Choose a wedding dress in a retro style for your very happy day

gradually recede into the past a wedding in which the bride was dressed in the standard outfit with long corset bodice.Increasingly, you can see the bride on the wedding dress in retro style.Designers have long been inspired by old, and they created a lot of chic models for brides' both from my grandmother's trunk. "What kind of style, and how to choose for themselves the most appropriate option?Find out what dresses are different from other models.

Vintage old style

What are the main features of dress in vintage style?

  1. Immediately striking custom tailoring, refinement of the model.It is characterized by a flowing silhouette, while permitted and tight dresses and wide skirts.
  2. The variety of parts, accessories distinguishes these wedding dresses.Retro Style (photo very clearly shows this) causes a feeling of nostalgia for the good old days and measured life lost forever.
  3. are inherent unusual combination of materials: lace combined with fur or feathers, silk - with a thin knits, brocade - with chi
    ffon or tulle and so on. N.
  4. prevail natural fabrics and materials, which is characteristic of old clothes.
  5. wedding dress in retro style is difficult to find in the usual salon.As a rule, his tailoring bought individually, taking into account peculiarities of taste and the specific figure of the bride.

retro-style: fashion since the 60s

What is characteristic of these outfits?

  1. These wedding dresses tend to have a shorter length and full skirt.Some designers insist that the wedding dress in retro style was even above the knee.
  2. In this case, we recommend appropriate footwear: high platform, popular in 1960-1970, or a heel.
  3. Poyasok waist that emphasizes the figure - a distinctive feature of these dresses.
  4. Hair jewelry - a satin, lace or lace accessories or a short veil.
  5. Makeup must necessarily conform to the fashion of those years: the bright pearl shadow, eyeliner, and others.
  6. gloves and handbag - as mandatory items in your outfit if you decide to put on a wedding dress in the style of "retro sixties."

Attire Bride "by Christian DiorĀ»

interesting solution offered to the bride dresses famous designer clothes.It replaced the long dresses in retro style on the elegant wedding dress, ankle opening.This innovation, called "maxi", won the once fantastic popularity among brides.If you look closely at the silhouette, we can note one characteristic feature that distinguishes each such wedding dress (Retro is important to keep this feature).Couturier used silhouette "hourglass": very fitted bodice and full skirt wide.In this outfit she looks extremely feminine and elegant.In addition, this style allows you to remove many figure flaws and open for all to see elegant wedding shoes that rarely show brides in long dresses.Skirts are made up of several layers of fabric - it gives them splendor and makes like a bell.