to get funny, and yet fun and high spirits - the key to successfully conducted the event!Non lots lottery wedding write better than a simple sheet of paper, and on small otkrytochku.It will look more presentable.Even better, if you stick them on small toys - dolls or soft type PUPS.Thus, the guests will be a keepsake souvenir, it will be nice.Giving away tickets to the impromptu wedding lottery may, when guests rassyadutsya in its place.Or pre-set (put) them next to each instrument, and, toastmaster, inviting to the table, may announce a surprise.Zavyazhetsya affair disclose that can be phased gradually over the festive evening.

Conduct and prizes

Which items are offered for the draw?Do not forget, because you wedding joke lottery.Because suitable gizmos unpretentious.The main thing, as they apply.For example, the number 12 wins a sponge, to always be ready to kiss (a set of sponges for washing dishes).And the number 13 - a few pegs to securely pinned to his mate.To be a source of heat and light for a close, someone handed matches or a lighter.To another guest family served as an example for a perfect cleanliness and order receives a packet of washing powder.Someone, not to Likhachev on the road gets a little toy car.Someone doll - a hint that it was time to have children, or grandchildren.Or similar prigovorkami Hand cabbage and ask to look - not whether there lost his kids.Incidentally, such a prize you can give the young: let, say, think in advance about posterity!Try to pick each lot original, funny jokes.Get fun.In the course can go a variety of household objects penny value.Separately, act out the bride's bouquet.It is important here is not the thing itself, and its verbal formulation.In order to not become boring joke, wedding lottery win should be carried out all at once, but in small steps.It is better that people at that time were at the table, then do not have to look for them.The microphone toastmaster just announced the beginning of the procedure.It would be nice to get a bit of a lottery drum or drum, from which pulled out tickets with numbers.Toastmaster announces lucky number, he submits to place voice and assistant toastmaster, under his comments, carries prize.Instead drum numbers add up to a beautiful, specially sewn pouch.Assistant volunteer (of youth) will wear it and ask guests to get lucky ticket.You memorable triumph, in a word!