Winter wedding.

Snow, frost and cold air - this winter weather, according to many, it is not suitable for a wedding ceremony.Nothing like this!This is one of the most beautiful and romantic time of the year, and for the real feelings are no barriers and obstacles.For loving hearts the main thing - to be together, no matter what time of the year to create a family.It has the right to be a winter wedding.Ideas for such a celebration should be filled with magic and fairy-tale motifs.

Wedding Photography

From ancient times the wedding arranged after harvested.Late autumn and winter are the seasons for traditional marriage.A look especially beautiful winter wedding.Ideas for such activities can be very diverse.After all, how wonderful to be photographed against the white snow, snow-covered trees and gently falling snowflakes!One of the main benefits weddings this season will be a unique photo shoot outdoors.To do this, you can come up with a variety of options: it's a tea party in a snowy forest, and photos in the fabul

ous winter landscape.In these photos the bride in a white dress looks great.And how cold?For those who love hot hearts no frosts are not terrible, and their warm love.In addition, you can choose the appropriate weather outfit (more on that later).The main thing - remember that this is a unique opportunity to be photographed in a wedding dress on the snow.


winter wedding decorations for any holiday and celebrations are of great importance.What admits winter wedding decorations ideas?Banquet hall, decorated in white and pastel colors will look solemn and magnificent.For so it is best to use white tablecloths, and serving to include the decor in the form of snowflakes, candles, snow balls.Also look great fir branches and cones, branches of viburnum, wreaths from plants.With these decorations will be unsurpassed and memorable triumph winter wedding.Ideas for a cake, too, there are many.It should pick up sweetness and with winter theme.Cake in the form of snow slides or a snowman decorated with edible snowflakes and pine cones, will be a real work of art.

Attire bride

winter - this, of course, the cold season, so do not forget to pick up a stylish warm cape coat or brief.The bride in a white dress on a background of snow will look elegant, you can choose any style option.Perfect model with sleeves - it's warm and beautiful, and elegant.And if you prefer a dress with an open top, then you can throw on the shoulders of a thin shawl.


winter wedding celebration can be included in a scene from the famous fairy tale "The Snow Queen".It could be the scenery and fairy-tale characters, and, of course, the ice queen with her magical sleigh.Recently, very popular wedding on the rinks and ski resorts.Also a great scenario would be winter wedding in style with a Russian coach and three white horses.The presence at the festival fabulous fairies, elves and snowflakes remind us of childhood, and will take in the magical world of fairy tales.Everyone certainly remembered for your winter wedding.

ideas of great and unique, and everyone can choose the appropriate option.Although less important, in what season you have a wedding, the main thing - that you love and understand each other.