Waves and justifiable question witnesses at the wedding

To testify married friends is not only pleasant, but also a huge responsibility.Yes, and all the guests at the wedding of the important figures - friends Suite - offers a pleasant and important words.Therefore, we are witnesses to the wedding need to prepare seriously and thoughtfully.You should not leave everything to the last moment, in the bustle of holiday preparations, you may not find their way or forget the most important thing.Take the handle (sit at the computer), have patience and time and prepare ahead of time for an important event for friends.

question witnesses at the wedding: a rough plan

primarily be engaged in memories.You have witnessed the emergence of fiery union carried out the bride and groom a lot of time.In your memory probably remain interesting moments that characterize as a newly minted spouses, and the depth of their feelings.These cute little skits and should form the basis of performance.No need to analyze their relationships, and to say about how the couple fit togethe

r as a gentle and caring, and so on (each pair nuances).It includes a witness at the wedding of such moments:

- familiarity with those who invited you, your attitude towards him (her);

- the belief that the couple made for each other (with examples);

- gratitude for what they entrusted you to participate in his life;

- wish a long and happy life.

question a witness at the wedding: the example

If you do not have sufficient experience in the preparation of public appearances, it is possible to "spy" what others say.Here is an example of such a rhetorical extravagance:

«Dear (s Suite)!We are familiar with for many years.I know you as a very good and loyal friends.Not in a world of other people that have been so warm and cozy at home and on the coast, where we are with you in the past year went to!Sweet Bride - umelitsy and mistress, who always fed and affectionate word of cheer!The bride - the true friend, ready to give the last in the event of disaster.When you meet, remember, in the unhappy summer when the groom barbecues burn, and the biggest fish with a hook fell, I knew right away that you need to be a couple.His eyes literally flashed by only one type of the bride.And she was floating in the clouds, even on exams is always late!These, my friends see you for three years.And always want to see - up to a ripe old age!My thanks to you for what you have chosen me to witness such an important event in your life is immeasurable!Very happy for you, you finally realized that life apart - not for you!I wish you serene, unearthly happiness!Son and daughter!Love and prosperity!Let the wings of inspiration carry you down the road of life over bumps and ditches failures troubles straight to the shores of pure well-being and happiness! »

few tips

question witnesses at the wedding should include not only the facts.It is filled with a special atmosphere of warmth and understanding, which is designed to envelop the younger aura of originality of their union.This witness is addressed to the newlyweds, but is pronounced for all.This is a subtle point: you have to tell them because of the love and respect that it accepted all the guests (and that the video will be removed, do not forget).Try to speak in a manner peculiar to you (not by official or book-phrases), but with feeling, to be understandable and your pride, and excitement, and experience for their future.