Tips for choosing a car on wedding day.

What kind of car is better suited to a wedding feast?There are a variety of machines, which can be rented for compiling a wedding convoy, so we collected information about the main types of vehicles that are suitable for a wedding convoy.

Veteran: This name refers to vehicles that are released until 1931.These cars can personalize your wedding day, and look great next to modern cars.However, these vehicles tend to speed the development of small and small facilities.Therefore, you should think about what period of time, you need to plan for the trip.Just think about how many visitors you want to carry in the car.It is best to consult on these issues at the landlords.The same shortcoming can be called more expensive rental value, as these cars require more expensive maintenance than cars that are now released.

Passenger cars: These include buses, minibuses.Their unconditional benefit is that they are very receptive, and the rent will be cheaper.Nevertheless, it makes sense to remember that at t

he wedding photos and video, these cars will dominate, which will affect the aesthetic level of your wedding photos.

machines with an open top. Here we must recall the convertibles.This machine will give your wedding exclusivity.We must bear in mind that this machine may be in the wedding cortege only in the summer.Still need to take into account the factor of the weather, because the retractable roof, you can risk your way, namely, beautiful hair and makeup.Even at low speed on a hot day, you can catch a cold.

Modern machines .The vast majority of these cars are beautiful and safe.Car showrooms offer different types of machines for the preparation of a wedding convoy.With such a variety, you can pick up a good alternative to the proposal on price and appearance.

Cars relatives. I think it's a great opportunity to save money.All the same, do not hurry.If you want to ask your friends about, so that they lent you, your car think about the fact that they have to sit behind the wheel, and they will not rest on your wedding.It is unlikely that the car will be insured and if, God forbid, an accident problems need to be addressed at its own expense.If you or your family have any vintage car, which stagnated in the garage and you want to help him to decorate your wedding procession, first send the car for repairs.The machine, which is in the garage, but the move may refuse to go in the most unexpected moment, for whatever reason.

How to machines. Tip: wedding photos motorcade will be good if the machine will not be each a different color.Try to make the wedding procession of cars two or three colors.If the machine and the color of bridesmaid dresses the same, the bride will not be allocated.Dark colors are great machines for a good shooting a wedding convoy.

And about registration can say the following, it should be small and cute.No need colorful bows and a large number of tapes.Labels such as "Tale of the groom", "wish happiness to young and others to drink in a smoke" is not a sign of a fashionable wedding.Better to let the car will be a couple of decorative elements that highlight your wedding concept.