Choose competition for the bride and groom

for all people wedding is one of the most vivid memories of life.Each nation has its own customs and rituals, but everywhere - a magnificent memorable ceremony, accompanied by singing, dancing, fun.


In Russia after the fall of works when the entire crop from the fields has been assembled, it's time to weddings began.Solemn feasts preceded courtship and then held agreements and the bride, where relatives of the newlyweds prejudge their future life, to a discussion which the young themselves, in most cases not allowed.And then, as the saying goes - a feast for the yes to The Wedding!On such holidays observed set of rituals and customs that nowadays transformed into competitions for the bride and groom, parents of the newlyweds, witnesses and all the guests.

As it became

In today's world, much has changed: before the wedding in the church after the wedding feast was held in the house of the bride and groom, where someone from the family followed the wedding.Now everything is different: celebr

ate celebration in restaurants or cafes, and for wedding write scripts.All actions are painted by the minute, a lot of attention to comic contest, which must maintain a fun atmosphere during the wedding ceremony.

Contests for the bride for the wedding otherwise stated - in the young beautiful lush and elegant clothes do not always agree to participate in mobile games.

For conducting weddings are often invited a professional facilitator (toastmaster), which monitors the progress of all actions, holds competitions.You must have experience in time to invite guests to the dance floor or the back seat of the table, so much so that it was appropriate.

This wedding sang and danced!

contest for the bride and groom, and sometimes impossible - try with a handkerchief tied eyes among dozen contestants determine where your leg lover.

to take all the guests at the banquet, the host conducts quiz asks questions that visitors give different answers, and they sounded the more the merrier mood of the people.

little unusual to be competition for the bride and groom, which can be in the comic tone of passionate feelings bridal beat.To do this, take two identical pieces of ice and offer young pinch them between your palms and warm as much as they love warms the heart.Win the one who will melt before the end of the piece of ice.

Sometimes competition for the bride and groom spend mother-in-law and mother in law, is able to determine whether or not the young wife oven pancakes, and son in law - mother in law to treat, if the wife is not at home.

At the beginning of the banquet guests usually show little activity, so trying to use toastmaster invited relatives and friends later.Most often participated in the first contest is the responsibility of the bride and groom.Competition for witnesses and conducted one of the first, because they on this day more than other guests jumping and dancing - these are the duties of best man and groomsman.

Almost every wedding you can see the competition for attention.The bride and groom come together at the middle of the site and its honorary witnesses put back together.Then take turns asking questions that relate to the exterior (the color of the eyes of a witness) and clothing and footwear (shoes or sandals on the feet of the bridesmaids).

contest for the bride and groom can be a comic dialogue, the main thing - to respond quickly;wife to convince her husband that need something to do, and he - to quickly find the reason for the refusal.

And so on in a measured pace, alternating feast, contests, dancing, gifting newlyweds, the wedding takes place.